Make Caricature of PM Najib So Clown, Malaysian Artist Dibui

Kuala Lumpur
 A Malaysian artist was sentenced to one month in prison for publicizing the caricature of Prime Minister Najib Razak who was described as a bad clown. This verdict raises concerns about the restriction of freedom of speech and speech in Malaysia.

As reported by Reuters Tuesday (20/2/2018), an artist named Fahmi Reza was found guilty of violating the Communications Law for spreading online content, which is considered inappropriate and offensive to others

Fahmi was found guilty of spreading online content that is considered obscene, indecent, engineering, threatening or offensive with the intention to harass, abuse, threaten or harass others.

In addition to being sentenced to one month's imprisonment, Fahmi was also fined 30,000 ringgit (Rp 104 million).

Fahmi's lawyer, Syahredzan Johan, stated the judge did not provide any basis for the verdict.

"We appeal against the verdict," Syahredzan said, declaring it would pay the 10,000 ringgit guarantee to release Fahmi during the appeal process. It is known that Fahmi was also charged with similar charges in different courts.

Fahmi was one of a number of opposition leaders and anti-government activists who were dragged to justice after protesting against PM Najib over a corruption scandal involving state-owned 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). PM Najib has denied all accusations related to 1MDB

The Malaysian government has blocked a number of critical news sites and portals reviewing 1MDB and PM Najib, although on the other hand the government has vowed not to censor the internet.

In recent times, Malaysia announced plans to amend legislation to counter false news. This is the latest step in expanding the prosecution of online posting or content that is perceived to endanger public order and security.

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Protest Returning, 2 Rohingya Refugees Dibui in Bangladesh

 Two Rohingya refugees were thrown into Bangladeshi prisons after protesting against their planned return to Myanmar. Both Rohingya refugees were arrested during a protest rally in their refugee camp.

As reported by AFP Wednesday (24/1/2018), Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have banners, shouting slogans and rolling out angry protests to protest their planned return to Myanmar. Many Rohingya refugees are reluctant to return home.

The Bangladeshi authorities affirm that repatriation efforts will be voluntary or as per the willingness of Rohingya refugees in their area. But police security in the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, near the border of Myanmar is being intensified.

Both Rohingya refugees imprisoned identified as Abdul Jabbar and Ali Hossain, who are both 60 years old.

On Tuesday (23/1) local time, both were on trial on charges of sparking a general commotion. The local court handed down a week's jail sentence for both Rohingya refugees.

In addition to Jabbar and Hossain, another Rohingya refugee was arrested for questioning about a protest marching back. But the unnamed Rohingya refugee was finally released on Wednesday afternoon (24/1) local time.

He was released after promising not to 'engage in anti-government activities' or engage in other seditious demonstrations.

Under the agreement reached with Myanmar, there are about 750,000 Rohingya refugees to be repatriated to Myanmar. The planned repatriation process began on Tuesday, but Bangladesh authorities delayed it because it took more time to prepare.

After the agreement was announced, protests popped up in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. But not only that, a brutal attack on some Rohingya refugees also occurred in the Bangladesh camp.

So far two Rohingya refugees, who are head of camp, were killed by a group of people who came to the refugee camp. Bangladesh authorities say two suspects, who are also Rohingya refugees, have been arrested over two separate killings.

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Kill a Married Man, Woman in Tokyo Dibui 12 Years

The Tokyo court sentenced Seikin Okuma, a 34-year-old woman, to 12 years in prison (bui). This is because Okuma has killed his lover who is also the husband of people.

Reported from Japan Today, Sunday (21/1/2018), Okuma has been proven to kill Kazumasa Kurobe (45), married man who is his own lover.

Fuji TV reported Okuma killed Kurobe in the apartment they shared together in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Both are known to have lived together for 2 years.

Okuma is known to stab Kurobe on August 10, 2017 and around 00.15 local time. Okuma then telephoned 110 emergency services and reported he had stabbed Kurobe.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Police found Kurobe lying on the floor with a stab wound to his chest. Kurobe was immediately rushed to the hospital but was declared dead an hour later.

Okuma's lawyer said in court Okuma and Kurobe had a fight after Kurobe said he would travel with his wife. Okuma mentioned losing his temper and stabbing him with a kitchen knife. It's just that lawyers denied his client had planned his previous murder.

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