China denies Separatist militant contacts in Pakistan

A number of Chinese officials have denied reports that they are in contact with separatist militants in the troubled Pakistani province of Baluchistan to ensure the safety of the tens of billions of planned infrastructure projects planned in the region.

A report from The Financial Times this week said the secret talks between the two sides have lasted five years and Beijing has made direct contact with militants.

However, a top Chinese official who dealt directly with the region said he has not never heard of that gossip. The official himself does not want his name disclosed in the media.

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Sher Muhammad Bugti, representative of the Baluch Republican separatist group , also denied negotiations with China. Nevertheless, a number of other separatist leaders were hesitant to issue a similar denial.

China is planning to build One Belt One Road a development initiative in Pakistan called the China Economic Corridor of Pakistan. The main purpose of the initiative is to build a network of roads and trains that will connect Xinjiang Province in West China and the Indian Ocean through Pakistan. [ab/lt]

Kremlin denies intervention in US presidential election 2016

The Kremlin on Monday denied the involvement of the Russian government by interfering with the US presidential election of 2016.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters the allegations were unfounded.

The Russian commentary was issued after a special American investigator accused 13 Russian citizens and three Russian legal entities of "illegal information war" to disrupt elections to benefit President Donald Trump.

The indictment by former FBI Director Robert Mueller for Russian interference raised the argument that the Internet Research Agency based in St. Petersburg Petersburg, which has links to the Kremlin, 12 of its employees and financial supporters, masterminded the effort.

The 37-page document charged that the Russians were trying to coordinate their efforts with members of the Trump campaign, but the document did not accuse anyone from the Trump campaign colludes with Russia.

Trump has long insisted that his campaign does not collude with Russia, even as the American intelligence community and now Mueller have concluded that Russia is campaigning widely to intervene in the election to help win the Trump.

The indictment is the first time Mueller's office has charged allegations against Russian citizens and Russian legal entities for intervening in the 2016 presidential election. [gp]

Mozambique Denies Jump Business with North Korea

Mozambique denies allegations that the country continues to conduct business with North Korea, an act which if proven to be a violation of UN sanctions.

A report published by CNN this month mentions North Korea has signed a multi-million dollar contract in Mozambique, channeling funds to diplomatic channels in Mozambique and exploiting the benefits derived from fishing vessels off the coast of Mozambique to finance its nuclear program.

Mozambique's Deputy Minister for Affairs and Foreign Affairs Maria Manuela Lucas denied his government made a deal with North Korea that violates sanctions. He even said his country was willing to accept overseas supervision.

He also said his government cooperated with private companies in Mozambique to remind them not to violate sanctions and possibly shut down illegal business operations.

CNN Report also said North Korea provided military training for Mozambican elite troops and technical assistance for its military,

A previous UN report accused North Korea and Mozambique of having a military partnership worth at least $ 6 million. [ab/uh]

US denies plane crash in Pakistan refugee camp

The United States has rejected Pakistan's claim that an American drone attack struck an Afghan refugee camp inside Pakistani territory.

The rebuttal was delivered on Thursday (25/1) a day after missiles fired from a drone aircraft struck a militant hideout which lies between the semi-autonomous region of Kurram and Hango district, both located in southwestern Pakistan.

The attack early Wednesday killed a commander of the Haqqani militant network and his two assistants.

"Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan on Wednesday (24/1) that American troops striking an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram is not true, "said a spokesman for the US Embassy in Pakistan without giving other details.

It is very rare for US officials to discuss operations aircraft in Pakistan and the results are open. [em/al]

Apple Suppliers in China Denies Allegations of Human Rights Organization

An Apple Inc. supplier company in eastern China has denied allegations by rights organizations in New York that the workers of the supplier company are working hard with 10 hours of work in the midst of noise and pollution, without proper overtime salary or adequate safety protection to make MacBook and iPhone components, then workers return to dirty dorms with cold bath water.

The allegations indicate the difficulty of managing a complex global supply chain, even for companies like Apple that have openly accepted the selection of an ethnic component source as a company priority .

Catcher Technology Co. Ltd., which runs a factory in Suqian, about 500 kilometers northwest of Shanghai, said Wednesday in a statement that the company had investigated and "examined and found none of these allegations, true." Catcher also said the company would soon buy land near a factory to build a new dormitory as the company "strives to improve the lives of our employees," the company's statement said.

China Labor Watch said its findings, reported on Tuesday evening (16/1) is the result of a secret investigation that runs from October of 2017 to January of 2018.

According to the results of the investigation, workers who did not wear reasonable gloves, suffered from itching and skin peeling off on their hands. Others experience engine oil splashed into their eyes. The main door of the workroom is only 30 centimeters wide and the dormitory has no emergency exits, which is clearly a big danger in fires, China Labor Watch said.

The report was accompanied by photographs of crowded dormitories and photos of effervescent wastewater, Watch, overflowing onto the sidewalk. [gp]