A shooting at the headquarters of the YouTube group in California makes three wounded, the shooter committed suicide

Many witnesses described scenes of chaos among those present in the building, located in San Bruno, about 20 kilometers south of San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley where many technology groups have their neighborhoods. general. Sign of the panic that grabbed the employees at the time of the shots, a fourth person injured his ankle by fleeing the scene, said the police. According to the website of YouTube 1,100 people work on the site.

Police discovered on the spot the corpse of a woman "carrying gunshot wounds that she seems to have inflicted on herself "and who seems to be the author of the shots. According to the police, the alleged gunman "knew someone", which makes him favor the track of the dispute of private or family order. This seems to confirm several testimonies, including a YouTube employee, wishing to remain anonymous and indirect witness of the scene, who told AFP that "a woman burst at lunch time and seemed to shoot at a particular person "

The gunman used a handgun," San Bruno police chief Ed Barberini said at a news conference. "There are three victims" injured by bullets, he detailed, adding that they had been hospitalized. According to the Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco, who treated the three wounded, one of the victims is in a "critical" situation.

"An Unimaginable Tragedy"

A YouTube employee who wished to keep anonymity, said on CNN that it was "video conference" at the time of the shots, which occurred around 12:46 local (19:46 GMT). She described people who "suddenly started running and shouting". Aerial footage of the US channels showed chairs and inverted tables in an inner courtyard of the building, where, according to several accounts, employees are used to taking their lunch break, while witnesses said on Twitter that they saw

In mid-afternoon local time, small groups of employees left the site in special buses, without speaking to the press while emergency vehicles and police were still on site , noted an AFP journalist. The boss of Google Sundar Pichai, parent company of YouTube, evoked in a written message to employees "an unimaginable tragedy". "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved," tweeted US President Donald Trump . "Thanks to our phenomenal law enforcement officers and rescue workers who are currently on site."

Women shootings are extremely rare: according to an FBI study, covering 160 events between 2000 and 2013, involving one or more shooters on public roads, in shops, workplaces or schools. In only 6 cases was the person who fired a woman, 3.8%.

This new shootout comes as the endless US firearms debate continues to sharply divide public opinion, particularly after the killings at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 that killed 17.

More than 1.5 million people participated on March 24 in the United States in the United States. "Walk for our lives" calling for greater gun control. These gatherings are the largest in the country in at least two decades. The organizers of this "March for our lives" tweeted after Tuesday's shooting: "Our hearts are with you, @YouTube"

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Czech Republic: Six killed in explosion at chemical plant of Unipetrol group

Six people were killed and two others wounded in an explosion that occurred Thursday morning in a Czech chemical plant in the Kralupy-nad-Vltavou refinery (30 km north of Prague), firefighters and services announced.

"Six bodies were found on the spot, there were also two wounded," the spokesman of the Central Bohemian fire department, Vladimira Kerekova, told AFP.

"An explosion that was not followed by a fire occurred in one of the reservoirs of the Kralupy-nad-Vltavou refinery" of the Czech Unipetrol group, its spokesman Pavel Kaidl announced on twitter. [19659002"Atthismomentthesituationisundercontrolthereisnomoredanger"headded

The first information had located the explosion in a factory belonging to the Polish group Synthos

"Concerning an event that occurred on March 22, 2018 in the industrial zone in Kralupy-nad-Vltavou, Synthos SA declares that this event did not take place on the lands belonging to the company Synthos Kralupy ", said the Polish company in a statement.

This explosion represents the most serious accident by the number of deaths occurred in a factory in the Czech Republic since the independence of the country in 1993.

 Explosion (AFP - Vincent LEFAI)

Explosion (AFP – Vincent LEFAI)

The explosion occurred according to Mrs. Kerekova during cleaning work in a tank.

"The explosion was not followed by a fire," she confirmed.

"The health of the inhabitants of Kralupy-nad-Vltavou is not threatened". side said Ales Levy, spokesman for the town hall of cett Industrial city of some 19,000 inhabitants.

Initial reports indicate a large number of casualties, pushing the Prague-Vinohrady hospital, one of whose departments specializes in the treatment of burns, to trigger a emergency plan.

One of the two wounded, transported to this hospital, suffered "devastating injuries to the face" while the other suffered burns on 10% of the body, according to the spokesman of the services Emergency, Petra Effenbergerova.

Upon the announcement of the explosion, "we immediately launched an investigation to establish all the circumstances and causes", for its part said the spokesman of the police Marketa Johnova.

Police received information about the blast around 10 am local time (0900 GMT), she said.

Solar energy: the government will launch a working group

The government will launch a working group on solar energy, said Sebastien Lecornu, Secretary of State for Ecological Transition on Thursday.

"I will launch a working group on the subject to identify the land available, to engage in self-consumption, to think about the thermo-solar ", said Mr. Lecornu on CNews, lamenting the fact that in the south of France" still warms its water in full month of August from fossil energy rather than from the sun. "

" There are also things to be done overseas, "he added.

The government, which was forced to abandon the date of 2025 to reduce the share of nuclear energy in French electricity production to 50%, has multiplied in recent months the working groups on different renewable energies in order to find solutions to accelerate their development.

"The challenge is to release it's energies-l to, that's what we did first with the onshore wind, that's what we continue to do with the methanisation (…) that's what we also do tomorrow with photovoltaic , which has an absolutely major interest, "insisted the Secretary of State.

The law on energy transition, passed in 2015, provides for the reduction of 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 compared to to 1990 and 32% of renewables in consumption (40% of production) in 2030.

After retweeting videos of a far-right group, Donald Trump is ready to apologize

US President Donald Trump said he was ready to apologize for retweeting anti-Muslim videos of a British far-right group in November, which shocked the United Kingdom United, in an interview with ITV, an excerpt of which was broadcast on Friday.

"If you tell me that they are horrible people, racist people, I will certainly apologize if you want me to do it," he said. Donald Trump in this interview recorded on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which will be broadcast in full on Sunday evening.

These anti-Russian video retweets published by the vice-president of the far-right British party Britain First had sparked the indignation across the Channel, Prime Minister Theresa May even stepped in to denounce "a mistake" by the US president.

"Of course, I did not know"

To the interviewer who points out that These retweets have caused "great anxiety and anger" in the UK "because Britain First is a gang of racists, fascists," Donald Trump replies, "Of course, I did not know."

"I do not did not know anything about them, I do not know anything about them today except for what I read a bit, "he continued. "It may have made a lot of noise in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States."

"I retweeted (these videos) When you do these retweets, they can cause problems because you never know who does it to start," added the US president.

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The Last Group of North Korean Athletes Arrive in South Korea

The last entourage of North Korean athletes has arrived in South Korea to complete the preparation of the Winter Olympics, which will begin next week in PyeongChang.

Wearing fur caps and black coats, 10 members: three mountain skiers, three skiers cross-country, two fast skaters and a pair of beautiful bulkheaders and their large delegation was immediately taken to the athletes' village in the eastern city of Gangneung upon their arrival on Thursday. They will join 12 female hockey players who arrived last week to join their South Korean counterparts to train as a unified Korea team.

The 10 North Koreans flew to Gangneung and were accompanied by a group of non- South Korea Olympic Games, who took part in a two-day training program together at the Masikryong ski resort of North Korea. Their arrival coincides with the raising of North Korea's national flag at the Olympic compound in the towns of PyeongChang and Gangneung, including in all athletes' shelters, stadiums and training facilities.

Tighter national security laws in South Korea prohibit raising the North Korean flag. [lt]