The government plans 1.1 billion euros to develop organic agriculture

The government plans a budget of 1.1 billion euros to develop organic farming in France within five years, according to a document that AFP was able to consult, confirming information from Le Figaro.

The government, which claims an increase of 62% of the budget compared to the previous plan ambition bio, hopes to increase from 6.5 to 15% land cultivated in organic by the end of the five-year period.

wants to allow French agriculture to better respond to the explosion of demand for organic products in France.

Currently, France imports nearly 30% of organic products that it consumes.

This envelope of 1.1 billion of public funding exclusively devoted to conversion, consists of 630 million euros of European aid, EAFRD funds (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), 200 million co-financing of the State , supplemented by other funding s, mainly from water agencies.

"Traditionally, water agencies also provide funding for organic farming," Sophie Delaporte, the minister's cabinet director, told AFP Stéphane Travert

It estimates between 170 and 200 million euros the funding that they could bring.

NDDL: abandonment of the project could cost the state up to 600 million euros, according to Woerth

The abandonment of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project (NDDL) will cause a loss for the public finances of 200 to 600 million euros, according to an estimate of the president (LR) of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, Eric Woerth, Wednesday.

This estimate also includes the redevelopment of Nantes-Atlantique airport, said the deputy Republicans of the Oise during the presentation to the Commission of the the financial consequences of the abandonment of this controversial project.

On the contrary, the continuation of the project would have allowed a net profit of 180 million euros over the duration of the concession, says moreover

These figures are based on the analysis of financial documents submitted by the state administration and by the local and regional authorities involved in the project, in the framework of a parliamentary control.

The government announced mid-January the abandonment of the proposed transfer of Nantes-Atlantiques airport to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, recommending instead to adapt to the evolution of the traffic the existing airports of Nantes, Rennes and Brest.

The former Minister of the Budget also judged that the possible compensation of the concessionaire, the company Airports of the Great West (AGO), charged in particular to realize the new airport was a "considerable financial risk" but should be negotiated.

The government could pay him a maximum of 500 million euros, he said. But "when the compensation (…) will be greater than 100 or 120 million euros, or between 20 to 30% of the maximum estimates, the cost to the State of the abandonment of Notre-Dame-des -Landes will be superior to that of the continuation of the project ", underlined Éric Woerth.

Concerning the modernization of the current airport of Nantes-Atlantique, which foresees in particular its enlargement, the invoice could reach 500 million euros according to a government mediation mission. A sum which seems "underestimated", the member worried.

"It will be necessary to take into account the additional costs related to the closing of the airport during the works on the track, during several weeks", he argued

"Especially the lengthening of the runway and the extension of the terminal require land acquisitions and work, subject to significant environmental constraints", continued Mr. Woerth. [19659002AttheendofJanuaryMrWoerthafteracheckonthespotandonthespotattheDGAChadestimatedthatthegovernmenthadabandonedtheairportproject"withoutpriormeasurementofthefinancialrisk"