Air pollution: it's not good to breathe at the foot of Mont Blanc

In Chamonix, they are proudly called "mules". These electric mini-buses crisscross the streets of the small alpine resort of nearly 10,000 inhabitants. They are part of the measures put in place for six years to try to reduce the use of polluting transport whose emissions literally choke more than 160,000 people in the Arve Valley that connects Chamonix to Contamine-sur-Arve (Haute-Savoie ). Las! it is still not good to live at the foot of Mont Blanc, where the atmosphere exceeds safety standards more than 35 days a year. Like Paris, Lyon or Marseille, this tourist region fails to meet the requirements of European directives. Worse: according to the epidemiological survey published in September 2017 by Public Health of France, exposure to air pollution in the 41 municipalities concerned is the direct cause of 8% of mortality in the valley, or 85 deaths per year . The longevity of an inhabitant now 30 years old will be – if nothing is done – amputated by nine months because of this permanent inhalation of fine particles and oxides of nitrogen. In total, the inhabitants of Arve today lose nearly 1,800 years of existence. "This study appears more alarming than we thought" is outraged Anne Lassman-Trappier, president of the local association Inspire 74 who now places all his hopes in a new Plan of protection of the atmosphere (PPA), more draconian that should be made public in mid-2018.

These poor results sign the failure of the first PPA developed in 2012 to try to fight against pollution peaks. In particular: the intense road traffic, with more than 600,000 trucks leaving each year to attack the Mont Blanc tunnel and responsible for 70% of nitrogen oxide emissions. And wood burning in 18,000 open fireplaces, responsible for 57% of fine particle emissions in winter. Conditions aggravated by the geographical situation of the valley which undergoes during a period of anticyclonic episodes a phenomenon of "thermal inversion"

While the upper layers of the atmosphere are warmed by the sun, the lowest ones remain at a lower temperature, blocking the polluting emissions on the ground. "Not only is the Arve Valley concealed, but also the thermal inversion layer is 50 meters above the ground when it is 300 meters above a city like Paris " , says Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE, Grenoble).

But despite the health emergency, "the first PPA was made in a certain general skepticism "remembers Alain Nahmias, president of the Association for the respect of the Mont-Blanc site (ARSMB). "The industrialists, the motor carriers and the elected officials sent the ball back to them, and the public doubted that its heating practices and the use of the personal car could be responsible for the situation." [19659002] Thus, despite incentives in the form of subsidies of up to 2,000 euros, only 2,200 households have opted for a powerful insert against the 3200 expected … And the inhabitants of the valley are quick to incriminate second homes. "It's cultural, people think that the mountain in winter is the fire!" regrets Alain Nahmias. As for heavy goods vehicle traffic, it has progressed to 5,000 trucks a day since the recent economic recovery and, due to a lack of budget, the four communities of communes in the valley have not been able to set up an adequate bus line. 19659002] On the industrial side, the commune of Passy, ​​the black spot of the Arve, does not know how it can regulate the emissions of the household garbage incinerator on its territory, nor those of a factory which – paradoxically – manufactures carbon parts for car batteries … electric! These manufacturers argue, certainly, that they comply with emission standards … but their contributions (12 tons per year for the carbon plant) worsen the situation.

France is muffled: the cold is anchored for good on the country

Icy temperatures, hardened by a north-easterly wind: the cold weather coming from Siberia is expected to intensify on France on Monday, making people fear for the homeless.

This cold snap, which must lower the thermometer down to -10 ° C (felt -18 ° C), is already causing casualties. A 35-year-old homeless man was found dead Sunday morning in Valencia, where the thermometer had dropped to -3 degrees in the night. On Friday, a 62-year-old man who lived in a cabin in the woods in Yvelines, was also found dead. In both cases, they probably succumbed to cold, according to the authorities.

In the northeastern quarter of the country, temperatures dropped on Sunday. In Strasbourg, the Fritz Kiener emergency shelter was "almost full" all day. "We had up to 60 people at the same time," said Abdel Bourema, responsible.

Among them, Jean-Philippe Martin, thirty years on the street for two weeks, relieved to have obtained accommodation for the week to come up. "Usually, we try to find places to shelter, for example at the station, but there are so many that it tends to create problems," he said.

For Monday, Météo France announces minimum "freezing" temperatures, which range from -6 to -10 degrees in the Grand-Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. "The maximums remain negative on a large north-east quarter with -4 to 0 degrees", continues the institute.

"On a large northern half, the wind of North-East sector, which is reinforced up to 60 at 70 km / h, clearly accentuates the sensation of cold, "he says.

This phenomenon known as "Moscow-Paris" will then spread to the rest of the country.

Météo-France predicts between Monday and Wednesday a minimum of -6 ° C to -10 ° C on a large scale. half East (outside the Mediterranean, between 0 ° C and -4 ° C) and -2 ° C and -6 ° C on the West. Tuesday and Wednesday should be the two coldest days.

– "Putting everyone safe" –

 Photograph of migrants admitted to a gymnasium in Grande-Synthe (North) on February 7, 2018, because of the cold weather (AFP / Archives - DENIS CHARLET)

Photograph of migrants admitted to a gymnasium in Grande-Synthe (North) on February 7, 2018, because of the cold weather (AFP / Archives – DENIS CHARLET)

The authorities triggered in 37 departments the "cold weather" plan, with more than 3,100 additional temporary accommodation places for the homeless, including 500 in Paris.

"We have instructed the prefects to open the reception areas", recalled Interior Minister Gerard Collomb Sunday evening during a maraud in Paris with the police chief Michel Delpuech and the homeless assistance brigade (Bapsa) of the police headquarters.

In the streets of the capital, the minister and the prefect met mostly with migrants who, without knowing who they were talking to, were tending for sometimes outdated identity papers.

"The usual homeless people who are not no migrants have escaped the cold, "told AFP a police officer of the Bapsa.

But the homeless are not the only people to suffer from the cold. Health authorities advise keeping infants and elderly indoors.

– Frostbite and hypothermia –

For others, it is better to limit physical effort and cover well to avoid frostbite, hypothermia, and aggravation of possible cardiovascular risks. Attention also to the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) called each to limit its electricity consumption, especially between 18:00 and 20:00, pointing out that the production of electricity during the peaks of cold was "the most carbonaceous".

After a month of historically mild January, and a snowy beginning of February, this episode of cold, which would be banal in the heart of the winter, is notable because of its date. France has not experienced such late cold since late February-early March 2005.

Snow began to fall on the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region where Météo-France has placed three departments ( Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes and Var) on orange snow-ice alert until Monday 22H00. It could disrupt traffic.

Snow could go north Thursday

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Called Good with Kim Jong-Un, Trump: Fake News!

President of the United States Donald Trump denied the report of a major newspaper that had interviewed him last week. The paper denied Trump was The Wall Street Journal.

In the interview, Trump is said to have said he has a very good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Reported Reuters Trump wrote in his Twitter account that he said "I might make a good relationship with Kim" which means there is a set requirement.

The White House also released partially a voice recording of an interview that said Trump said "I might." Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal released their own recordings supporting their version events.

Trump's comments are important because he feels he has a good relationship with Kim who has rejected global pressure to stop a series of nuclear and ballistic missile tests . Trump himself has ridiculed North Korean leaders as 'maniacs' and called him a 'little rocket man'.

Trump Claims to Have a Good Relationship with Kim Jong-Un

Kim himself retaliated by calling Trump as 'senile senile elder who mentally crazy'. He also warned himself of building a nuclear weapon who was able to reach the United States.

" The Wall Street Journal misrepresented that I said to them 'I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un' (from North Korea) I certainly do not say that. I said, 'I might have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un', the difference is great, luckily we recorded the conversation and they know exactly what I said and mean … They just want a story. wrote Trump in his Twitter account.

A White House official said there was a failure to request the party The Wall Street Journal fixes the quote it contains. "The reason there was a
delay was because we had several calls and emails with the WSJ, starting Friday morning to ask them to make corrections, they refused and we took out our own clarification," the official said.

Earlier, in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), as reported Reuters and AFP Friday (12/1) yesterday, Trump suddenly called himself able to establish good relations with the young leader of North Korea

"I might be able to have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-Un, "Trump said in the interview. "I have a relationship with many people, I think you are all surprised," he said.

When asked whether he ever spoke to Kim Jong-Un, Trump gave a vague answer. "I do not want to comment on it, I do not say I have or never, I just do not want to comment," Trump replied.

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Medical Tests Show Very Good Trump Health

The US presidential physician announced that the health conditions of US President Donald Trump were excellent. The announcement came after Trump underwent his first medical test since inauguration.

"The physical examination of today's president at Walter Reed National Medical Center runs very well," said the doctor, Ronny Jackson in a statement released by the White House following a hearing on Friday (12/1) local time.

"The President is in excellent health," added Jackson as reported by AFP news agency on Saturday (13/1/2018).

The White House says a number of Trump health test data will be released soon.

This health test was conducted amid a growing number of doubts about Trump's mental health condition. Especially after the emergence of a new best-selling book on the market, which describes Trump (71) is not focused and like a child. The White House also faces questions about Trump's contradictory messages to his policies.

The night before the medical tests, Trump had joked that the test results should be good, in the interest of the stock market. "I think it will work very well," Trump said, adding that he would be surprised if the results were not good.

"It must be good, otherwise the stock market will not be happy," he joked.

Regarding the doubt about Trump's mental health, there is no plan for a psychiatric test. However prior examinations have included neurological examinations, including tests of motor function.

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