Macron will offer Trump a young oak for the White House

French President Emmanuel Macron will offer his American counterpart Donald Trump a young oak plant symbolizing the strength of relations between the two countries, reported Friday Fox News.

This is a "cutt 'an oak from Northern France which, he hopes, will be planted on the grounds of the White House to symbolize the tenacity of this friendship,' said journalist Chris Wallace, who interviewed Mr Macron at the Elysée

In this interview that will broadcast Sunday Fox News Sunday, Emmanuel Macron says "never wonder" if President Trump will complete his mandate, according to an extract unveiled in advance.

"I work with him because we are both at the service of our countries ", justifies, in English, the head of the French State.

M. Macron also refuses to comment on some controversy surrounding Trump, including the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election that weighs on the billionaire's presidency.

"It's not for me to judge or in a way, to explain to your people what your president should be, "says Mr. Macron

Emmanuel Macron starts Monday a three-day state visit to the United States, the United States. during which he will be received with great fanfare by Mr. Trump and will address the Congress.

Trump has signed confidentiality clauses to officials of the White House




on 19.03.2018 at 08h37

Donald Trump, anxious to close the leaks that marked the first months of his mandate, has signed confidentiality clauses to the highest officials of the White House, reports the Washington Post on Sunday.

 Trump has signed confidentiality clauses to officials of the White House

Trump has signed confidentiality clauses to officials of the White House


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Trump has signed confidentiality clauses to officials of the White House


Donald Trump anxious to dry up the leaks that have marked the first months of his mandate, has signed confidentiality clauses to the highest officials of the White House, reports Sunday the Washington Post.

These agreements provide for financial penalties for those who

According to the Washington Post, the period covered by these clauses goes beyond the end of the Trump presidency.

The President had signed a letter to the press or other entities. similar commitments to members of his campaign team before the November 2016 election, but legal experts question the legal value of such clauses signed by senior officials of the federal administration, which could be in contradiction with freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution

No comments were obtained from the Presidency

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White House Accuses Russia of Cyber ​​Attack 'Not Petya'

The White House on Thursday accused Russia of a cyber-attack "NotPetya" which caused massive losses last year, joined the British government in denouncing Moscow over the spreading virus that paralyzed some of the Ukrainian infrastructure and paralyzed the computers in various countries around the world.

The attack that occurred in June 2017 "spread worldwide, causing billions of dollars worth of losses across Europe, Asia and the Americas," White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

"It is part of the Kremlin's efforts to constantly destabilize Ukraine and show more clearly Russia's involvement in the ongoing conflict," added Sanders. "This is also a reckless and indiscriminate cyber attack that will result in consequences that will be applied internationally."

The US government is "reviewing a range of options," said a senior White House official when asked about the consequences of Russian action.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia rejected the British government's allegations that it was behind the attack, saying the allegations were part of a "Rusophobia" campaign that he said was launched by several Western countries.

The so-called NotPetya attack in June started in Ukraine where the attack paralyzed government and business computers before spreading across Europe and the world, halting operations at ports, factories and offices.

The British foreign ministry said in a statement released earlier that day that the attack came from the Rusi military

"The decision to publicly link this incident underscores the fact that Britain and its allies will not tolerate a destructive cyber attack," the ministry said in a statement.

"The attack was disguised as a criminal but aims the main is to paralyze, "he said.

" The main targets are the financial sector, energy, and the Ukrainian government. Indiscriminate design has led to wider spread, affecting businesses in Europe and Russia. "[ww]

The White House: Israel Is Entitled to Defend Yourself

A statement from the White House press secretary on Sunday confirmed that "Israel is a close ally of the United States, and we support its right to defend itself against Syria and Iranian-backed militia forces in southern Syria."

The statement issued after Saturday's Israeli raid on dozens of Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria. Israel carried out air strikes after anti-aircraft fire dropped an Israeli fighter returning from an attack mission against Iran-assisted positions in Syria. Israel earlier said it had shot down an Iranian drone launched from Syria after it entered Israel on Friday night.

The White House statement urged "Iran and its allies to stop provocative action and seek peace towards the region."

On Saturday, the US Defense Department also said that Israel has the right to protect itself against acts of aggression.

"Israel is our closest security partner in the region and we fully support Israel's right to defend itself against the security threats of the region and its people," Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankine-Galloway, who added the Americans were not involved in the attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he spoke Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin
"I reiterate to him our duty and our right to defend ourselves against attacks from the Syrian region, "Netanyahu said. "We agree that coordination between our troops will continue," said Netanyahu, who also discussed the attack with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. [gp]

US House of Representatives Pass a Big Budget To Conclude Closure of Government Activities

The House of Representatives passed a bill of 400 billion dollars on Friday morning, aimed at ending the halt of some federal government activities.

Legislators voted with 240 votes versus 186 to approve the current bill sent to President Donald Trump for signing. However, this budget will only fund the government until March 23. After that the legislators had to draft a detailed budget plan for the rest of the fiscal year that ended on September 30.

The budget was passed, despite opposition from a number of politicians who objected to large budget increases, and without any action plan to protect more than one million illegal young immigrants, known as Dreamer .

See also: Some US Government Operations Re-Terminated

American Government Activities closed Friday morning (9/2), as Congress passed a deadline to extend the federal government funding. This is the closing of part of a second government operation in less than a month. The Senate then decided with 71 votes versus 28 to reopen the federal government's activities.

Senator Rand Paul from the Republican fraction late on Thursday (8/2) hampered the efforts of both factions to pass a bill to keep the wheels of government running, before the federal funds expire.

Paul from Kentucky objected to the Senate holding a vote on the draft budget for two years, which will increase the military and domestic budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars. He said the budget would bolster the already rising federal deficit and increase the national debt of more than 20 trillion dollars.

"With honesty and good faith, I am against voting for this design," Paul said in a long, fire in the Senate, as time grew thinner for Congress to avoid closing some of the less important federal government operations. "There is a 700-page legislation printed in the middle of the night and no one has read it yet … nothing will be renewed, the waste will continue," he said.

Paul's attitude invited a fellow senator's anger from the Republican fraction, from South Carolina, who said the American military desperately needs additional funding after years of budgetary restrictions, which hamper domestic and Pentagon programs.

"Debts and deficits are no excuse for letting the military go wild. I will do anything that will defend our military, "he said. [uh]