Trump treats James Comey, the ex-FBI director he fired, as a "proven liar"

Donald Trump on Friday treated "liar" James Comey, the former FBI director he fired and who has just published a brutally critical book of the US president, and believes it should be sued. "James Comey organized leaks and is a proven liar," tweeted the president early in the morning, accusing Mr. Comey of "fleeing CLASSIFIEES information, for which he should be pursued."

US President Donald Trump is an inveterate liar submitting his entourage to a code of loyalty recalling the attitude of a "mafia" leader, believes in his memoirs former FBI boss James Comey. In this much-anticipated book that leaked in the press Thursday, a few days before its release, the former police chief describes a tenant of the White House obsessed with details scabrous about him. Mr. Comey recounts that the president asked him to investigate allegations that he was confronted by Russian prostitutes in a hotel in Moscow in 2013.

"I am germophobic, it would not be possible for me to let people to be pee in front of me, "said the billionaire about sexual relations with prostitutes, during which they would have urinated on his request. "I missed a laugh," says Mr. Comey, according to this excerpt relayed by the Washington Post. This "file" was written by a former British intelligence agent on behalf of political opponents to the Republican candidate. Credited initially by American intelligence, its authenticity was then completely questioned.

During this discussion in the Trump Tower in January 2017, Mr. Trump asked the FBI leader to wring his neck in these affirmations which were very unfavorable to him "in case there is only one chance out of 100 that they are taken seriously by his wife, Melania", according to James Comey. This exchange with the president "made me return to the beginning of my career, when I was prosecutor against the Middle," he added. The former police chief described a mafia-like scene: "The silent circle that nods in. The boss who does day and night, the oaths of loyalty, the world view that all are against us." generalized, whether large or small, serving a kind of code of loyalty that places the organization above morality and truth. "

" This president is immoral, detached from the truth and institutional values ​​"

For James Comey," this president is immoral, detached from the truth and institutional values ​​". "His leadership is transactional, focused on ego and personal loyalty," he insists. James Comey's memoirs, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership", trace his 20-year career as New York Attorney and then Deputy Minister of Justice in the George W. Bush government, and head of the FBI. between 2013 and 2017.

In the White House as among Republican officials, the book has raised fears about the damage it could inflict on a Trump presidency already affected by rumors, dismissals and resignations. The Republican Party has already put online a site called "Lyin 'Comey" ("Comey the liar), where we can see scroll through a series of quotes of political figures, derogatory to the former boss The book, which comes out on April 17, has risen to the top of Amazon's pre-sales rankings, helped by Twitter's avenging messages from Donald Trump, who fired him in May 2017.

At an extraordinary hearing in the Senate, James Comey revealed the pressure from the White House, the fact that the President demanded his "loyalty" and asked him to abandon a part of the investigation into General Michael Flynn, his national security adviser, forced to resign.

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"Building wood is innovative" according to Marcel Chouraqui, general director of the association ADIVBois

Wood rot and transparent, condensed wood more resistant than steel, xylotheque listing all the species of France … Innovation seems to serve the wood industry in recent times. Mainly resinous, French and European woods find a new life thanks to the many new building projects, such as the Hypérion tower, 57 meters high, which will open in Bordeaux in 2020. Marcel Chouraqui, general director of the association "living wood" ADIVBois, answering the questions of Science and Future

Sciences et Avenir: Are there more and more wooden constructions in France?

Marcel Chouraqui: There have always been wooden constructions, for centuries. In Paris, for example, there are many buildings built from this material. We have, beyond the traditional construction, identified several processes that allow wooden constructions to reach greater heights, namely:

  • The post-beam that allows a saving of material while offering very large spans important for large-scale buildings
  • CLT (Cross Laminate Timber), which makes it possible to use prefabricated prefabricated structural panels to create walls and floors
  • The half-timbering or exoskeleton that allows the construction of a supporting structure the exterior of the building from the wood, freeing the interior space as much as possible

These three methods allow designers to gain height in the construction of wooden buildings. With these structural solutions, the highest project launched in wood will reach 17 floors. It should also be noted that it is now common to build 4-storey buildings with so-called "wood frame" systems.

How to explain this renewed interest in wooden construction today? [19659009] The support of the State plays a lot. It is with the arrival of the Government Plan Industry of the Future (formerly called Plan of the New Industrial France launched by Arnaud Montebourg in 2013), that the wood was identified as being a material of the future. The wood industry has quickly focused on the development of "buildings to live wood", urban, a new generation, the interest is to improve the living environment with wood in the interior design and to have, thanks to prefabrication, faster constructions and more respectful of the environment.

Precisely, what are the advantages of the wooden construction?

First, to build in wood is to answer to ecological imperatives of our time (see infographic). Secondly, it will be necessary to respond globally to a growing urban demography by building new buildings. Wood in construction can also be beneficial for health and comfort. Several psychosensory studies carried out in Canada and France in FCBA have revealed an improvement in the standard of living associated with wooden spaces, with impacts on well-being, heart rate or an increase in productivity in the workplace. This is called biophilia . Aware of all these positive aspects of "living wood", the association ADIVBois launched a competition at the national level to identify the territories on which we would build demonstrator buildings. The objective is to remove the brakes, which are still technical but especially cultural.

What are these brakes?

We speak of issues of acoustics, security fire, structure, envelope … Within the association Adivbois (Association for the Development of Buildings to Live Wood), all these questions are treated by experts who meet and work to change the regulations and find solutions to build in the cities of France. It must be known that this movement is not only French, it is international. The idea is that France holds a stronghold in this type of construction.

Can the cost of these wooden constructions repel the investors?

The costs will be further reduced, they have already decreased and the gaps with the construction using other materials are getting smaller. Today, developers build at very high costs. Thanks to the design-realization carried out upstream with the association of engineers, architects and specialized consultancies, the constructions are done in a reduced time, with controlled costs. But in reality, the price of construction is only the first step of a new economic model. If we think about the overall cost, integrating the loads, the savings made at the energy level over the "life cycle" of a building, then wood is a material that is quite economically relevant. Not to mention the fact that this type of building provides a more than interesting solution with a renewable material and therefore does not pose a question in the medium term as to the depletion of resources. A subject that also has value, even if it is difficult to quantify to this day.

Will it be possible to build cheaper wooden buildings than concrete buildings?

It is possible but it is not possible is not an argument. The interesting thing is that wood can be combined with other materials to make mixed buildings. We tend to optimize resources in construction. For example, the foundations of buildings of the future will probably remain in concrete, known for its ability to withstand heavy loads. But the wood could be used for the super structure of the building and then decrease the descent of load (the building will be "less heavy", note) . Thus, for a building on a slab, the use of wood will in some cases to gain one or more levels. The idea is to have the right material in the right place.

What is the place of innovation in wood construction? What do you think of the start-up Woodoo?

We are obviously interested in the innovations that are made around wood. With regard to that of Mr. Boithouzet, the young CEO of the start-up Woodoo who created an imputrescible and transparent wood his research had a broad echo and to my knowledge, the first applications of his work should rather appear in the field of furniture, before imagining applications in the field of construction structures. Other innovations are still in the Research and Development phase and it is likely that they will be able to find industrial applications, because we are only at the beginning of innovation in this field. In any case, today, building wood is innovative.

Wood stronger than steel? This was created by a team of engineers from the University of Maryland in the United States . By a "simple" two-stage process, wood is transformed into a ten times stronger, robust and penetration-resistant building material. First, the wood is soaked in a mixture of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium sulphite (Na 2 SO 3 ). The lignin and hemicellulose that make up the cells of the plant wall of the wood are partially removed and the material becomes more porous and less rigid. Just after, it is heated to 100 ° C, perpendicular to the direction of its growth, and the cells burst. The product obtained is a compacted wood, less thick by 20% and three times denser.

FBI Director: Talk That's Easy!

The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, told his staff on Friday (2/2) not to be too concerned about the FBI attack by President Trump and Republican members in Congress, and he promised to defend FBI agents.

"Talk it It's easy, but it's your work that will last, "Wray told 35,000 FBI staff in an internal letter.

" You've been through a lot of things in the last nine months, and I know that's often the least shaking. And in the last few days the waves have not calmed down, "he said.

" But I affirm: I am fully committed to our mission and I am with you, "he said.

Earlier Friday, Trump agreed to release a a memo by members of the Republican faction in the US Congress who accused the abuse of power by the FBI and the Prosecutor's Office in handling the investigation of Trump's election campaign and its relation to Russia.

Trump wrote on Twitter before the memo was launched, "FBI Leadership and Investigations and the Attorney have politicized the process of inquiry and Democrats and suppress the Republic – something unthinkable some time ago. "

The released memo raises concern that Wray will likely be forced out of the FBI, just six months after being appointed by Trump, who also sacked Wray's predecessor James Comey, last May.

This Chris Wray letter does not refer to memos or kome Trump's ntar, and does not indicate that he's planning to resign. [ps/jm]

FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe Backward

Andrew McCabe, the number two in the FBI who has often been criticized by President Donald Trump for his alleged political bias, has resigned from the bureau a few weeks before his retirement in March, an FBI official said Monday (29/1). [19659002] McCabe, an FBI veteran for 22 years and for the past two years has been deputy director of the agency, plans to retire next March when he is eligible to receive a full pension allowance. But the official said McCabe decided to take early retirement, starting Monday, and would not return to work.

The official did not want to be named and gave no further details.

McCabe has been the main target of Trump and Party criticism Republicans against the investigation of Russian involvement, in part because his wife – Jill McCabe – received a donation of hundreds of thousands of dollars from a political action committee headed by former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for his campaign of nomination as a Senate member who later failed.

McCabe briefly served as the FBI's interim director last year after Trump abruptly dismissed the then FBI director James Comey – who according to reports for handling an inquiry on Russia.

Christopher Wray, a former assistant attorney general, was sworn in as new director of the FBI last August. Last week Axios, a news site, reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had pressed [Wray] to dismiss McCabe, but Wray threatened to resign if McCabe was dismissed.

Trump denied that Wray threatened to resign by saying "he will do the job which is good. "[em/ii]

Amid Critics of the FBI, Trump Supports Director Wray

The White House has expressed confidence in the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray following Wray's report threatening to resign rather than obediently to pressure from President Donald Trump to dismiss his deputy, Andrew McCabe.

"The president has full confidence in Director Wray. The President put him there for some reason and he judged Wray right to lead the body. And Wray does his job well, and the president is happy he is there, "White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told VOA.

The Axios news website reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at Trump's insistence, pressed Wray to dismiss McCabe and other members of the aides team of former FBI director James Comey, amid allegations that senior FBI officials have political prejudices in their professional work.

Axios notes that such dismissals could create a stir, and the White House reportedly relented after Wray

Trump has written several times that express his disagreement with McCabe, and he says McCabe's wife received a $ 700,000 campaign donation from what he called "Clinton dolls" when McCabe's wife campaigned in Virginia as Democrat. [ps]