Thai activist fled for indictment for insulting King

A student activist said in his writings on Facebook he fled from Thailand after finding out he had been charged with insulting the king for discussing a BBC article about the country's new king.

Lese majeste, or insulting the king, could be sentenced to three to 15 year imprisonment for each incident, and charges against Chanoknan Ruamsap seem to be the first filed this year. The cases of King's humiliation have increased considerably under the military rule that has been in power since 2014. Critics say the law is used to punish political opponents.

Another prominent student activist, Jatupat Boonpattaraksa, was sentenced to 2 years prison for discussing the same article that was published online by the BBC's Thai section of the language.

Chanoknan did not say where he lives now. [gp]

When Misty, North Korean Army fled to South Korea


A North Korean soldier takes the mist to cross over to South Korea. This crossing is colored by firing back from both sides.

This defector is passing through the center line of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and is seen in front of a guardhouse around 08.00 local time. The weather situation in the DMZ region was then covered in thick fog.

The Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) stated that the soldier was low-ranking and crossed with an AK-47 assault rifle. ] South Korean troops see North Korean border guards searching at 9:24 local time and firing 20 shots of warning. The warning shots were fired back about 50 minutes later by the North Koreans

"We have detained these defectorate soldiers safely and the relevant agents are investigating to find out the reason and manner of the soldiers crossing," a JCS spokesman said. , Roh Jae-cheon, was quoted as saying The Korea Herald [1945913]] The army is estimated to be 19 years old and only joined the military for two years. He is now being handled by the National Intelligence Service and Defense Security Command.

Throughout this year, there are four North Korean military personnel crossing into South Korea. The previous crossing was carried out by a soldier named Oh Chung-sung aged 24 years in the village Panmunjom, November.

 Demilitary Zone North Korea - South Korea Demilitary Zone North Korea – South Korea Photo: Zaki Alfarabi

Chung-sung escapes and suffers a gunshot wound to unconsciousness. The South Korean army then rescues her through a night pick-up operation. He is now being treated for poor health and malnutrition.

The escape route through the DMZ is classified as dangerous. Notes The BBC mentions the border is the most rigorous area in the world. This thin field is filled with landmines, surveillance cameras, hedge rails, and barbed wire.

Runaway through the DMZ track is very small. In June 2017, two North Korean soldiers went through this route to defect and in 2016 only a single soldier went through this route.

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