Total's bio-refinery at La Mède will be doped with palm oil, denounce NGOs

Total's bio-refinery in La Mede will consume 550,000 tons of palm oil a year, "bouncing French imports" of this decried oil, NGOs denounced Thursday, while the government wants to fight against deforestation Imported.

The French oil group plans to commission this bio-refinery this summer.

According to a document from the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône that Greenpeace and the Friends of the Earth obtained, "the oil supply plan of the establishment is, as a first approach, thus constituted: 100 kilotonnes per year of used edible oils or animal fats "," 100 kilotons per year of acid products derived from the refining of vegetable oils "- palm oil according to the document – and" 450 kilotonnes per year of palm palms. "

These environmental groups are concerned about the supply of palm oil, whose production in Malaysia and Indonesia is leading to deforestation that weakens the ecosystem, threatening rhinos, orangutans and tigers. and affecting local populations

In the face of criticism, Total is committed to supplying itself with "certified" palm oil, according to this document. These certification systems are, however, considered insufficient by NGOs and industrialists.

Total said previously wanting to use 60 to 70% of vegetable oils, palm oil but also rapeseed, soya or sunflower and 30 to 40% of used edible oils and residual oils.

"The project, which will boost French imports of palm oil by 64%, demonstrates the total inconsistency of the French government," denounce Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth in a joint statement.

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, wants to stop the importation of forest or agricultural products contributing to deforestation around the world.

According to Sylvain Angerand, Friends of the Earth, "the next few weeks are decisive because Europe is revising its biofuel support policy. "

MEPs voted in January for a gradual phasing out of palm oil in biofuels by 2021. This vote, which is not binding, must be negotiated with the European Council and the Commission

The use of palm oil in sectors such as food or cosmetics has already decreased in Europe , but it has increased in the field of biofuels.

Total had launched in 2015 a project for the transformation of its La Mède refinery, which was then in deficit. The group has stopped refining crude oil and converted it at the cost of an investment of 275 million euros, including installing an oil depot, a solar farm, a training center and this bio-refinery. 19659013]

Constitutional reform: NGOs denounce lack of ambition on the environment

Associations regretted Wednesday the government's choice not to introduce the fight against global warming in Article 1 of the Constitution and the lack of reference to biodiversity, seeing a lack of ambition on the environment.

The Prime Minister announced, during the presentation of the outline of the reform of institutions promised by Emmanuel Macron, that "the constitutional bill will include the imperative of combating climate change in Article 34, which defines the area of ​​the law. "

Édouard Philippe also said that the Social Economic and Environmental Council (CESE)" will become a chamber of civil society. "

For the Foundation for Nature and Man (FNH) created by Nicolas Hulot, the account is not there. The text presented "is not up to the challenges of the twenty-first century," regrets the NGO, which speaks of "constitutional green washing" and calls on parliamentarians to amend the text.

The FNH "deeply regrets the choice the President of the Republic to include in the Constitution only the climate, without adding the protection of biodiversity, and placing it in Article 34 and not in Article 1 "which lays down the founding principles of the Republic, according to the release. She also regrets that the CESE does not become a "real + room of the future +" to examine the long-term impact of political decisions.

"We are disappointed," said Pascal Canfin, director General of WWF France, to AFP. Putting the fight against climate change is "a symbol, but there is a strong fear that it will be a symbol that will not change anything."

"MPs are expected to take the leap and take advantage of the fact that the government introduced the climate in Article 34 to put it in another article, Article 1 or an article of the Environmental Charter, "he continued.

The Association "Our business at all" for environmental law speaks of "a missed opportunity to put France in the climate".

Statues covered with a mask to denounce air pollution

Protective masks were affixed Saturday before the mouth of statues in France, to denounce the inaction of the public authorities against air pollution.

Activists led this symbolic action in Paris, as on the Place de la Concorde, and in many other cities.

In Strasbourg for example, ten people have installed masks on "Les Quatre Hommes", set of statues located at the end of the avenue des Vosges, "an artery symbolic of air pollution ", explained to AFP Marie Fabre, co-founder of Zero waste Strasbourg.

" Breathing kills "," We do not lungs anymore "," Incinerator ", said their placards.

These associations, including France Nature Environment, Alternatiba ANV-COP 21, Greenpeace or the Federation of Bicycle Users, called in a statement "a policy of smokeless transport."

"Local authorities must urgently straighten ", and" the government must rectify the shooting with the future law on transport, "they wrote.

The action coincided with the last day provided by the Council of State for surrender to the Commission of the Government's Plan Against Air Pollution.

France, along with eight other EU countries, is threatened with referral to the European justice system because of its shortcomings.

Air pollution: NGOs and doctors denounce a "lack of ambition" measures

NGOs and doctors called Tuesday, March 27, 2018, the authorities to take urgent action against air pollution, denouncing the "lack of ambition" action plans that must be finalized in the coming days. In July 2017, the State Council ordered the government to take measures to reduce the concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) below the permissible limit values ​​in all areas where they were exceeded by 2015. This measure concerns 13 zones, including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Martinique, which must transmit to the European Commission, by 31 March 2018, roadmaps drawn up in collaboration between the communities and the services of the State.

A "lack of ambition of the envisaged measures"

" A few days from this deadline, we wanted to join our voices for recall the urgency to act and have action plans at the height of the stakes said Lorelei Limousin, transport manager at Climate Action Network (RAC), worried about the first elements of these roadmaps, presented to them The vagueness persists on the measures implemented and the budgets allocated to these actions ". In particular, it assured that few communities had planned to set up, with a timetable, "low emission zones" that exclude the most polluting vehicles from certain traffic areas.

Denouncing this "lack of ambition of the measures envisaged "the RAC and other NGOs which are members, like Greenpeace or the Friends of the Earth, propose a list of measures " concrete and indispensable " for all the territory, including the abandonment of major road projects, the financing of alternative transport (cycling, public transport), the ban on diesel and gasoline vehicles in parts of the most polluted cities by 2025 or the ecological tax in road transport of goods. " Enough, man is an endangered animal, the man is sick denounced Jocelyne Just, pneumopediatrician and president of the French Society of Allergy. Not that the peaks of pollution . Background pollution, that one breathes in cities daily, makes sick ". The pneumopediatrician also stressed the vulnerability of already sick people and young children.

France, a bad student in this field, transmitted in February 2018 in Brussels its plan of improvement of the quality of the air, whereas it risks being sent to European justice. The Ministry of Ecological Transition ensures that this plan will eliminate PM10 exceedances "from 2020", except in a few "black spots" and decrease the number of measuring stations exceeding the limits of nitrogen dioxide ( NO2: 49 in 2010, 10 in 2020, 3 in 2030). Plan still insufficient, according to NGOs.

Seven years after Fukushima, associations denounce the "myth of a safe nuclear"

Seven years after the disaster of Fukushima, several hundred demonstrators met Sunday in Paris at the call of the network "Sortir du nucléaire" to denounce the "myth of a nuclear safe," said a journalist AFP.

At 14:46, when an earthquake struck Japan on 11 March 2011, about 100 of them laid down in homage to the victims of the deadly tsunami and the nuclear disaster that caused it.

The network's associations demand the closure of French nuclear power stations and the disarmament of France, opposing in particular the projects of Bure (burial) and Flamanville (new EPR reactor).

"No satisfactory solution. currently exists for the management of long-term purchases, "said Catherine Fumé, administrator of the network" Sortir du nucléaire ", denouncing the situation of the nuclear workers and the numerous incidents in the power plants. nçaises.

 Demonstration to get out of the nuclear power, seven years after the disaster of Fukushima, March 11, 2018 in Paris (AFP - STEPHANE OF SAKUTIN)

Demonstration to get out of the nuclear power, seven years after the disaster of Fukushima, March 11 2018 in Paris (AFP – STEPHANE OF SAKUTIN)

"The opposition to the nuclear, when it is not criminalized, is considered an attack at the level of France", condemned Catherine Fumé, while the group EDF signed an agreement in India on the industrial plan for the Jaitapur power station project, which is billed as the largest nuclear project in the world.

The public health researcher Annie Thébaud-Mony denounced the " myth of a safe nuclear "and paid tribute to the nuclear workers" irradiated as much as invisible "," against the cynicism of those who employ them ".

This Paris demonstration also kicked off the a vote n on the exit of the nuclear power, organized by the insubordinate France and line and in polling stations from March 11 to 18.

 Demonstration at the call of the network

Demonstration at the call of the network "Sortir du nucléaire ", seven years after the disaster of Fukushima, March 11, 2018 in Paris (AFP – STEPHANE OF SAKUTIN)

Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, stationed during the disaster and become a fervent antinuclear militant, must Monday in Paris where he will begin a tour that will pass through the National Assembly, Flamanville and the European Parliament.

"If everything goes wrong, a nuclear accident has consequences much more terrifying than the most terrible wars" , said Naoto Kan in Le Parisien dated Sunday.