Amid Critics of the FBI, Trump Supports Director Wray

The White House has expressed confidence in the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray following Wray's report threatening to resign rather than obediently to pressure from President Donald Trump to dismiss his deputy, Andrew McCabe.

"The president has full confidence in Director Wray. The President put him there for some reason and he judged Wray right to lead the body. And Wray does his job well, and the president is happy he is there, "White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told VOA.

The Axios news website reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at Trump's insistence, pressed Wray to dismiss McCabe and other members of the aides team of former FBI director James Comey, amid allegations that senior FBI officials have political prejudices in their professional work.

Axios notes that such dismissals could create a stir, and the White House reportedly relented after Wray

Trump has written several times that express his disagreement with McCabe, and he says McCabe's wife received a $ 700,000 campaign donation from what he called "Clinton dolls" when McCabe's wife campaigned in Virginia as Democrat. [ps]

McCabe's FBI Deputy Director is rumored to be retiring in 2018

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the focus of criticism of President Donald Trump and the Republican Faction in Congress within a year, plans to retire in 2018.

McCabe, aged 49 year old is the number two official on the FBI and has acted as director after Trump sacked FBI director James Comey in May. According to the paper, McCabe plans to retire once it qualifies for retirement in March.

Shortly after the Washington Post published it, Trump reiterates earlier criticism that McCabe's wife Jill, who failed to run for Virginia Senate in 2015, 700 thousand dollars by ally Hillary Clinton. It happened when Andrew McCabe was involved in an investigation into Clinton using a personal email server during his tenure as a foreign minister.

The FBI says McCabe is just beginning to oversee the investigation of Clinton after his wife's Senate campaign is over. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, two major donations received by Jill McCabe, totaling nearly $ 700,000, are from the political action commission of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Democrat and Clinton friend, and Virginia Democrat.

Trump, on vacation at his Florida resort, in his second Saturday, writes "FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing against time for full benefits 90 days more? !!!"

The FBI spokesman declined to comment. [ka]

FBI Catch US Men Who Plotted a Terror Attack in San Francisco

The US federal investigative agency or FBI has arrested an American who he conspired to launch a terrorist attack on a popular tourist spot in San Francisco on Christmas Day.

Federal officials said Friday that people it was named Everitt Aaron Jameson, resident of Modesto town in California.

Jameson reportedly told an FBI secret agent that he planned to attack Pier no. 39 famous in San Francisco by detonating bombs from afar and then shooting people who fled in fear.

The FBI report said Jameson "has a radical jihadist faith," including posting on social media supporting terrorist acts , communicating with people he considered to have jihadist views and offering help to those people.

Jameson, unbeknownst to him, asked for help from the FBI's secret agent to obtain assault rifles, ammunition, explosives, pipes and nails to make pipe bomb.

Jameson had been a member of US marine in 2009 and was trained as a sniper, but he was later fired for not reporting that he had asthma. [ii]

Trump condemns FBI Investigations related to Russian Mixed Arms

US President Donald Trump on Friday condemned the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI regarding the investigation of Russia and opened the possibility of granting pardons to former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents.

"I do not want to talk about forgiveness for Michael Flynn," President Trump told reporters outside the White House before leaving for the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

He added: "We'll see what happens, we wait. I can say: if we look at what happened to the FBI and with the Justice Department, many people are very, very angry. "

But before, White House lawyer Ty Cobb said," There is no consideration in the White House to spare Michael Flynn. "

Earlier this month, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to a federal agent and had agreed to cooperate with a special investigator to inspect a charge of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and a conspiracy between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

The 59-year-old former Army General pleaded guilty to charges of making false statements to the FBI about a series of private conversations he made in December 2016 with the Russian ambassador for America, Sergey Kislyak.

After President Trump sacked FBI Director James Comey, who led the investigation into Russia, the Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller to lead an investigation into the matter. [sp/ii]