Japanese Princess Delays Her Marriage with Ordinary Men, What's Up?

 Mako's daughter, granddaughter of Japan's Emperor Akihito, delayed her marriage to a man who was not from the nobility, Kei Komuro. What is the reason?

Mako and Komuro got engaged in September 2017 and is already planning a wedding in November 2018. Suddenly, the couple changed their minds.

"It's because of our immaturity and we regret it," the couple said in a written statement.

The second marriage was postponed until at least 2020. This is certainly a surprise because Mako and Komuro's marriages have been eagerly awaited by Japanese before Emperor Akihito abdicated in April 2019.

Mako admitted that he and Komuro rush in running things. He felt the need for more time to plan for the future.

"I will think of marriage more deeply and give enough time to prepare for marriage as well as life after marriage," Mako said.

A source in the Japanese Empire told CNN that the marriage was postponed due to lack of preparation. Princess Mako has already passed this decision to her grandparents, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. They respect Mako Princess's decision.

"We're really sorry for causing big problems and burdening those who already support us," Mako said.

Mako and Komuro first acquainted in 2012 when they met at International Christian University in Tokyo. Although not from among the nobility, Komuro is known as the 'prince of the sea' for ever becoming a star of beach tourism promotion advertising in Japan.

Their engagement announced by the Japanese Empire in November last year was greeted with the enthusiasm of the residents. Mako himself must abandon his noble status when married to Komuro who is an ordinary man.
(imk / knv)

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Court Rejects Trump Effort Delays Transgender Enter Military

The federal appeals court on Thursday rejected President Donald Trump's attempts to postpone transgender men and women into military service.

The panel of three judges said that the men could enter the army beginning in January, although the legal process is still in progress.

A federal judge ruled last week that the policy may proceed.

The government wants a delay, while appealing the previous court's decision rejecting the president's ban about the transgender army.

But Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said the government failed to prove that the registration of transgender men and women military offices starting New Year's Day would pose a danger.

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter last year allowed people transgender entered the American army from July 1.

But President Donald Tru mp tried to stop the business by issuing executive orders. Trum argues for the expensive cost of health and the possibility of moral problems among non-transgender soldiers. He also ordered that existing transgendered military members be dismissed. [sp/ii]