Contaminated with lead, Flint residents may demand justice

The US Supreme Court gave Monday the green light for the continuation of two class-action lawsuits bringing together residents of the city of Flint, whose drinking water system was permanently contaminated with lead. [19659002ResidentsofthisformerindustrialcitywhichhasbecomeasymbolofsocialinjusticesintheUnitedStateshadsummonedMichigancityandstateofficialsbeforethecourts

These officials had obtained invalidation in the first instance. proceedings against them, but an Ohio Court of Appeal later reversed that decision in July 2017.

The nine wise men in Washington ruled on Monday that the proceedings should continue.

The High Court also rejected the arguments put forward by the City of Flint, Genesee County, and Michigan environmental policy makers.

Flint-contaminated water in the city of Flint is one of the worst health scandals in recent years in the United States.

The tragedy was caused by the decision of the local authorities to change the city's water supply in 2014 as a cost-saving measure

The acidic and polluted water of the local river, preferred in the clean water of nearby Lake Michigan, gnawed the distribution system, exposing people to lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning of thousands of Flint children threatens to have catastrophic health consequences for decades.

USA: wind and solar can provide 80% of electricity demand (study)

Wind and solar resources could provide 80% of the electricity demand in the United States, provided improvements are made in transmission and storage, scientists said Tuesday.

These renewable energies were considered only a few years ago, being able to meet only 20 to 30% of American electrical needs, according to a study published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.

The United States currently generates about two-thirds of their electricity with fossil resources – natural gas, coal, oil – which contributes to the rise in global temperature by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And a fifth comes from nuclear power plants.

Renewable energies account for only 15% of the energy mix: wind contributes 7%, solar 1% and other sources such as hydraulics bring the balance, According to the US Energy Information Authority

To determine the potential contribution of sustainable energy in the future, researchers analyzed US weather, hour by hour, between 1980 and 2015. [19659002] "We observed the variation of solar and wind energy both in time and space and compared it to US demand for electricity," said Steven Davis, professor of system science. at the University of California-Irvine

"We have determined that we could reliably obtain about 80% of our electricity from these (renewable) sources by building a continent-wide transmission network. u facilities that can maintain the equivalent of twelve hours of national electricity consumption, "he continued.

These requirements would require an investment" very important, but not inconceivable, "noted the researchers, also from California Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institution for Science.

They called for the United States, the second largest polluter behind China, to consider developing low-carbon energy sources while waiting for these facilities to be built.

" Options could include nuclear and hydroelectric power generation as well as demand management, "said Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Strong Demand for SUVs and Pickup Trucks

Car manufacturers reported diverse US car sales in January, with strong demand for SUVs and pickup trucks continuing to ease the burden on the overall automotive market downhill.

Ford and Fiat Chrysler report year-over-year sales declines, while General Motors scored a narrow increase and Toyota experienced a bigger surge.

US auto sales fell last year for the first time since the financial crisis and are projected to decline again in 2018. However, analysts and industry executives expect US sales this year above 16 million vehicles amid low unemployment and strong consumer confidence.

January sales of Ford fell 6.6 percent from the same month in 2017 to 161,143 vehicles. In total, car sales slumped 23.3 percent, including a large drop for Fusion and Focus, but that was partially offset by an increase in sales of market-picked F-Series pickups.

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) sales fell 13 percent to 132,803, with big increases in the Jeep brand cover the decline in other models. Meanwhile, GM posted a sales increase of 1.3 percent overall compared to January 2017 to 198.548. The largest US automaker pointed to strong sales for heavy vehicles, including the Silverado pickup truck and the Chevrolet Equinox SUV. [as/ii]

Prosecutors demand 12-year prison sentence for Samsung Samsung heir

South Korean prosecutors on Wednesday demanded a 12-year jail sentence for Samsung heir apparent Lee Jae-yong, who insists his innocence during an appeal against bribery and other charges against him.

Lee's bribery case is part of a scandal politics that caused Park Park Geun Hye former South Korean President to be ousted in late March after millions of South Koreans for months took to the streets of anti-government demonstrations.

Park and his partner, Choi Soon-sil, were arrested and charged accusations of taking bribes from Samsung in return for helping Lee strengthen its oversight of Samsung for smooth transition of power.

Prosecutors also accused Park and Choi of pressuring Samsung and other large companies to donate a total of 68 million dollars to the launch of two non-profit foundations controlled by Choi. Samsung, founded by Lee's grandfather, is one of the family-run South Korean conglomerates and has dominated the country's economy.

Some praised Samsung for leading South Korea's export-driven economy and rebuilding South Korea's economy from the devastation caused by the Korean war of the year 1950-53, but others say their success may only be due to a corrupt relationship and collusion with government officials.

According to Lee's lawyer Lee was found guilty of embezzlement, hiding assets abroad and giving false oaths, repeating his rejection of (19659002) Lee, whose official title is Samsung Electronics' vice president, took on a bigger role after his father and Samsung leader Lee Kun-hee suffered a heart attack in 2014. Samsung is the largest maker of smartphones, televisions and microchips in this world. [my/jm]

Japanese exports rise on strong demand from the US and China

Japanese exports rose as much as 16 percent in November from the corresponding period of the previous year

But according to Japanese customs data released Monday, the trade surplus fell to 113.4 billion yen ($ 1 billion) eroded imports that jumped 17 percent on the back of rising crude oil and natural gas imports.

Japan exports totaled 61.4 billion dollars, while total import value was 60.4 billion dollars.

Exports to China, which jumped 25 percent , helped boost a 20 percent export increase across Asia. Shipments to the Americas rose 13 percent, while exports to Western Europe rose 17 percent, boosted by a 27 percent jump in exports to Germany. The rise of manufacturing exports helped sustain the Japanese economic recovery, with the strongest growth in vehicle and engine shipments.

Japan's imports grew moderately, largely thanks to a limited increase in oil and gas prices. [ka]