US Researchers Develop Blood Tests That Can Monitor 8 Types of Cancer

The 4th of February was commemorated as World Cancer Day, an annual momentum to raise awareness about cancer and promote prevention, detection and treatment. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland are developing blood tests that can monitor eight types of cancer.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and most people do not realize that they suffer from this disease until symptoms develop. This can change through a blood test called CancerSEEK.

Nickolas Papadopoulos, an oncologist and pathologist at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland, says, "This test is designed for people who do not show symptoms of cancer. Basically this is the purpose of this test. But the other difference is: one, it's a multi-analytical test that detects DNA and proteins, and it's unique in blood tests because it can detect some types of tumors. ''

Dr. Nickolas Papadopoulos said the test can screen 18 common cancers, and be able to tell where the cancer is located. He and his team at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center Kimmel examined DNA and cancer-related proteins, in the blood of more than a thousand cancer patients. The blood test was positive in about 70% of the patients, and resulted in only seven false-positive results in the control group of 812 healthy people.

Large-scale trials were required, but Papadopoulos said their work could save money and save lives .

'' Caring for patients with advanced cancer is very expensive. The drugs are very expensive. And we believe that the examination test to find out the cancer in people who still feel healthy, has no symptoms whatsoever and hopes that the cancer is still at a very early stage; can be easier to treat and cheaper to care, as well as saving lives than by simply extending their lives, '' Papadopoulos said.

Researchers hope CancerSEEK will eventually become part of routine health checks, as a way of knowing cancer early. [em/ii]

US calls Russia to develop Nuclear Torpedo 'Weapons of Doomsday'

Washington DC
The United States (US) Authority for the first time acknowledged that Russia is developing a new intercontinental torpedo capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The torpedo being developed by Russia could later be used under the sea.

"Developing a new nuclear armed torpedo that is nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered and intercontinental," the 19489011 Nuclear Posture Review 'released by the US Department of Defense on Friday (2/2) and reported CNN Saturday (3/2/2018).

The US Department of Defense or Pentagon calls this Russian nuclear torpedo system as 'Kanyon'. While Russia gave it the name of the system ' Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6 '.

The system is described by US officials, as a drone-like torpedo that can be fired under the sea and capable of traveling thousands of kilometers away even to attack targets on the US coast including military bases. If it is detonated, the torpedo could trigger a zone of massive radioactive contamination.

Other two US media reports, Fox News and USA Today called the developed Russian nuclear torpedo up to 9,977 kilometers and able to dive to a depth of nearly 1,000 meters. This torpedo can go up to 100 knots or 185 kilometers per hour.

It is also reported that this new type of nuclear torpedo is capable of carrying cobalt bombs – a type of thermonuclear weapon – with explosive power of up to 100 megatons. In other words, this torpedo can trigger an artificial tsunami wave, which carries seawater that has been radioactively contaminated.

For comparison, it is known that the atomic bombs ' Little Boy ' that were dropped on Hiroshima had a 15 kiloton explosive power. While the atomic bombs ' Fat Man ' dropped on Nagasaki has a power of 21 kilotons. One kiloton is equivalent to 1,000 tons, while one megaton is 1,000,000 tons equivalent.

Observers refer to this Russian nuclear torpedo as 'weapon of doomsday'. Republican US Senator Tom Cotton called the system being developed by Russia to "destabilize" the world.

"The concept is the horror of the Cold War," said senior researcher and Director of the Defense Posture Project at the American Federation of Scientists, Adam Mount. "This is clearly inspired by the overwhelming Russian concern that the US missile defense will make their missile power obsolete," he added.

"There is no indication of public information that Russia is actively developing the system, but it is quite alert when it sees it in the Pentagon document, "says Mount, referring to information about the development of this Russian nuclear torpedo in other documents.

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Duh! North Korea's 2018 Resolution Continues to Develop Nuclear

 By the year 2018, North Korea (North Korea) affirms its commitment to keep developing nuclear. North Korea says it will not be able to change that policy.

"Do not expect any change in its policy (North Korea)," the North's authority said in a recent report released by the North Korean official news agency. Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Saturday (30/12).

"The entity as an invincible power can not be undermined or extinguished." The DPRK, as a responsible nuclear weapon state, will lead the historical trend toward the only path to independence and justice, overcoming all the disturbances on the planet, "the KCNA report added as quoted by CNN Saturday (30/12/2017).

DPRK stands for the official name of North Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

A report entitled 'No Winning Power of Independence and Justice' reviews what it claims to be North Korea's nuclear weapons achievements during 2017. Most of the reviews focus on North Korea's future potential of dealing with the United States (US) .

"(North Korea) will continue to improve the ability to self-defense and counter attacks by nuclear power as its axis as long as the US and its naval forces survive a nuclear threat," the North's authority confirmed in the KCNA report.

In the report , North Korea also boasted of its new ability to attack the US heart and its new 'status' as a 'world class nuclear power'. "It will face the most violent US war declaration with fire in a definite and clear way," said North Korea in a statement.

During the year 2017, the North conducted a series of ballistic missile tests, ignoring criticism as well as global sanctions. The most provocative moment occurred on 29 November when North Korea claimed a successful test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Hwasong-15.

This new type of intercontinental missile is claimed to be capable of carrying 'super large warheads' capable of reaching the US mainland. The new intercontinental missile belonging to North Korea is recognized by experts and some countries such as South Korea (South Korea), capable of airing higher and farther than other North Korean missiles.

Intercontinental missile tests were 'reciprocated' by the UN Security Council with a barrage of new sanctions. Sanctions stipulated in a resolution agreed by the UN Security Council member states aimed at cutting off energy supplies, counteracting smuggling activities and restricting the use of workers from North Korea abroad.

The North's authority calls economic sanctions against it a "war action" and insists the US and other countries that support the sanctions will feel the consequences.

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