Wounded by Explosion, Israel Launches Jet Attack on Gaza Strip

Gaza City
 Israeli jets attacked the Gaza Strip on Saturday (17/2) local time. The attack was launched after four Israeli soldiers were wounded by an explosion from a simple tool on the border of the Palestinian settlement.

The explosion that wounded the Israeli soldier was one serious incident since 2014 on the border of the settlement which is controlled by Hamas.

Israeli soldiers say "fighter jets target six military targets in Gaza owned by Hamas, including: a terror tunnel in the Zaytun area and military complex near Deir el-Balah and Khan Yunis". They later said there was an identifiable "launch" coming from the Gaza Strip in Israeli territory.

At a security conference in Munich, Germany, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the incident on the Gaza border was a "very serious incident "and promised to" respond appropriately ".

A Palestinian security source said Israeli attacks struck three Hamas bases in the east of the blockaded Gaza Strip. The medical officer said two Palestinians were wounded.

"Two soldiers were seriously wounded, one was slightly injured, and one was slightly wounded," the Israeli military said of the outcome of an explosion near the Gaza border. But they said none of the Israeli soldiers were threatened with their lives.

Israel then quickly opened fire from tanks at an observation post in southern Gaza. He said no one was hurt by this tank shot. Palestinian security officials said there was an explosion in the east of the city of Khan Yunis.

Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said the "rogue group" claimed responsibility for the explosive that triggered the conflict. He suspects that this is an indication of the existence of radical Islamist groups in Gaza.

"From our point of view, Hamas is responsible" said Conricus. He said explosives had been planted when a protest was held by Hamas on Friday (16/2).

Hamas' military wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, said in a statement saying it had fired on the passing Israeli jets. But Jonathan Conricus denied the claims of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade.
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Suicide Explosion Kills 3 Pakistani Army Officials

A suicide blast at a former militant base in northwest Pakistan killed at least three army officers and wounded seven others.

The attack took place Saturday night in a scenic Swat Valley area where military officers engage in sports activities , the official statement said. The statement did not give further details.

Sources told VOA, army officials were playing volleyball when the bomb exploded.

A spokesman for the outlawed Pakistani Taliban immediately claimed responsibility, saying the attack (19659002) Formerly, Swat had been the strong base of the Pakistani Taliban until 2009 when the army launched a massive counter-insurgency attack and drove out militants from the valley.

Since then, peace has returned to the area that is popular among domestic and foreign tourists and militant attacks are very rare in the valley that is touted as Switzerland Pakistan. [gp]

Bomb Explosion in Ambulance in Kabul Kills 17 People, 110 Injuries

 A bomb explosion hidden in an ambulance in Kabul, Afghanistan killed at least 17 people. About 110 others were wounded in the explosion.

"The suicide bomber used an ambulance to pass checkpoints He passed the first checkpoint by saying that he took a patient to the Jamuriate hospital and at the second checkpoint , he was identified and detonated his explosives-packed car, "Afghan deputy spokesman Nasrat Rahimi told AFP on Saturday.

The Taliban militant group claimed the bombing. The attack came just a week after the deadly attack at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul that killed more than 20 people. The Taliban also claimed the attack on the luxury hotel.

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, so far 17 people have been killed and 110 wounded have been taken to hospitals in Kabul. He said the injuries were still coming in.

Mirwais Yasini, a member of parliament who was near the scene of the explosion, said as quoted by news agency Reuters, Saturday (27/1/2018) an ambulance drove near a police checkpoint, close to the High Peace Council office and a number of foreign embassies, and then exploded.

He said he saw a number of people lying on the ground after the car bomb explosion.

A cloud of smoke rises from the site of the explosion. Buildings that are a few meters from the location had shaken by the explosion of the bomb.
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A Man Killed A Mysterious Explosion Outside Stockholm Station

One person was killed by a mysterious explosion outside an underground station in Stockholm, Sweden. The incident is believed by the Swedish authorities not to be related to terrorism.

Reuters Reuters and AFP on Monday (8/1/2017), an unnamed 60-year-old man died at a local hospital after suffering severe injuries caused by an explosion that occurred Sunday (7/1) local time.

This explosion took place outside the Varby Gard station which is just south of Stockholm. Police have isolated the location of the explosion and mobilized its personnel to investigate.

"He (60-year-old man) took an object on a road that instantly exploded," said local police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson AFP.

A 45-year-old woman suffered minor injuries on the face in the same incident.

 Police combed explosion site in Stockholm Police combed explosion site in Stockholm Photo: TT News Agency / Henrik Montgomery / via REUTERS

The trigger is still mysterious explosion. The local newspapers, Aftonbladet and Expressen compactly call the exploding object a hand grenade. But the local police refused to confirm the report.

"Obviously there is something that explodes very strongly … But we still have to wait for a technical investigation," Olsson said while declaring an investigation into the killing was underway. "No one has indicated the couple (the two victims) are targeted," he added.

Added Olsson that there is no reason to believe this explosion related to terrorism. Not yet known for sure who is behind this explosion.

But a Swedish police report released last year mentions, members of a local criminal gang are still rife using grenades that mostly stem from the remnants of the Yugoslav conflict. Earlier in August 2016, an 8-year-old boy was killed by a grenade exploding in the Gothenburg area.

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Yemen Military Chief of Staff Hurt by Houthi Mine Explosion

 Yemen's military chief of staff was hit by a landmine explosion while conducting an inspection to the northern province of al-Jouf. In the province there is a fierce battle between government forces against the Houthi rebels.

Senior Yemeni government official said as quoted by news agency Reuters, Saturday (6/1/2018), Brigadier General Taher al-Aqeeli suffered minor injuries from a mine blast that occurred on Friday (5/1) local time. The explosion occurred while he was inspecting government bases in Khub wa al-Sha'af, the largest district of al-Jouf province.

Forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government succeeded in retaking most of the district fighting with Houthi rebels last month.

The Houthis claimed that Aqeeli and some of his assistants were wounded by the rebel group's mine blasts. According to the Houthi, Aqeeli's injuries are serious.

President Hadi appointed Aqeeli in September 2017 to replace Major General Mohammed al-Maqdeshi, who was appointed presidential advisor.

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