Hong Kong Democracy activists slam new bans

Supporters of Hong Kong democracy are angry after the government blocked the founders of a 21-year-old political party to advance in the upcoming elections. The activists say this move is the latest attempt to silence the opposition in the Chinese territory.

In a letter to Agnes Chow, a leading figure in the political struggle, a Hong Kong city election official questioned the platform of the party he represented, the Demosisto Party, which contained the words "promoting self-determination and democracy." As a member of the party, the letter said, he clearly did not intend to respect the constitution of Hong Kong

Pro-democracy MPs and legal experts said the disqualification of Agnes Chow was colored by political screening , and not a fair, judicial, and nonjudgmental decision.

About 2,000 people gathered on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in the center of the Hong Kong government to denounce the decision.

"If we do not fight for our rights, they will seize each of our rights, until we have no rights whatsoever," said former lawmaker and lawyer Margaret Ng to protest participants yelling, "We will fight in court, we will fight in Hong Kong, we will fight in the world!"

During the rally, Agnes Chow reminded that members of her party have been physically beaten, fired from their posts, and imprisoned. "If the regime in power does this, the goal is not only me, or the democrats, but all Hong Kong residents. "This disqualification decision tells all Hong Kong citizens, we can only choose people who are accepted by the regime." [ps/jm]

Democracy Activist Denied To Be A Hong Kong Legislative Candidate

Hong Kong has banned a young activist from taking part in the elections in the near future.

Agnes Chow, 21 years old, is a member of the pro-democracy Demosisto political party. He had hoped to become a legislative candidate in the March elections.

However, the government objected to Demosisto's political program that included "self-determination" or independence for Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government said in a statement: "Determination of fate alone or changing the system of the Special Hong Kong government area through a referendum that includes the choice for independence is inconsistent with Hong Kong's special status and constitutional law.

Chow said the rejection of his candidacy was "political screening." He added that the decision " "

" The motive of the government is to obliterate the expectations of all the younger generations, "Demosisto said in a statement.

Demosisto was founded with Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of the" Umbrella Movement "that began when students stormed the yard of Hong Ko government building ng in September 2014, and demanded completely free elections in the semi-autonomous city. [gp]

Hong Kong Democracy Activist Sentenced to 3 Months in Prison

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to three months in jail for involvement in the 2014 "Umbrella Movement" protest.

The Chinese Supreme Court said Wednesday that Wong, 21, allegations of failure to comply with a court order to leave the protest camp in a demonstration for nearly two months.

Justice Anfrew Chan admitted that Wong was in the area only briefly, but said his involvement was "deep and broad." He played a major role on that day. "He said the only reasonable punishment was" Immediate imprisonment. "

Wong who continued to behave disobediently told reporters before the trial," they can imprison my body, but they can not imprison our minds. "

again democracy activist Raphael Wong was also sentenced to a short prison term, while more than 12 other activists got huk uman trial. [gp]