Use Monkey to Test the Muffler, Daimler Fires Manager

Daimler's automaker fired executives representing it in an organization that regulates exhaust diesel engine test, using a monkey.

Daimler AG did not name the executive on the grounds of personal matters. It said the executive sat on the EUGT senior management board that has now been disbanded.

Volkswagen on Tuesday fired the head of external relations, who knew the experiment but did not inform the company CEO, who was then Martin Winterkorn.

Exhaust test the diesel engine was conducted in a laboratory in New Mexico, using monkeys exposed to exhaust from a Volkswagen diesel car to measure the success of diesel technology in reducing harmful emissions. The New York Times reported that the car was carved out to reduce emissions levels in testing. [ka/ii]

Bus Fires Killed 52 People in Kazakhstan

At least 52 people were killed in a fire that occurred on a bus in the Aqtobe region of Kazakhstan, authorities said.

Officials said the bus, with 57 passengers, caught fire on Thursday morning (about 10 kilometers) Qalybai village on the highway that connects Samara city in Russia with Shymkent city in southern Kazakhstan. All the victims were from Uzbekistan.

The authorities say five people escaped from the blaze.

They were treated for injuries. The cause of the fire is unclear, but investigators say the fire may have been triggered by a short circuit. [lt]

California Damkar Officer Killed When Extinguished Forest Fires

A firefighter was killed on Thursday when he extinguished a major fire in northern Los Angeles, California.

California Fire Department chief Ken Pimlott declined to provide any information about the tragedy, other than to say the victim is an engineer from San Diego.

The firefighters were killed while trying to extinguish the "Fires of Thomas", which blazed since December 4. The fires have destroyed nearly 98,000 acres of land and destroyed 730 homes in the Ventura and Santa Barbara region, Los Angeles.

Officials say the Thomas Fires are the fourth largest fire in California history.

Until Thursday, Thomas's fire was only 30 percent overcame. But the firefighters managed to overcome a number of other large fires in and around Los Angeles.

With so many great fires near San Francisco and Los Angeles, 2017 has been one of the worst fires in California.

Experts blame Earth's warming, dry weather extraordinarily recently, and the dry, hard winds that blow from the California mountains each fall.

California Governor Jerry Brown has warned residents that such fires will be a state of affairs in the state. [sp/ii]

California Natural One of the Worst Forest Fires in History

Firefighters in the western US state of California focus on efforts to tackle fires in northwestern Los Angeles which became one of the largest and most destructive in the state's history.

Fires named "Thomas "It burned 930 square kilometers and destroyed 800 buildings in Santa Barbara County since it began last week.

Authorities say the fire could only be controlled 10 percent. Although firefighters managed to extinguish some of the fires from the air, the fire remains dangerous, and fires can escalate rapidly by strong winds.

California Chief Fire Officer Tim Chavez said Monday evening that the 160-kilometer area to the west Los Angeles Sea is "a very difficult place to put out fires." Chavez said the last time the area was burned was in 1964. So the trees and bushes were over 50 years old.

More than 5,700 personnel were deployed to extinguish the fires of Thomas, one of several fires in southern California. The officers have succeeded in overcoming the other fires, which are much smaller.

The fires have forced more than 200,000 people to leave their homes. The number increased on Sunday (10/12), causing more residents to be evacuated in Santa Barbara, when fires in the area spread to the west. Authorities have distributed masks or face shields to help people avoid smoke inhalation, and some schools are closed.

In response to the fire, President Donald Trump issued a Federal Government statement on emergencies for California, so federal agencies could help coordinate efforts help. [sp/ii]

California Continues to Extinguish Fires

Firefighters are continuing to extinguish fires erupted by strong winds in southern California, including new and emerging fires in northern San Diego.

Over the past five days hundreds of buildings including luxury homes millions of dollars have been burned to ashes while firefighters are trying to extinguish fires in several locations that have displaced about 190,000 residents from their homes.

Mike Deponce, public relations officer of the Santa Barbara Fire Department said, "Now this widespread fire estimated at more than 52 thousand hectares, 425 houses have been confirmed destroyed with several hundred other buildings have also been burned. "

" To my friends and family, I always describe the situation is like a war zone, with homes destroyed and tragedy which befell the families who live there, not to mention the beauty nature in the region that is now gone. "

Add Mike Deponce. More than 5,700 firefighters with helicopters sprayed water and fire-fighting chemicals to withstand the escalation of major fires in six locations and a small fire that broke out on Monday.

President Donald Trump has issued an emergency statement for the state of California , which paved the way for federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts for the fire victims. [ds]