Erdogan refuses to talk with Assad 'Assassin' 1 Million Citizens

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly rejected Turkey's main opposition leader's call for contact and talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the conflict in Syria.

"He said: 'Sit together with Assad and talk about this issue,' said Erdogan referring to Kemal Kilicdaroglu's statement, head of the Republican People's Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey.

" What will we talk about a murderer who has killed 1 million people, "Erdogan said at the presidential compound in Ankara as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Friday (9/2/2018).

"You can join hands with terrorists if necessary … But we have so far not walked with those who took that way with the permission of terror organizations, and we will not go together in the future," added Erdogan.

Earlier on Tuesday in a speech to members of his party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the opposition Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP), called on the Erdogan government to open ties with Assad's regime to rescue amid conflicts in Syria.

Regarding the Turkish military operation in Afrin, northern Syria, Erdogan said that the military operation would pave the way for Syrian refugees who are now in Turkey, to return to their homeland

"We will solve the problem Afrin and Idlib.We want our refugee brothers to return to their homes and homes.Of course, we will not accommodate 3.5 million Syrians here (in Turkey) forever.However, they want to return to their land itself as quickly as possible, "Erdogan said.
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Since 20 January, Turkey launched a military operation to clean up Kurdish PYD / PKK militia and ISIS militants from Afrin, northwestern Syria. The Turkish military said, since the operation named 'Operation Olive Branch' was started, as many as 1028 members of PYD / PKK and ISIS have been killed or surrendered.

Afrin has been a major hiding place for PYD / PKK since July 2012 when Assad regime forces left the area and let it be under the control of PYD / PKK without any resistance. The Ankara government regards the Kurdish group PYD / PKK as a terror organization.

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Pope Francis Give Erdogan Medal of 'Satanic Devil's Angel Angel'

Vatican City
 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Pope Francis. Outside the meeting place, police dispels protesters protesting Turkish action against Kurdish militants in Syria.

The meeting took place in Vatican City on Monday (5/2) local time.

 Pope Francis Give Erdogan Medal of 'Angel Satanic War of Satan' Pope Francis (REUTERS / Damir Sagolj)

During the 50-minute meeting, the Pope gave Erdogan a medal carved by a form of angel who strangled the 'demon war'. This is a symbol of peace and justice.

Erdogan hopes to extend his gratitude to the Pope for the Pope's stance against US President Donald Trump's decision. Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"We support the status quo and we have a desire to protect it," Erdogan said in an interview published on Sunday.

Meanwhile during a meeting of Pope and Erdogan, a small group of Kurdish led a protest that clashed with police. Its location is not far from the Vatican. Two people were arrested by the police.

Erdogan's visit is the first time a Turkish leader has made over the last 60 years. They discussed the refugee side and the situation in the Middle East.

"Also a matter of specific reference concerning the status of Jerusalem," said a statement from the Vatican.

Before Erdogan arrived on Sunday, the Italian authorities had deployed 3,500 police personnel and banned 24-hour demonstrations. But it did not stop protests by 30 people from the Kurdish association in Italy.

On 20 January, Turkey launched a military operation titled 'Olive Branch' against the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection militia (YPG) militia. Ankara sees YPG as a terror group threatening Turkish territory.

Turkey's military and Ankara-backed alliance of Syrian rebels are trying to drive YPG from the western border in Afrin. But the operation of the Olive Branch reaps fierce opposition.

"In Afrin, a new humanitarian crime is under way," said the Kurdish association.

"Every family has lost two or three children, but what is wrong with Kurds? "said Rasho Mohammed, a Kurdish citizen of Syria.

Mohmad argued that the Pope should not meet Erdogan. The Kurds consider Erdogan a murderer.

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