Guilty Hina Court, Ex-President of Egypt Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, along with 19 other defendants, were sentenced to up to 3 years in prison for an offensive indictment of the court. Morsi was also sentenced to a fine of 2 million Egyptian pounds or equivalent to Rp 1.5 billion by the Cairo court. The other defendants on trial in the same case as prominent Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah and members of parliament who are also television presenter Tawfik Okasha were fined between 30 thousand – 1 million Egyptian pounds (Rp 22.9 million – Rp 765 million).

This verdict can still be sued by the defendants, including Morsi.

In this case, the Morsi who came from the Muslim Brotherhood group was considered to make an insulting statement to the court when he was still the President of Egypt. In his remarks several years ago, Morsi called 22 judges cheating the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Morsi was Egypt's first civilian president elected through free and fair elections in 2012. He took office after Hosni Mubarak resigned in 2011. But a year later, Morsi was ousted by former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is now the President of Egypt.

Al-Sisi deposed Morsi in a military coup following a massive rally protesting Morsi's leadership took place in Egypt. After the resignation, Morsi immediately arrested and snared various cases. The case of insulting this court is only one of four cases that ensnare him.

The 66-year-old Morsi is serving a 20-year sentence for instigating the killing of protesters during a massive rally in 2012. He also served a 25-year sentence for another case, spying for Qatar .

In two other cases, Morsi has been sentenced to life imprisonment and sentenced to death. He was sentenced to life in prison in an espionage case for Iran, Lebanon-based Hizbullah group and Hamas control of the Gaza Strip. But in November 2016, the Egyptian Supreme Court annulled this life sentence and ordered a re-trial.

The death sentence was handed down to Morsi in a jailbreak and violence against the police during the 2011 riots. Just as in the previous case, the death sentence for the case this has been aborted by the Egyptian appeals court as well as in November 2016. The case was also ordered for re-trial.

(nvc / adf)