Paths on banks in Paris: Hulot invites Hidalgo and Pécresse to discuss

Nicolas Hulot invites Anne Hidalgo and Valérie Pécresse to his ministry to "look together" how to make the pedestrianization of the banks of the Seine right bank in Paris "be less brutal for motorists."

"I wish ( the PS Mayor of Paris) Anne Hidalgo, (the LR President of Ile-de-France) Valérie Pécresse and the presidents of the departments that are around Paris intramural, perhaps, come to my ministry and that the we look together how we can make this decision less brutal for motorists, "said the minister of ecological transition on France Inter.

" We must give alternatives to motorists, "he said added, proposing "that there be, for example, car parks that allow motorists to leave, at reasonable rates, their car at the gates of Paris."

This pedestrianization, at the heart of a controversy between Paris and suburb, elected s of right and left, was canceled last month by the administrative court.

The PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo resumed since a closure order to the traffic on 3.3 km of the lane Georges-Pompidou, from the bottom quay of the entrance to the Tuileries Tunnel (1st arrondissement) at the end of the tunnel Henri-IV (IVe).

"I would simply like these two women, to whom I grant a true sincerity on their will to to treat the health / environment topic at one time or another, get around the same table and my ministry is favorable, "he added.

" Yes: restore dialogue is essential, "replied in a tweet Valérie Pécresse, who had called last week to the state "to put in coherence all the plans" of circulation of the capital and the surrounding communes.

 The president of the Regional Council of Ile- de-France Valérie Pécresse, at a conference in Paris, Jan. 30 1st 2018 (AFP / Archives - ERIC PIERMONT)

The President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council Valérie Pécresse, at a conference in Paris on 30 January 2018 (AFP / Archives – ERIC PIERMONT) [19659010] The president of Region sent Monday to Nicolas Hulot a letter in which it returns on the "compensatory measures", partly already unveiled, which it calls on the State and the City of Paris in order to "avoid the uncontrolled increase in traffic jams in and at the gates of Paris, on the access roads to the capital, the ring road and the A86. "

Among these measures, she evokes" a commitment by the State to increase funding of the State Regional Plan Contract intended for the increase of transport Paris / suburbs and suburbs / suburbs "

It confirms its idea of" reopening to traffic a lane only during the week ", which could be" limited to non pollutants and silent for a transitory period re ", and that to see the City of Paris divide" by two (the) tariffs of 1,500 seats at this stage unoccupied in 14 parking relay "near metros and RER.

It also refers to a dozen intelligent crossroads for managing traffic flows and "thinking about new bus lines arriving from the East".

South Korean President Reluctant to Discuss Meeting With North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Saturday he hoped his efforts to establish relations with North Korea in the Olympics would also help for better relations between North Korea and the United States and begin negotiations on the destruction of the program (19459007) about what must happen before he receives North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's invitation to hold a summit. He previously said "do not go too far" about high-level meetings.

Read: Though Slow Running, South Korean Olympic Diplomacy Reaches Progress [1945909]

Moon has not received a North Korean offer, delivered on Feb. 10 by Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong. Moon only said that the two Koreas had to "create conditions" for the negotiations.

There is one reason why Moon is very cautious: The United States.

Moon is likely to want to negotiate with North Korea as well as to improve relations between North Korea and United States, so as not to distance the most important South Korean ally. The United States maintains the presence of 28,500 troops in South Korea to counter the North Korean invasion. [vm/ii]

Eight Countries Urge UN to Discuss Rohingyas Crisis

Britain, France, America along with five other countries on Wednesday (7/2), called on the UN Security Council to discuss the fate of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees expelled from Myanmar, [AFP]

The Security Council will convene Tuesday (13/2) ) to hear the report of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi about the crisis caused by the military crackdown in Rakhine, Myanmar in August last year.

The other five countries are Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Equatorial Guinea .

The hearing was held nearly three months after the Security Council issued a statement requesting Myanmar to control its security forces and allow refugees to return to their hometowns. More than 750,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar whose Buddhist majority is predominant. Refugees accuse the army of killing, raping and burning their villages.

Last month Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed to repatriate Rohingya refugees within two years. But the United Nations expressed concern that UNHCR was not involved in the deal.

Kuwaiti Ambassador Mansour al-Otaibi said the Myanmar government refused the arrival of Security Council envoys to Rakhine on the grounds that 'the timing was not right'. [as/al]

Afghanistan, US Investors Discuss Coal Agreement

The Afghan government is in the final stages of negotiations with several American businesses interested in engaging in the country's coal industry. This is the first step towards a wider and more profitable US investment in the Afghan mining sector

The talks were confirmed to VOA by a senior Afghan diplomat and the owner of two specialist mining consulting businesses, all of whom were involved in the talks. This is in line with President Donald Trump's wish that America should engage more in the Afghan economy, where America has been fighting for 17 years.

Trump complains that America does not benefit from the conflict, and allows China to benefit in exploring its natural resources.

Although coal is not Afghanistan's most valuable source of natural wealth, but the American business involved in such transactions will have a good position to take advantage of future opportunities and involve copper, gold, lithium, and mineral elements rare earth there. [ps/jm]

British PM Visits China, Discuss Future After Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday called for an expansion of the global strategic partnership between Britain and China, at the start of his visit to the world's second largest economy. May's visit focuses on efforts to rally new trade agreements with Beijing as soon as Britain leaves the European Union.

Meeting Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, May says the golden era of relations between the two countries is now expected to bring investment from the company (19659002) May first visited the industrial city of Wuhan, prior to Beijing to hold talks with Li and then with President Xi Jinping, whose first state visit to England in the year 2015 often refers to the present as a golden era of relations between the two countries.

In this trip, May brought about 50 British businessmen, including Jaguar Land Rover's corporate CEOs and AstraZeneca drug companies. According to the plan he will visit Shanghai before returning home on Friday.

British exports to China have increased by 60 percent since 2010, and China is expected to be one of the largest foreign investors in Britain by 2020. [ab/uh]