Pesticide Mission: Disappointed on glyphosate, Batho resigns as Vice President

Socialist MEP and former Minister of Ecology Delphine Batho, disappointed with conclusions "not up to" the fact-finding mission on phytosanitary products, announced Thursday his resignation of the vice-presidency.

"I have just resigned from the vice-presidency of the information mission on phyto-pharmaceutical products because the draft report does not advocate the exit of glyphosate or even its prohibition in three years, only the prohibition for a "specific" use, she announced at a meeting of the Commission for Sustainable Development.

"Continue as before, it is not up to par, while every day brings a lot of news alarming studies on the impact of pesticides on human health and the collapse of biodiversity, which is also far below the commitments of the President of the Republic on the release of glyphosate, "Ms Batho told AFP

In the draft report, she also regretted statements stating, for example, that the assessment of the health effects of pesticides remained delicate, or the absence of mention of the "Monsanto Papers" case. 19659002] In the eyes of this the vice-president of the Socialist Group, the only point of advance in the report is the creation of a compensation fund for victims of phytosanitary products, subject of a bill PS passed in early February in the Senate against the opinion

On the other hand, pleading for "the hour of truth", Ms Batho passed an amendment to ban the glyphosate from July 2021, during the examination, for opinion, of the draft law. law on agriculture in Sustainable Development Committee. The measure is not yet part of the bill.

The rapporteur LREM initially objected that it was "perhaps a little fast compared to the approach of the president and the government of conviction to the partners". Further proof, according to former PS minister, of an "ongoing rewriting of the presidential commitment, a great procrastination behind the scenes of power."

An amendment by Matthieu Orphelin (LREM), former right-hand man of Nicolas Hulot in his foundation, to include in the law a definition of neonicotinoids was also adopted.

And the president of the commission and former Secretary of State for Biodiversity Barbara Pompili (LREM, from the ranks of ecologists) has then hailed on Twitter "progress in committee on the prohibition of glyphosate, the definition of neonicotinoids, training in alternatives to phyto … and vote on a report on the compensation of victims of phyto".

Disappointed with Suu Kyi, US diplomat retreats from Rohingyas Council

 US veteran diplomat Bill Richardson withdrew from an international panel set up by Myanmar to advise on the Rohingya crisis. The reason, he thinks Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi is lacking in moral leadership.

Richardson, former cabinet member of US President Bill Clinton, resigned from 10 advisory board members after a visit to western Rakhine State, there are 700,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees. He said there was a phenomenon of 'whitewash' or something related to the race behind the resignation.

"The main reason I resigned was this advisory board 'whitewash," Richardson told Reuters on Thursday (25/1/2018). He also said he was reluctant to be part of the 'hook team' for the Burmese government.

He claimed to be in a dispute with Myanmar's Suu Kyi during a meeting on Monday (22/1), and with other council members, when he brought up the case of two Reuters journalists on trial for violating the State's Official Secrets Act in Myanmar.

Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico, said Suu Kyi was very angry when the case was mentioned and called the case of the journalists from the work of an advisory council like himself.

Reuters reporter Wa Lone (31) and Kyaw Soe Oo (27) have been working on covering the crisis in Rakhine, where 688,000 Rohingyas have fled due to military violence against insurgents since August then. According to UN estimates,

The two journalists were arrested on December 12, 2017 after they were summoned by police for dinner in Yangon. The Myanmar government has called the police to arrest both because of allegations of having secret documents relating to the security situation in Rakhne.

The Myanmar military has been accused by Rohingya witnesses and human rights activists of murder, rape and arson, in a campaign carried out by senior officials at the United Nations and the United States, touted as ethnic cleansing efforts. Myanmar refused the title and dismissed almost all of the charges.

Richardson also admitted to being shocked that the UN, human rights groups and the general public were underestimated in a council meeting convened by Myanmar state officials for 3 consecutive days. [19659002] "She (Suu Kyi) did not get good advice from her team, I really like her and respect her but she has not shown any moral leadership on Rakhine issue and the accusations that were filed, I regret that," Richardson said.

Suu Kyi's national security adviser , Thaung Tun, told Reuters that he had escorted other board members on a trip to Rakhine on Wednesday and claimed Richardson did not participate.

"He (Richardson) says he is not happy with the situation but I am not sure what is not he likes, "said Thaung Tun.
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