Attempts to Fund Government Activities Are Impeded Immigration Issues

Fierce debate over US immigration and border security threatened short-term efforts to prevent the halting of some government activities by midnight Friday as funding for government agencies runs out at the end of the working week.

The Senate starts debating temporary expenditure budget for a month approved by the House of Representatives but delayed it for a while on Thursday night.

Senators will start debating it Friday at 11 am local time, just hours before the deadline for partial government activity.

Michael VOA reporter Michael Bowman reported that the Republican fraction that controls the two assemblies in Congress needs the support of the Democratic faction to pass the funding extension but the Democrats insist on opposing any bill that does not protect young immigrants from possible deportation.

Immigrant rights activists may be angry with policy – the policy of President Donald Trump, but they lose patience with members of Congress from the Democrats who repeatedly support the government funding bill that does not protect young immigrants brought to the United States as a child.

Guerline Josef, Haitian immigrants, said, "It's time for them, who are committed to getting our voice support, fulfill their promise. Do not just come to us when we need support, but also to be our community defender. "

Now the Democratic faction in Congress is united against extending the funding of government activities unless the issue of immigration is included, a move that has political risks.

Luis Gutierez, a member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic fraction said, "Democrats will not budge. We will try to defend the values ​​we hold high. "

Meanwhile the Republican faction suffered shocks following conflicting messages from the White House. To the extent that Senator Lindsey Graham of the Republican Party says, "What I am asking from the White House is this: find out what you want. I can not read your mind. "

Last week, Trump initially urged the need for a bipartisan immigration agreement, but later rejected it. The Senate proposal offers protection for young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as well as increasing physical barriers along the US-Mexico border – a kind of initial effort for the fulfillment of a presidential appointment to erect a border wall.

However, even regarding one of the most promised promises in the 2016 campaign, the White House created confusion. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told legislators on Wednesday that Trump did not understand the reality of building a massive frontier wall. The core of Kelly's statement is that Trump's view evolves.

To Fox News, Kelly said, "I told all the members of the Congress who were in the room that they were talking about things that emerged during the campaign that they may not have been fully informed." [19659003] The President responded to Kelly's statement via Twitter with a cue, "Wall Wall well. It does not change and has not evolved since the first day I promised it. "

In essence, Republican faction leaders in Congress will not hold a vote on immigration and border security proposals until Trump approves it.

The majority leader of the Republican fraction in the US Senate, Mitch McConnel, said, "As soon as we know what he wants, I will feel confident that we are doing something with a clear purpose."

Democrats see the Republicans as incapable of governing.

Democratic minority leader in Senate Chuck Schumer said, "One thing that stood in our way was the constant stream of chaos from the White House. It upsets the Republican fraction. We hardly know who to negotiate with. "

Trump sets March as the DACA enactment deadline, a program that protects young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children of deportation. The program gives immigrants a temporary work permit and study permit. The Republican faction wants more time to discuss the issue of immigration. The increasingly frustrated Democrat faction insists: the time is up. [ab/lt]

US Congress Rides with Time to Fund Government

The US Congress has only five working days left to negotiate an agreement on government funding after January 19 deadline. This is an agreement whereby the Democratic faction insists that it includes legislative decisions concerning the fate of more than 800,000 DACA program beneficiaries, or a deportation program for immigrants entering America illegally as children.

Despite its urgency, so far no agreement has been reached, despite an offer from President Donald Trump. "You are not far from comprehensive immigration reforms, and if you want to take that step further, I will bear the risks," Trump said.

The Republican faction declared that the reform should be realized in four important ways. Senator John Cornyn of the Republican fraction said, "These issues will be tied to the type of assistance that will be provided to DACA recipients. Border security system, visa lottery program, and chain migration. Those are the four principles or four issues we will negotiate. "

Members of the Republican faction in the House of Representatives filed a draft law on immigration reform on Wednesday as their starting point. A member of the Raul Labrador Republican faction said, "The draft law we filed is harsh but fair. Legislation is harsh because it is serious about the enforcement of our immigration laws and this makes it increasingly difficult for people to enter our country illegally and stay here. "

But the legislation, which is funding to build the border wall and grant DACA recipient status can be renewed within three years without a specific path to a permanent resident status, it will be difficult for the Democrats to agree, stating that the upcoming budget deadline is the best chance for them to find a solution.

Steny Hoyer, a member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Faction, put forward, "The president agrees that we must do so in two stages because we are facing an emergency situation.We can not wait until March.We need to make sure they are protected, covered and accepted now."

But with only five working days left before the closure of government activities, time to find fewer solutions for Congress.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, puts it: "Still in my view that I will ask for a legislation DACA-related immigration that I know will be signed by the president, and this will in no way be part of a comprehensive budget agreement. "

Differences of opinion that may not be bridged by the President's offer are also looming.

Molly Reynolds of the Brookings study institute Institution, said, "It is not clear how helpful Trump's offer is in terms of c political intake. In my opinion, it may be possible to resolve some disagreements among Republican factions if President Trump is firm and clear in favor of one attitude. But if that attitude is not something that the Democratic faction can agree on, then we seem to have to discuss it again from the beginning. "

And this will force the Democrats to decide whether the solution for DACA recipients is so important that it deserves to keep the American government shut down. [uh/lt]

The White House Proposes $ 18 Billion of Borderland Construction Fund

The Trump Administration proposes an 18-billion dollar fund over the next 10 years to be used to build the first phase of the American border wall with Mexico.

The fund will fund the creation of a new 505-kilometer wall and strengthen another 651km long wall. The figures are contained in the detailed financial plan given to US senators on Friday by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Overall, the document proposes a total budget proposal for a new border of 33 billion dollars, including 5, 7 billion dollars for technology, one billion dollars for road construction and maintenance, and 8.5 billion dollars for new personnel, including 5,000 new border patrol agents and 2,500 border inspectors.

Trump made the border wall as one of the main issues during the campaign to serve as president, promising his followers a "beautiful big wall" in the south bordering Mexico. The government is requesting a $ 1.6 billion Congress this year to replace the 118 kilometer fence in California and Texas, and officials say it will ask for another 1.6 billion next year. [ka]

Trump Freezes $ 125 Million Fund for Palestinian Refugees

Washington DC
 The United States (US) froze a grant of USD 125 million for refugees in Palestine. It was decided a few days after US President Donald Trump threatened to cut off aid to Palestine in order to force him to join peace talks.

Reported by Reuters and Channel News Asia on Saturday (6/1/2018), the funding is one-third of the US annual donation to aid agencies and the United Nations. The aid is frozen until the US government completes a review of its assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

Some time ago, Trump said it would withhold aid money to Palestine. He also once pointed out that the United States regretted giving aid to Pakistan.

"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan over 33 billion dollars (US) in aid for the last 15 years and they give nothing but lies and deceit , think our leaders are stupid, "cuit Trump.

Referring to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) website, throughout 2016, the US has contributed to the agency for nearly USD 370 million Rp 4.99 trillion).

Previously, the Palestinians insisted Jerusalem was not sold and it could not be 'blackmailed' by Trump. "Trump has sabotaged our search for peace, freedom and justice, and now he dares to blame the Palestinians for the consequences of his own irresponsible actions!" (19659004) Palestinian Senior Officer Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement, as quoted by AFP on Wednesday (3/1).
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