Trump Launches Massive Infrastructure Development Plan

President Donald Trump on Monday (12/2) disclosed a long-awaited plan to tackle damaged infrastructure, and he met with state and local officials to discuss the program.

The plan will use $ 200 billion federal funds and other $ 1.3 to $ 1.5 trillion state and enterprise investments in a 10-year plan to repair roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructure in America.

In a cuwitan on Twitter, Trump said, This is a great week for infrastructure and after stupidly spending $ 7 trillion dollars in the Middle East, it's time to start investing in our own country! "

Trump told a White House meeting with officials from across the country that US military spending in the Middle East has made things worse than 17 years ago when our military went in there. "

Teta pi he says, the investment returns (from new infrastructure expenditures) to the states will be overwhelming.

"We will build, we will defend it," Trump said. "Our roads are in bad shape, we will build them more modern."

He promised, the permitting process for development will be accelerated "from 10 years to two years or maybe a year. Washington will be your partner. "

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A $ 200 billion federal fund in the next ten years will comes from cuts to existing programs, the amount Trump calls "is not a huge amount." Of these, half will be spent on incentive programs to offset state and local government funds. [ps/ii]

Small Businesses are Optimistic of Current Economic Development

Small entrepreneurs in America are more optimistic about corporate and economic developments at the moment.

So one of the survey findings released Monday by the advocacy group National Small Business Association (NSBA) and ZipRecruiter, the job market on line. Nearly 60 percent of the 1,633 small entrepreneurs surveyed in December and January forecast, the economy will grow within the next 12 months, compared to 45 percent in a July survey by the NSBA.

Their optimism is likely due to good corporate performance. More than half, 53 percent, said corporate earnings rose in the past 12 months. This is the first time in 10 years that the majority of entrepreneurs surveyed by NSBA reported earnings increases. Two-thirds of them expect an increase in revenues will continue in the next 12 months.

Recruitment is also rising. 30 Percent of employers added employees in the last 12 months, compared to 22 per cent who reported employee gains in the previous survey. According to the NSBA, less than a third of employers reported recruiting new workers last year; consistent with survey findings by banks and other groups that show employers are recruiting workers cautiously.

Recruitment plans have not changed much, as well as other survey findings. 38 Percent of entrepreneurs are hoping to add job vacancies next year compared to 37 per cent expected last July. [ka/ii]

The White House Asks Big Funds for the Development of the Border Wall

The White House on Thursday (25/1) launches details on the so-called compromise framework on immigration, to decide whether or not to be accepted or rejected by legislators.

For 1.8 million young immigrants living in America A union known as the Dreamer, brought to America as a child, there will be a long way to become a citizen accompanied by various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live in America under the DACA program that protects them from deportation, others who meet the same criteria, there will be a period of 10 to 12 years to become a citizen with conditions related to employment, education and good moral character.

President Donald Trump, who put forward a glimpse of the proposal the day before, told reporters so they tell the Dreamers not to worry.

The Immigration and Kea Framework the White House Border was suddenly released by the Trump Administration four days earlier than scheduled.

Another element to be observed is the cost of what is the main promise of the Trump presidential campaign, which is $ 25 billion to build a wall along its border with Mexico , although the funds will also include for incoming and outgoing ports and other improvements on the northern border of America with Canada.

Chain migration, in which immigrants can sponsor relatives who later sponsor other relatives will be trimmed to apply only to husbands or the wives and minors of citizens or those with official residence permits.

The Trump Government also called for an end to the visa lottery system for some countries.

A senior government official declared it a very loose policy. [19659002] An official who speaks to wart the cloud said Thursday, the proposal would be submitted to Congress, which would later draft legislation to be presented to the president. If the legislation is realistic, he said, the president will legitimize it. [uh]

The Draft Law Must Cover the Development of the Wall Frontier

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said every law that immigrants illegally entered the United States while a child, the opportunity to become a citizen must include funds for the frontier wall and end the immigration process under the program

or DACA, proclaimed by former president Barack Obama

This program protects nearly 800,000 immigrants from deportation, who allowing them to stay and work legally in America. Trump gave Congress time until March 5 to approve laws that would provide equal protection for those covered under the DACA, grant funds for the proposed border wall and end the immigration of lucky visa.

At a White House meeting on immigration with the Senator Republicans, Trump says, "Our current immigration system disappoints the American people" and cites the migration chain as an example.

The immigration chain is an extended family-based immigration process, in which immigrant families from certain areas can be immigrated to the city or neighborhood particular in America.

"The migration chain is a total disaster that threatens our security and economy and becomes the gateway to terrorism," Trump told the senators.

Trump also calls for an end to the lottery visa program, which accepts applicants who have pass a background check and have an education or an observer man is equivalent to high school in a job that requires at least two years of training.

Trump said the raffle visa was "bad for our economy and very bad for security." The president also said immigration reform would not be possible without greater border security.

"We need a wall of physical barriers We'll have walls, remember that, We'll have walls to prevent drug traffickers deadly, dangerous traffickers , and the cruel criminal cartel, "said Trump.

Trump hopes his proposal will win Democratic Party support, which is difficult to agree on such an expanded immigration strategy. The Democrats demanded a vote last month allowing some 1.2 million immigrants to remain in America but denied. [my/jm]

US History Museum Show the Role of Religion in the Establishment and Development of America

The role of religion in the formation and development of America became the theme of the National Museum of American History or the National Museum of American History in Washington DC. The exhibition, which lasted until June 2018, demonstrated the diversity of religion, freedom and development from the colonial era to the 1840s.

The history of religion in America begins with the arrival of Pilgrim settlers into the area now known as Massachusetts by Mayflower ship in 1620. The suppression of religion moved the people to leave Europe to the New World, but there were other groups who came in the seventeenth century and tried to practice their religion peacefully.

"The religious tradition brought to America in the seventeenth century was far more diverse than imagined by people. There is a large Protestant community, originating in Britain and the Netherlands, but at the same time, Catholics also landed in Maryland, "said the curator of the American Museum of American History Peter Manseau.

There are also various Native American beliefs and practices in the era colonial. When African slaves were forcibly taken in the seventeenth century, they took religion from their homeland, including Islam.

"The dominance of each tradition depends on the region. The community is settled and other members will follow them, "he added.

Manseau added that the effort to create a uniform society would cause them to split and seek new territory.

" From the beginning there was a sense that different communities would find a foothold are different for living in America, but over time, the need for this community to live together and the diversity of those who live in the same place creates a need for religious freedom, a way in which everyone is entitled to practice religion freely, "Manseau continued. .

When frictions and conflicts arise among the different religious groups, according to Manseau, this leads to the preparation of constitutional protection against religious freedom.

"At the state level, there is constant conflict and agitation to achieve freedom which is larger, so even though the federal government of America decides p there is a federal level, for the whole nation, not enacted in an official church, the state retains its own official church, "he added.

But the notion of religious freedom, as enshrined in the First Amendment of the American Constitution, is not immediately accepted. years before freedom of religion across America was accepted as law in this country, "Manseau said.

Afterwards minority religious groups enjoy the same rights as the majority churches. "Every generation of Americans should ask this question: what is the meaning of religious freedom for each of us, and when there is a new religious community developing in America, it is inevitable to question this over and over again," he explained. [em/jm]