Head of Intelligence and Home Affairs of Afghanistan Visit Pakistan

Two top Afghan security officials made a surprise visit to Pakistan to discuss mutual cooperation with civilian and military leaders following a series of deadly attacks by Taliban and other militants in Afghanistan.

The visit took place on Wednesday (31/1) hours after US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan urged Afghan leaders to hold bilateral discussions with their counterparts in Pakistan.

The escalation of militant violence in Afghanistan sparked tensions between the country and Islamabad amid allegations that militants used places taking refuge in Pakistan to plan a recent suicide bombing, with the help of Pakistan's spy agency ISI.

The Pakistani authorities condemned the terrorist attack and rejected Afghanistan's allegations, calling it unfounded and stressed the need for a "credible inquiry" against the attack. [ka/ds]

Fire at the Clinton Family Home

Firefighters in New York City rushed to the house of former President Bill and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday to extinguish the fire in the house.

A spokesman for the Clinton family said a fire broke out in a building that used by Secret Service personnel, and not at home where the former president and his wife, the former secretary of state, lived.

The Clinton family was not at home then and the spokesman said "everything is fine." [19659002] The Clinton family lives in Chappaqua, about 64 miles northeast of New York City. [sp/ii]