Trudeau defends pipeline project leading to crisis in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on an official visit to France in the coming days, defended on Sunday the plan to expand an oil pipeline to the Pacific, causing an oil-related political crisis in his country.

"Canadians and people around the world know that we can no longer choose between what is good for the environment and what is good for the economy. same time, and above all, we must finance the transition to reduce the use of petroleum products, "Trudeau pleaded in an interview published Sunday on the website of the French newspaper Les Echos, on the eve of his visit in France Monday and Tuesday

M. Trudeau is scheduled to arrive in France Sunday after attending the Summit of the Americas in Peru which ended Saturday. But before his departure for France, he was forced to return to Ottawa Sunday and change at the last minute his international agenda to try to resolve this crisis.

His government authorized in 2016 the American company Kinder Morgan to pass from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day the capacity of its Trans Mountain Pipeline, which moves the oil sands from Alberta to the suburbs of Vancouver.

But the province of British Columbia – from where this oil should be loaded on ships to Asia, which fears that an accident will pollute its majestic coasts – is staunchly opposed to this and has decided to take the case to court, supported by a coalition of ecologists and indigenous communities.

Alberta, the third largest reserve of black gold planet, threat in return this neighboring province of economic reprisals "very aggressive".

The Kinder Morgan company threatens to abandon the project. The US group's project is currently the only one that in the short term will allow the Alberta oil industry to sell its growing output while Canada's pipeline system is saturated.

M. Trudeau to receive premiers of both provinces in Ottawa on Sunday

"To achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement (on climate, Ed), Alberta (…) has put an absolute limit on greenhouse gas emissions, because we were able to show that the new pipeline would be supported … ", continued Mr. Trudeau.

"It is certain that people on the left, environmentalists are concerned, but also right-wing people who do not like the idea of ​​carbon taxation, but the vast majority of Canadians understand that to be responsible for future generations, "he said.

Nearly 200 countries and organizations had agreed in Paris at the end of 2015, after intense negotiations, pledging to reduce carbon emissions, up to 2030.

Minister of the Environment Leads Great But Trump Defends Him

First-class travel, permanent bodyguards, excessive spending, very advantageous rent: the spending scandal of Donald Trump's environment minister swells, but the US president reiterated his support, satisfied with his action.

Scott Pruitt has headed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since last year, tasked with one of the Trump Presidency's priority missions: to dismantle Barack Obama's environmental record.

Oklahoma, where he had built his reputation as an advocate for the fossil industries as Attorney General, he got on with his new job with such zeal that he is now thanked by Donald Trump, who had not been so lenient to Ministers of Health or Veterans Affairs.

List of Potential Ethical Violations by EPA Administrator Grows Yet Every Week of Revelations Made by Medics ias and elected congressional Democrats

Scott Pruitt has indeed traveled a lot in first class, accompanied by numerous bodyguards. A safety precaution, justified the EPA, evoking threats … But the argument collapsed when it was learned that Mr. Pruitt, for personal trips he had to pay from his pocket, was content to

The number of bodyguards is plethoric, compared to its predecessors: 19 agents and 19 vehicles, for protection 24 hours a day, according to CNN. Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who was contacted confidentially by EPA officials, estimates that the number was 30 in a six-week period.

By comparison, Gina McCarthy, who was in the same post under Barack Obama, had only half a dozen, and was traveling alone on weekends. Another administrator, under George W. Bush, Christine Todd, told CNN that she was walking to work alone.

– 'Preferential treatment' –

Scott Pruitt is also charged with having transferred a bodyguard who had refused to activate the sirens on his vehicle because the Minister was late for a dinner because it was not an emergency.

He allegedly ordered excessive expenses such as installing a secure phone booth in his office ($ 43,000). At least five public servants who opposed other spending plans, such as buying an armored office or renting a private plane on a monthly basis, were dismissed or sacked, according to the New York Times.

Not to mention the particularly advantageous lease signed by Scott Pruitt for his nights in Washington: an apartment rented $ 50 a night to a lobbyist, well below market prices.

The US president has, surprisingly, conceded that his minister was relatively expensive

"Although security spending is somewhat higher than its predecessors, Scott Pruitt has received death threats because of his bold action at the EPA," tweeted Donald Trump. "Exceptionally clean air and water, while saving billions of dollars in the US"

"Rent was about the price of the market, travel expenses OK Scott does a great job!"

If the presidential tweet clears the sky in the short term, it does not put an end to the affair.

The Inspector General of the EPA investigates, and the Democratic Opposition of the Congress continues to discover overwhelming facts, referred by EPA officials who regard Pruitt as the agency's gravedigger and benefit from a law allowing them to confidentially confide in parliamentarians to denounce ethical violations.

"While security issues are extremely important, personal security should never be used as a pretext for obtaining preferential treatment," wrote Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to the Inspector General of the EPA. [19659002ManyelectedDemocratsandthreeRepublicanscalledforhisresignationTherestofthemajority'selectedofficialsareincreasinglyreluctanttodefendit

Trey Gowdy, Chair of the House Government Control Commission, has said in response to an environmental activist that he "lost patience" for this kind of behavior.

But as long as the President maintains his trust, Scott Pruitt is assured of keeping his job.

Human Rights Activist Slams Step Trump Defends Guantanamo Prison

Rights groups denounced President Donald Trump's decision to defend US military prison at Guantanamo, Cuba

"I keep my promise," Trump said in a speech to Congress on Tuesday (30/1) after signing the executive order. The move canceled a presidential decree containing a plan for closure of the facility, issued by President Barack Obama in 2009.

Trump says such facilities are important to ensure America has all the forces necessary to hold terrorists in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda.

According to a new presidential decree, America can transport additional prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay Navy Base if it is legal and necessary to protect the country. "The order also calls for Defense Minister Jim Mattis to draft a 90-day policy on how to handle and move people arrested in connection with an armed conflict.

Noor Zafar of the Center for Constitutional Rights, who has represented Guantanamo detainees in federal court, told the VOA this is another anti-Muslim rhetoric and Islamic phobia that he uses to instigate a support base Trum.

Zafar who wants the prison to be closed d detained or freed, said the president's view of who was classified as a terrorist was explicitly and clearly based on a person's religious and ethnic identity.

He compared Trump's different reaction to violence in Las Vegas in August 2017 with an attack on New York in October 2017. In Las Vegas, then, a white man killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds of people watching a music festival. While in New York in October 2017, a Muslim man killed eight people and wounded dozens of others by crashing a truck on bike lanes and on foot. The man was a supporter of ISIS.

Noor Zafar said, "If it was a violent white man, there was no call to call himself a terrorist. But if it's a colored or Muslim, it will soon be branded as a terrorist, and the president will deprive all of his constitutional rights and send him to Guantanamo. "

" I think it shows bad intentions and disguised President Trump's intentions, " he added.

During the Trump campaign he said he wanted to defend Guantanamo and fill it with the bad guys. [ps/jm]

US Defends No Decision Sanctions on '210 People Near the Kremlin'

The Trump Administration defended its decision not to immediately impose sanctions on the Russian people mentioned in the report detailing the wealth and political activities of Russian insiders and billionaires.

The report details financial links and politics of Russian politicians and the 96 so-called affluent "oligarchs" under Putin's control.

But the report does not mention the imposition of new sanctions against the Russian government or the people on the list and raises the question of whether Trump is too (19659003) When pressed before the Senate Banking Committee, Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said the sanctions are being processed.

"Our sanctions require enormous intelligence work." There is an enormous effort to make this report , and that's what we're doing Now we'll use the report as a basis and decide d imana deserves to impose sanctions. So this should not mean that 'we do not impose sanctions on anyone in the report', "Mnuchin said.

In a statement accompanying the release of the report, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert explained there was no plan to immediately impose sanctions on Russia or those mentioned in the document.

Nauert said the report was already detrimental to Russian companies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the report "hostile action," but said Russia chose not to take immediate retaliation .

"What does this action mean? I do not understand. But of course this action is not friendly. This complicates the already difficult Russian-American relationship and is certainly detrimental to international relations as a whole, "Putin said.

The Democrats and many foreign policy analysts question Trump's reluctance to take action against Russia, given the evidence of Russian interference in the selection of Trump which brought him to power. [my/ii]

Burma Officially Defends 2 Reuters Reporters

Two Reuters journalists imprisoned in Myanmar, on Wednesday (10/1), have been formally charged with violating the State Secrecy Act.

Prosecutors filed charges against Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo on Wednesday (10/1) a short trial in Yangon. The two journalists were arrested on December 12 after they allegedly received secret documents from two policemen at a dinner event.

The lawyers of both journalists said the judge rejected the request to release his two clients on bail but promised to take a decision at the next hearing , which is scheduled to take place on January 23.

The two journalists briefly met with their families after the trial, before being returned to prison.

Outside the court, dozens of black-clad journalists marched to show their support for Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo. Some of them carried banners reading "Journalism is not a crime."

The two men face the possibility of a maximum jail term of 14 years if proven to violate the State Secrecy Act. The law itself is centuries old or valid since Myanmar is still under British colonial rule. [ab/uh]