Israeli jet fighters return to Gaza Hamas base in Gaza

Gaza City
Israeli fighter jets again launch an offensive to Hamas headquarters in the Gaza Strip. "In response to a projectile fired into southern Israel … a number of fighter jets stormed Hamas headquarters consisting of two military structures," the Israeli military statement said, as reported by the Israeli military. "Separately, a Palestinian security source called the Israeli onslaught on Saturday (3/2) local time it was about a facility belonging to the military wing of Hamas in Rafah , Southern Gaza.

"Did not cause any injuries," added the Palestinian security source.

Meanwhile, Israeli military radio reported no casualties as a result of rocket fire from Gaza on Friday (2/2) night time local. The rocket from Gaza crashed in an open field in southern Israel.

Rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli strikes in retaliation are the second battle of the past 24 hours. Earlier on Friday (2/2), Israel stormed Hamas positions near Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, after rocket strikes struck.

It is known that sometimes rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip are not fired by Hamas but by other militant groups . But Israel has always insisted Hamas is responsible for any attacks launched from Gaza. Hamas has power over Gaza.

Since 2008, Israel and Hamas have been involved in three major wars.

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US Enter Hamas Leaders to a Global Terrorist List

Less than a week after threatening to cut aid to Palestine if it does not seek peace with Israel, the Americans impose sanctions on Hamas political leaders, the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

The US State Department announced on Tuesday (30/1) Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political bureau, is on his terrorist list as Specially Designated Global Terrorist, AnGRT.

The United States has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization, and the State Department says Haniyeh has close ties to the military wing of the organization and is reportedly involved in the attacks against the citizens of Israel.

Harakat al-Sabireen, Iran-backed group and mainly operating outside Gaza and the West Bank are also included on the list. According to officials, Harakat al-Sabireen planned and carried out attacks on Israel and fired rockets at Israeli targets.

The two Egyptian organizations, Liwa al-Thawra, and Harakat Sawa'd Misr, were also added to the terrorist list the. The two have previously been linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood branch. [ka/ds]

Israel's latest air strike kills two Hamas members in Gaza

Gaza City
 The Israeli army again launched its latest air strikes targeting Hamas' military wing headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Saturday (9/12) morning local time. This air strike killed two people, claimed to be members of the Hamas group. As reported by AFP and Reuters on Saturday (9/12/2017), this latest air strike followed up on three rocket attacks fired from Gaza into southern Israel on Friday ( 8/12). The air strikes are targeted towards the Hamas base in Nusseirat, the central Gaza Strip.

"Today (9/12) … in response to a series of rockets fired into the southern Israeli area, yesterday, Israeli Air Force aircraft targeted four facilities belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip," the latest Israeli military statement .

"Two arms production sites, an arsenal and a military camp," the Israeli military said of the four targets. "At each target, a number of components are hit," the statement added.

Officials of health authorities in Gaza called two people killed by Israeli air strikes on Saturday (9/12) early morning. The Hamas Ministry of Health in Gaza identified the two dead men as Abdullah al-Atal (28) and Mohammed al-Safdi (30). It said the bodies were found several hours after the Israeli air strike on the Hamas military wing headquarters in Nusseirat.

Separately, as reported by Reuters, sources from the Hamas group called the two dead were their members. In recent days, Hamas has urged Palestinian civilians to protest and confront with Israeli soldiers guarding the border.

On Friday night (8/12), the Israeli military also launched an air raid on two Hamas targets in Beit Lahiya, Gaza. The air strike was a response to a barrage of rockets from Gaza, which has plagued Israel since US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday. Israeli air strikes on Friday (19659004) 8/12) night reportedly injured 25 people, including six children one of whom was a toddler.

Another group calling itself the Salahedin Brigade claimed responsibility for the rocket attack. But the Israeli military says Hamas is responsible for all attacks originating from the Gaza-controlled territory.

Two other Palestinians were killed in a rally that led to clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza border on Friday (8/12) local time. The protest was aimed at protesting Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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