Proposed US Budget 2019 Includes Wall Frontier Fund

President Donald Trump proposed a $ 4.4 trillion state budget to Congress, which included the cost of building a border wall with Mexico and increasing military strength. But the proposed budget is expected to lead to a federal deficit of more than $ 1 trillion.

When announced Monday (12/2), White House officials acknowledged the likelihood of the proposed budget would pass into law. Only Congress is authorized to set a federal government budget. But the White House insisted the proposed budget sent an important message on President Trump's priority.

The budget proposal contained major cuts to domestic programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. But it still does not balance the federal budget, partly because of reduced state revenues due to last year's tax reduction.

The Democrats generally reject the proposal. The chairman of the minority fraction in the House, Nancy Pelosi called the proposal "a collection of false promises and exceptional brutal pruning."

In a meeting on infrastructure at the White House on Monday, Trump President said he hopes to spend more on country rather than abroad. [as]

White House Proposes Big Fund to Build Wall Frontier

The White House issued a proposed immigration policy on Thursday (25/1).

For 1.8 million young immigrants who enter the US as a child or otherwise known as "Dreamers," will go a long way to acquire citizenship, under various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live under the DACA program, the path to becoming a citizen will take 10 to 12 years and meet the requirements, that is, to have a good job, education and moral character.

Earlier, President Donald Trump told reporters should inform the Dreamers that they need not be troubled.

The Trump Administration unexpectedly released the Immigration and Border Security Reform Framework four days earlier than the planned schedule.

Another element to be observed is the promise of the Trump campaign, $ 25 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico. But the money could also be used for incoming and outgoing ports, as well as upgrades along the northern border with Canada.

Large family migrations, programs that allow immigrants to sponsor their families, will be eliminated. Only wives and underage children of citizens and green card holders will be allowed. The Trump Administration also called for the cessation of the visa lottery system for certain countries.

The White House hopes the Senate will be able to vote early next month before the Feb. 8 deadline, for congressmen to pass a budget bill allowing the government to continue operating. [19659003] Many members of Congress from the Democratic Party, as well as some Republican members opposed the vote on the draft budget law without any agreement on immigration.

If no law was passed on the issue of young immigrants on March 5, officials authorities warned on Thursday that they would be considered illegal immigrants and that when dealing with immigration officials would be immediately processed for deportation. [ps/jm]

The Draft Law Must Cover the Development of the Wall Frontier

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said every law that immigrants illegally entered the United States while a child, the opportunity to become a citizen must include funds for the frontier wall and end the immigration process under the program

or DACA, proclaimed by former president Barack Obama

This program protects nearly 800,000 immigrants from deportation, who allowing them to stay and work legally in America. Trump gave Congress time until March 5 to approve laws that would provide equal protection for those covered under the DACA, grant funds for the proposed border wall and end the immigration of lucky visa.

At a White House meeting on immigration with the Senator Republicans, Trump says, "Our current immigration system disappoints the American people" and cites the migration chain as an example.

The immigration chain is an extended family-based immigration process, in which immigrant families from certain areas can be immigrated to the city or neighborhood particular in America.

"The migration chain is a total disaster that threatens our security and economy and becomes the gateway to terrorism," Trump told the senators.

Trump also calls for an end to the lottery visa program, which accepts applicants who have pass a background check and have an education or an observer man is equivalent to high school in a job that requires at least two years of training.

Trump said the raffle visa was "bad for our economy and very bad for security." The president also said immigration reform would not be possible without greater border security.

"We need a wall of physical barriers We'll have walls, remember that, We'll have walls to prevent drug traffickers deadly, dangerous traffickers , and the cruel criminal cartel, "said Trump.

Trump hopes his proposal will win Democratic Party support, which is difficult to agree on such an expanded immigration strategy. The Democrats demanded a vote last month allowing some 1.2 million immigrants to remain in America but denied. [my/jm]

The Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier Frontier Project Continues

Pakistan says it will fence 92 percent of the 2,611 kilometers of the country's border region with Afghanistan by the end of 2018. The hope, the unilateral effort could effectively deal with both countries' complaints about militant attacks. Most of the borders of the two countries are not maintained.

The military-led development effort began earlier this year. It has now been constructed a fence of about 150 kilometers on the border that is identified as "very vulnerable" to a terrorist infiltration.

A pair of 2.7 meter high wire fences, 1.8 meters high, and above is equipped with barbed wire, stretching along the rugged terrain and snow-capped mountains over 3,657 meters high. Officials estimate the fencing project will cost around 550 million dollars

"Our target is to finish by the end of 2018," Major General Asif Ghafoor told VOA. He explained that the fence would be built along 2,400 kilometers from all borders with Afghanistan because the rest could not be fenced off.

Additional checkpoints and small fortresses are also being built and equipped with high-tech surveillance systems to enable troops to monitor and detect at any time. [ka]