The Tragic Story of the Newlyweds Killed in the Grand Canyon at Honeymoon

 Honeymoon is expected to be a romantic moment even lead to death for the couple Jon Udall (32) and Ellie Milward (29). Both were victims in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

The incident happened on Monday (12/2). Jon along with Ellie became one of the British passengers who boarded a helicopter for a scenic tour. Both were on their honeymoon after being married last year. In total there are six British citizens who are in the helicopter.

As many as four people were killed in the incident, one of them was Jon. He was caught in the wreckage of a helicopter crash for eight hours with Ellie. Jon and Ellie were found by the officers and immediately taken to the hospital.

Jon's condition is critical to finally breathed his last on Thursday (22/2) evening local time. While Ellie suffered injuries.

"With a very heavy heart I have to say this.Our good friend Jon Udall has left us, he is strong and courageous I never forget him," said colleague Jon, Chris Tucker, as reported by The Telegraph on Friday (23 / 2/2018).

In addition to Jon, other dead victims namely Jason, Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson. Until now the cause of the accident is still unknown. But Allen Kenitzer of the Office of Communications of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), told AFP that the helicopter had suffered "major damage" after falling.
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Helicopter Crashed in US Grand Canyon, 3 British Tourists Killed

Three British tourists were killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon, United States (US). The helicopter on board the three tourists crashed on the air for a scenic tour.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), three other Britons and the helicopter pilot were injured in the incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) evening, at around 5:20 pm local time. The UK Foreign Office confirmed this report in its statement.

"We support the families of six British citizens who were involved in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon on February 10, and we continue to communicate closely with the US emergency service," said one interpreter (19459012)