US Enter Hamas Leaders to a Global Terrorist List

Less than a week after threatening to cut aid to Palestine if it does not seek peace with Israel, the Americans impose sanctions on Hamas political leaders, the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

The US State Department announced on Tuesday (30/1) Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political bureau, is on his terrorist list as Specially Designated Global Terrorist, AnGRT.

The United States has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization, and the State Department says Haniyeh has close ties to the military wing of the organization and is reportedly involved in the attacks against the citizens of Israel.

Harakat al-Sabireen, Iran-backed group and mainly operating outside Gaza and the West Bank are also included on the list. According to officials, Harakat al-Sabireen planned and carried out attacks on Israel and fired rockets at Israeli targets.

The two Egyptian organizations, Liwa al-Thawra, and Harakat Sawa'd Misr, were also added to the terrorist list the. The two have previously been linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood branch. [ka/ds]

US accuses North Korea of ​​Global World Attack

The Trump Presidential Administration officially accused North Korea of ​​staging a crippling cyber attack affecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide earlier this year.

"The attack was widespread and cost billions of dollars," Domestic Security Advisor Tom Bossert in an opinion in the Wall Street Journal late Monday.

Pyongyang has long been suspected of spreading a computer virus called WannaCry in May, which prevents users in at least 150 countries from accessing files and other important functions. 19659002] Among the affected organizations are US-based Fedex freight companies, Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, and the British National Health Service, forcing hospitals to cancel operations and divert ambulances to other facilities. The program requires a ransom from the user to be able to reopen the files stored on the infected machine.

The attack WannaCry was eventually stopped by a British hacker who invented the code button to disable the attacker's virus. [lt]

China prints record of Global Patent Application Year 2016

Global patent applications reached record highs last year, where China leads with more apps than the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union combined, the United Nations said Wednesday (6/12).

About 3, 1 million patent applications filed worldwide last year, rising for the seventh year in a row and marking a 8.3 percent increase from 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

"This figure is truly beyond "said WIPO chief Francis Gurry told reporters in Geneva.

China received about 236,600 from nearly 240,600 additional patents, which accounted for 98 percent growth, the UN agency said.

" The latest figures that record an increase in demand for rights intellectual property confirms the trend of a decade, where developments in China are increasingly prominent in total worldwide, "said Gurry.

" China is increasingly leading the way in innovation and branding bales. "

Overall, the State Intellectual Property Office of China received 1.3 million patent applications last year.

In second place, the US Patent and Trademark Office is lagging far behind, receiving 605,571 applications, followed by Japan with 318,381. [as]