China will create a giant park for its pandas

China will create a huge natural park for its pandas: an area close to that of Belgium, it aims to group specimens and encourage their reproduction, said Thursday an official newspaper.

The State will devote at least 10 billion yuan (1.27 billion euros) over the next five years to the construction of the National Park for the giant panda in the mountains of the southwest of the country, traditional place of life of the Ursid, according to the China Daily.

The black and white coat and round-eared mammal sanctuary will cover more than 27,000 km2, an area equivalent to that of Sicily or Belgium.

The goal is to push the currently isolated panda communities in three provinces of China to mix and breed.

This is not an easy task: these ursids have the reputation of being clumsy during mating, which is often far too fast for the female to be fertilized. Moreover, the latter is receptive only two or three days a year to the advances of his partner.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released the animal from the list of endangered species in September 2016, highlighting the effectiveness of China's efforts to save the mammal. However, the species remains "vulnerable."

More than 80% of the world's wild pandas are in southwest China's Sichuan province, and the rest in neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu provinces further north.

The park's financing was validated on Tuesday after an agreement between China's Bank of China and the Sichuan Forest Service, China Daily said. The envelope will be used to finance poverty reduction programs in the areas concerned and to build the park's new infrastructure.

The Rumors of Action Giant Panda Playing Snow in Finland

 Seeing the snow fall is a fun moment. No exception for the two giant pandas from China who are engrossed in snow play at the zoo in Finland.

As uploaded on BBC Instagram seen detikcom on Monday, (19/2/2018), the giant panda with fun doing roly-poly action on the snow. The giant panda's behavior is really adorable.

The giant panda action attracted visitors at the Zoo Ähtäri Finland. They captured the moment.

Based on the information, there are 2 giant pandas imported from China to the Zoo Ähtäri . Both are named Pyry (snow that descends) and Lumi (snow).

Both names represent their favorite with snow. The two giant pandas were imported from China in January with a 15-year loan period.

Until now, the videogieppanda playing the snow has been watched up to 202,709 times by the citizens. Various comments are also given.

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This Wild Giant Panda Is Sloping Camera Wandering in Sichuan

 Wild giant pandas were caught on camera in one of the villages in Sichuan Province, China. The wild panda was seen walking through a field.

The panda was caught on camera by a staff member of the Jiajinshan Forestry Bureau on patrol. Panda was seen on Thursday (4/1), afternoon in Baoxing County.

  This giant wild panda is walking casually when caught on camera This giant wild panda is walking casually when caught on camera China Central Television [19659003] From the video clip, the panda was seen walking behind a fence mounted along the road. The funny panda sometimes stops to look around.

The panda then fled into the forest, after realizing there was someone who followed him.

 After realizing followed, the panda then ran towards the forest After realizing it followed, the panda then ran toward the forest Photo: Screenshot video China Central Television

Bordering the Sichuan Valley and Tinggu Tinggu Plains, Baoxing County is known as the giant oanda habitat. It was also where black-and-white animals were first discovered.

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There's a Giant Dog Statue Similar to Trump in China Mall

 A giant dog statue similar to US President Donald Trump was set up in one of the malls or shopping centers in northern China. The existence of this statue is intended to welcome the arrival of the year of the land dog.

According to Feng Shui, 2018 is the year of the ground dog.

As reported by AFP Saturday (30/12/2017), this giant white dog statue has a golden-colored hairstyle similar to Trump. The eyebrow portion of the statue looks strictly also with the color of gold. The red scarf completes the appearance of the statue of the dog.

One left forefinger is lifted in a style characteristic of Trump.

 Giant Dog Sculpture Like the Trump Giant Dog Sculpture Like Trump Photo: Twitter / @ Pantonce

This giant, trump-like dog statue can be found in Taiyuan city, Shanxi Province. Passers-by can freely take photos with the background of this giant dog statue.

Trump himself who was born in 1946, has a zodiac dog in the Chinese zodiac. Other former US presidents who also have dog zodiac are George W Bush and Bill Clinton who are also both in 1946.

According to Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the dog have an extraordinarily loyal character and very frankly, besides having a strong sense of justice. But they are also known to be stubborn, irritable and irritable.

Last year, the same mall erected a giant chicken statue that also resembled Trump.

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