USA: Financial regulator looks at business loans from Jared Kushner's family

The Financial Services Regulator of New York (DFS) has asked three banks for information on loans related to the real estate business of the family of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump was learned Wednesday, February 28 from a source close to the file. DFS boss Maria Vullo sent letters last week to Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank and New York Community Bank, asking for details of the various loans or financial arrangements made or requested by Kushner, the company said. source to AFP

She gave them until March 5 to respond. The DFS services refused to comment on this information, as did Deutsche Bank, which granted millions of dollars in loans to the Kushners.

"We have not received a copy of any letter from the Financial Services Regulator. New York State, "a spokesman for Kushner Companies told AFP. He added: "Our company is a multi-billion dollar company and extremely financially sound.Before the voluntary resignation of our CEO ( Jared Kushner ) to serve our country, we never had received such a request.This type of request appears as harassment for political reasons. "

On Wednesday evening, the New York Times stated that Kushner Companies had received large loans from the Apollo Global Management Fund. and Citigroup Bank, after Jared Kushner received representatives of the two American groups in the White House.

Jared Kushner reportedly met with Joshua Harris, one of the founders of Apollo, several times in 2017 and He reportedly spoke with him about a post at the White House, which he never got off the hook, according to the newspaper that quotes several anonymous sources. In November 2017, the fund would have authorized a loan of $ 184 million to Kushner Companies, "one of the largest received last year," says the New York Times.

The son-in-law of the president would also have met the Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat in the spring of 2017 shortly before Kushner Companies receives another $ 325 million loan.

In the spotlight

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband , has become a pillar of the White House since the arrival of his father-in-law to the presidency of the United States. A graduate of Harvard and New York University in law, he took the reins of the family business before announcing in January 2017, just before his appointment as top advisor to the new US president, that he was retiring

While Jared Kushner voluntarily left high-level positions in more than 200 entities related to his family's real estate empire, he retains shares in most of these companies, likely to earn income, according to documents released by the White House in April 2017. This is not the first time that Kushner, which owns real estate assets in the states of New York and New Jersey, among others,

In May 2017, she apologized for mentioning Jared Kushner during a presentation of one of her projects to Chinese investors, in a possible sprain conflict of interest rules.

Various US regulators, including the New York State Attorney, have recently requested information from the Kushner family and their business partners, according to the US press. At the end of December, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, asked Deutsche Bank for information on the former headquarters of the New York Times acquired in 2015 for $ 296 million by the Kushner following a line of credit granted by the bank. According to the New York Times,

Requests from regulators to institutions doing business with the Kushner are independent of the investigation by the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 US election. December financial documents to Deutsche Bank on his business relations with Donald Trump's family empire.

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Trigger Fights, 23 Family Members Expelled from Cruise Ship

New South Wales
Because of sparking fights, as many as 23 people who are still a large family were expelled from a cruise ship that was sailing in Australia in the South Pacific. These fights triggered a number of injured victims inside the ship. As reported by CNN on Monday (10/2/2018), this incident occurred on board a Carnival Line cruise that was sailing from Melbourne to New Califonia in the South Pacific and back again to Australia for 10 days .

Amateur video footage from the vessel shows several passengers pushing each other and wrestling with each other. The struggle also occurred with the ship's security officers. They shouted loudly to make other passengers worry. The outstanding video also shows some security officers kicking off the passengers involved in the fight.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests," the Carnival Cruse Line statement said. "In line with this policy, we are working closely with local authorities in Australia to bring down the large family groups involved in the disruptive action over Carnival Legend," the statement added.

Another amateur video released by Melbourne radio station 3AW the passengers cheered as the police drove the people involved in fighting off the cruise ships.

In a separate statement, New South Wales Police (NSW) said it received reports that a number of men were involved in a fight on Friday (16/2) . At that time, the position of this cruise ship is located in the waters 220 kilometers from Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The security guards on board were intervening and arrested several people before reporting to the local police.

"At 13:30 local time (16/2), six men and three teenage boys descended from the ship in Twofold Bay, Eden," said the NSW Police Force. "A total of 14 other passengers, including some women and children, also left the ship, the group was taken to Canberra where other travel arrangements were made," the police statement added.

The Carnival Legend and NSW Police did not reveal the cause of the fight. The number of wounded people was also not revealed to the public. Both the NSW Police and the cruise ship management claimed the investigation was still underway.

As of Monday (19/2) local time, no criminal charges have been charged. None of the suspects detained by Australian authorities. The NSW police just reaffirmed that the investigation is not over yet.

Other passengers' information mentioned there were many injured. "There are a lot of people hanging around with torn wounds on the head and hands and bandages everywhere," said a passenger named Kellie Peterson to a local 3AW radio.

As a result of this incident, the ship that can accommodate up to 2,100 passengers is anchored earlier than schedule . The other passengers were deployed in Melbourne on Saturday (17/2) local time. Other passengers ask for their AUS $ 999 tickets to be refunded in full.

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Family of Angry Survivors at a Fire at South Korean Hospital

Members of the families of the victims killed in a fire at a South Korean hospital (South Korea), angered the tragic events that killed dozens of people.

The fire that occurred at the hospital in Miryang city on Friday (26/1) local time killing at least 41 people including more than 30 patients who were mostly elderly women. The fire was called the worst fire in the country in a decade. This fire occurred just a month after 29 people were killed in a fire at a fitness center in the town of Jecheon.

On Saturday (27/1), members of the victim's family gathered at a sports hall in Miryang to commemorate the victims. Sobs and angry cry were heard in the building

"My mother! Turn my mother back!" cried a young woman who was crying in front of the altar, where her photographs of victims surrounded by hundreds of white chrysanthemums, as reported by news agency AFP Saturday (27/1/2018).

" My mother will never be able to return whatever you say, "she shouted at the government officials who arrived, before she fainted.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In also came to express his condolences and promised to improve the rules of salvation" I feel very devastated that such disasters continue to happen even though the government has promised repeatedly to build a safe country, "said Moon.

Until now the cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, the hospital does not have a fire sprinkler or smoke control system because the hospital is not large enough to be required to have the device in accordance with local safety rules.

"I will never send my mother to this hospital if I know there is no fire sprinklers or smoke control systems, "said a family member of the victim, who only mentioned his family's name, Kim. "Of all the places in the world, can you imagine a hospital without a sprinkler," he said angrily.

The fire that occurred at Sejong Hospital in Miryang city was thought to have started in the emergency room. About 200 patients were inside the building and in nursing homes there at the time of the fire – some survivors were evacuated. Firefighters told Yonhap news agency that the victims appeared to have died of poisoning by inhaling smoke. The fire started on Friday (26/1) at around 07.30 local time and was extinguished in about three hours.

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Considered Helped Israel, Gaza Man Shot Dead His Own Family

Gaza City
A man in Gaza is executed by his own family, because he is considered in collaboration with Israel. The man is accused of passing information to Israel that sparked the deaths of three Hamas militants, who control Gaza.

As reported by AFP Saturday (20/1/2018), Hamas arrested a man named Ahmad Said Barhoum this for several months without trial. This week, Hamas handed Barhoum to his family, some of whom are also members of Hamas.

Eyewitnesses said that Barhoum was shot dead in an open area in Rafah, southern Gaza. The execution took place some time after Barhoum submitted to his family, on Friday (19/1) local time. Dead executions were carried out by the Barhoum family itself.

The execution was also attended by the families of three Hamas militants killed at the hands of Israel. The three Hamas militants were killed by Israeli air strikes in the Gaza war of 2014.

One of the dead Hamas militants identified was named Mohammad Barhoum, who is a Barhoum cousin. The three militants killed were members of Hamas' military wing, Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.

"We execute the punishment for our son, Ahmad Said Barhoum, having been assured without any hesitation that he was involved in the killing (Hamas militants)," the Barhoum family statement said.

Responding to this, Hamas welcomed it by calling it 'execution of criminals'

According to data Palestinian Center for Human Rights Hamas has committed more than 20 executions to death and sentenced 100 people to death since it occupied Gaza in 2007. Dead executions against citizens Palestinians accused of collaborating or cooperating with Israel have sparked international condemnation.

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South Korea Want to Discuss Separate Family Reunions

South Korea will seek discussions on the reunion of separate Korean families separately in talks with North Korea this week, according to the head of the South Korean delegation, Monday (8/1). North Korea also proclaimed the importance of reunification.

The two countries last week agreed to hold the first official dialogue within two years, and will meet in the village of Free Zone of the Military, Panmunjom, Tuesday (9/1).

The talks will mainly focus on participation North Korea at the next month's Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, but both sides are believed to raise issues of interest to each other.

"We will prepare a discussion on separate families and ways to ease military tensions," Unification Minister Cho Myoung-Gyon told reporters

Since the Korean war ended with disarmament and not an official peace treaty, the two countries are still technically at war. [ds/sp]