General Motors will Loss $ 7 Billion due to US Tax Reform

General Motors (GM) announced Tuesday it will lose $ 7 billion due to American tax reforms but expects this year's earnings to be comparable to solid results in 2017.

GM says the losses were due to calculations deferred tax assets and will be acquired in the fourth quarter, similar to other large companies announcing similar action after the American tax reform.

But the carmaker said the 2018 results would "generally be aligned" with last year's revenue, driven sales which is strong in North America and China.

American auto sales overall declined in 2017 for the first time since the financial crisis, although sales remained solid amid an improving job market and higher consumer confidence.

GM highlights year 2018 which is preoccupied with the planned launch of SUVs and pickup trucks, the backbone of the manufacturer's sales in America and the sumbe (19659002) The company also forecast "strong" sales in China and "sales improvement" in South America.

While the positive economic trend is still in place for 2018 and other signs of growth are getting stronger, analysts assess the prospect of higher interest rates by the Federal Reserve as a risk to future American car sales. [ka/al]

Pakistan loses nearly $ 2 billion due to freezing of military aid

The US decision to suspend military aid for Pakistan because of disagreements over how to fight terrorists would result in Pakistan losing nearly two billion dollars, US officials said.

"Pakistan actually has enough time to show that the country is paying attention to our demands seriously, "a senior US government official said on Friday (5/1).

" We have explained clearly what we want, "the official said. "But unfortunately we did not see any meaningful response that we expected."

The Trump Presidential Administration on Thursday (4/1) suspended military aid for Pakistan and said the aid would continue to be frozen until Pakistan "takes decisive action" against Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network.

The frozen American military assistance includes military equipment worth one billion dollars and 900 million dollars for counter-terrorist operations, US officials said.

The Pakistani military dismisses the American action as meaningless and will only destroying security cooperation and regional peace efforts.

"Pakistan never struggles for money only, but to achieve peace," army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor told VOA.

He also denies America's allegation that Pakistan provide a shelter for the Taliban or Haqqani network, from which brand a launching an attack on American troops in Afghanistan. [ii]

Nearly 90 People Killed Due to Tropical Storm Philippines, Dozens Lost

Tropical storms in the Philippines that triggered floods and landslides have killed nearly 90 people. Dozens of others have not been found.

According to local officials, all fatalities are on the southern island of Mindanao. Most of the casualties occurred on Friday (22/12) last night.

"We are still trying to confirm a report of an agricultural village buried by a landslide," said Ryan Cabus, an official in the city of Tubod as reported by news agency Reuters , Saturday (23/12/2017).

He said that communication and electricity networks to the disaster area were also cut off, making it difficult for rescue efforts.

Currently emergency workers, police and volunteers were deployed to search for survivors and clean up debris, and restore communications and electricity networks.

The total casualties were reported in various places including 39 people in Tubod, El Salvador and Munai cities in Lanao del Norte province. In Zamboanga del Norte province, 30 people were killed in Sibuco city and six people died in Salug.

Three others were killed in Bukidnon province. Meanwhile, according to politicians in the province of Lanao del Sur, seven people were drowned by flash floods in the region. Another 64 people were reported missing from the floods and landslides.

The Philippines is hit by about 20 storms each year. These storms often cause casualties and severe damage. Last week, 46 people were killed by a storm that hit the central Philippines. Earlier in 2013, Haiyan's super-storm killed nearly 8,000 people and left about 200,000 families homeless.

(ita / ita)

Flights to Atlanta Airport Disturbed due to Power Outages

All flights to Atlanta International Airport and vice versa disrupted after power outages.

Power outages start at around 1 pm local time. At 7:32 pm, airport authorities said via Twitter that the electricity had recovered in one hall of arrival, and officials expected the electricity to be fully restored by midnight.

The Federal Aviation Service implemented a ground stop for the flight to the Airport. "Ground stop" means flights to Atlanta are removed from the Departure airport until Monday (18/12) night.

Incoming, domestic and international flights, diverted to other regional airports.

According to FlightAware's flight tracker website, from the airport was delayed on average for one hour 30 minutes. The site said, until Sunday (17/12) night as many as 776 flights to Atlanta and the reverse direction was canceled and 525 other flights were delayed. A total of 134 additional flights scheduled for Monday were also canceled.

From the scene: VOA journalists who were arrested at Atlanta airport sent this short video.

Fox News and Atlanta Journal Constitution television stations reported a power outage the construction crew unintentionally cut off the power lines. But Atlanta Airport, via Twitter, said the cause was not confirmed. According to the region's Power company, Georgia Power, the fire damaged the underground electrical facility that supplies electricity to the airport. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, with more than 2,500 arrivals and departures and on average over 250 thousand passengers daily. [ka]

US Civil Rights Leader Refuses Attend Museum Inauguration Due to Trump Presence

Civil rights warrior who is also Congressman John Lewis says he will not attend the opening of the civil rights museum in Mississippi on Saturday (9/12), as President Donald Trump will attend.

The Museum of Civil Rights Mississippi in the city of Jackson will show prominently the often bloody civil rights struggle in the southern United States from 1945 to the end of 1976.

Exhibits, among other things, weapons of terror and hatred like the Ku Klux cross Clans and firearms used to kill Medgar Evers activists.

Decades later, while the state commemorates its 200th anniversary, the state is shown to its intricate and often brutal past in two historical museums, complete with slave chain exhibitions, Ku Klux Klan robes and striking photographs of unlawful hanging and fire-throwing racially motivated bombs

There is also a Museu m The history of Mississippi, which gives a 15-thousand-year review of the state's history from prehistoric times to the present. The two different museums under one roof are both open on Saturday, the day before the 200th anniversary of the Mississippi becoming the 20th state of the United States.

"The presence of President Trump and his pathetic policies is an affront to the people of the United States. "said Lewis in a statement.

The White House says it is unfortunate that Lewis will not attend the opening of the museum. White House spokesman Raj Shah said President Trump, "has always denounced racism, violence and discrimination and hatred in all forms. We affirm it. " [gp]