Malaysian and Japanese Maritime Patrol Boats Hold Joint Exercise

Malaysian maritime bodies and coast guards have been conducting joint exercises for a week, mainly exercises of resistance to piracy at sea and search and rescue operations or SAR.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency says Japan Coast Guard sent his patrol boat Tsugaru and over 50 crew for training at Kuantan Harbor, northeastern Malaysia. The agency said KM Pekan, one of two patrol boats supplied to Malaysia by Japan, would participate in the exercise.

The Malaysian maritime agency said in a statement Monday that this is the third such exercise five years to help increase capacity because "maritime piracy and cross-border maritime crime remain a significant threat" in Malaysia's maritime zone. [gp]

"I exercise more often than people think"

Do not expect a lot of US President Donald Trump to work out at the gym, despite orders from his personal physician.

Trump has been exercising a lot on the golf course and in the White House complex, the president told Reuters on Wednesday (17 / 1).

"I'm exercising. I mean walking, I do this and that, "Trump, 71, said in an interview at the Oval Office. "I ran to the next building, I was more of a sport than people think."

Dr. Ronny Jackson, White House doctor, said Tuesday (16/1) that Trump's overall health is very good, but needs to lose weight, eat healthier foods and exercise more often.

Trump, who likes fast food, Jackson who has been a presidential physician for several presidents before Trump. But Trump appears cautious about suggestions for using sports facilities at the White House.

"Many people go to the gym and they exercise for two hours. I have seen people … when they are 55 years old, they get new knees and new hip bones and they do all those things. I have no such problems, "Trump said.

Trump did say he was open to changing his diet. Perhaps by eating the food served at the White House in smaller portions.

President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush are sports fans. But Trump has no sporting activities. He exercised golfing, he said, even though he usually toured the field in a golf cart.

Walking made him stay on the golf course longer than he wanted. "I do not want to waste my time." Trump is considered overweight and approaches obesity at 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters) and weighs 239 pounds (108 kilograms).

As for his mental health, Trump quickly noted his doctor's statement that he escaped a cognitive test. But then he refers to Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton who have done little to suppress threats from North Korea.

"I think they are aware that they must submit to the president who passed the test with the highest score. What's more I can say to you? "He said.

Regarding his physical health, he said he had successfully lost weight.

" I am always a believer in diet 'because I am strong, you know? I try hard. I mean physically strong, "he said.

" The people who process food in the White House, are amazing. But I think maybe they can make the portions smaller and maybe we will reduce some fatty ingredients, "he said. "And I'm OK with it." [fw/au]

US Military Aircraft Will Fly Above Washington DC for Exercise

Military aircraft are scheduled to fly over the US capital, Washington, DC Tuesday morning (12/12).

The announcement of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) said the exercise would include F-16 fighters, C-21 transport aircraft and the Dolphin MH-65 Helicopter.

The Washington Post reported that the flight practice is scheduled for Tuesday from midnight until around 2:30 pm.

If the weather is bad, training will take place Wednesday morning. [19659002] Officials say such exercises have been conducted regularly since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. [ps/jm]

US, South Korea starts joint exercise with Air Force

While the United States and South Korea air forces on Monday unveiled their largest joint exercise, questions began to arise whether North Korea's missile experiment had gone beyond what was considered a "red line" – that is, having an inter-ballistic missile -the nuclear-armed nuclear-and what can be done to overcome it.

The five-day annual military drill called "Vigilant ACE" that this year involves more than 230 combat aircraft and 12,000 American troops joining the South Korean army .

Although such massive joint exercises were routine, and were scheduled much earlier, the practice began less than a week after Pyongyang successfully launched the most sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM and declared itself a nuclear-powered state, the so-called status America is unacceptable.

South Korean air force says the drill will me (19659002) North Korea's Hwasong-15 missile experiment last week showed ICBM Kim Jong-Un's program is more advanced than many people believed before and has been able to reach the mainland of the United States.

Pyongyang has claimed the missile is ready to carry nuclear-which is a matter of debate among the experts, most of whom argue it will take months or even years to complete. But South Korea is unsure of the claim. [gp]