Paths on banks in Paris: Hulot invites Hidalgo and Pécresse to discuss

Nicolas Hulot invites Anne Hidalgo and Valérie Pécresse to his ministry to "look together" how to make the pedestrianization of the banks of the Seine right bank in Paris "be less brutal for motorists."

"I wish ( the PS Mayor of Paris) Anne Hidalgo, (the LR President of Ile-de-France) Valérie Pécresse and the presidents of the departments that are around Paris intramural, perhaps, come to my ministry and that the we look together how we can make this decision less brutal for motorists, "said the minister of ecological transition on France Inter.

" We must give alternatives to motorists, "he said added, proposing "that there be, for example, car parks that allow motorists to leave, at reasonable rates, their car at the gates of Paris."

This pedestrianization, at the heart of a controversy between Paris and suburb, elected s of right and left, was canceled last month by the administrative court.

The PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo resumed since a closure order to the traffic on 3.3 km of the lane Georges-Pompidou, from the bottom quay of the entrance to the Tuileries Tunnel (1st arrondissement) at the end of the tunnel Henri-IV (IVe).

"I would simply like these two women, to whom I grant a true sincerity on their will to to treat the health / environment topic at one time or another, get around the same table and my ministry is favorable, "he added.

" Yes: restore dialogue is essential, "replied in a tweet Valérie Pécresse, who had called last week to the state "to put in coherence all the plans" of circulation of the capital and the surrounding communes.

 The president of the Regional Council of Ile- de-France Valérie Pécresse, at a conference in Paris, Jan. 30 1st 2018 (AFP / Archives - ERIC PIERMONT)

The President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council Valérie Pécresse, at a conference in Paris on 30 January 2018 (AFP / Archives – ERIC PIERMONT) [19659010] The president of Region sent Monday to Nicolas Hulot a letter in which it returns on the "compensatory measures", partly already unveiled, which it calls on the State and the City of Paris in order to "avoid the uncontrolled increase in traffic jams in and at the gates of Paris, on the access roads to the capital, the ring road and the A86. "

Among these measures, she evokes" a commitment by the State to increase funding of the State Regional Plan Contract intended for the increase of transport Paris / suburbs and suburbs / suburbs "

It confirms its idea of" reopening to traffic a lane only during the week ", which could be" limited to non pollutants and silent for a transitory period re ", and that to see the City of Paris divide" by two (the) tariffs of 1,500 seats at this stage unoccupied in 14 parking relay "near metros and RER.

It also refers to a dozen intelligent crossroads for managing traffic flows and "thinking about new bus lines arriving from the East".

Release of glyphosate in 3 years: Hulot evokes "exceptions"

The Minister of Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot, who fought last year for a glyphosate release in three years, says he is ready to consider "exceptions" in an interview in the Sunday Journal. [19659002] "We are identifying the alternatives that exist and giving them the means to prove themselves, but I am not stubborn and nobody should be locked in a dead end: if in a particular sector or a geographical area, some farmers are not ready in three years, we will consider exceptions, "said the minister, who will not go to the agricultural show opened since Saturday.

" But if we can do without glyphosate 95 %, we will have succeeded, "he added.

After the decision of the European Union in November to renew for five years the license of the controversial herbicide, Emmanuel Macron had promised that the substance, active ingredient of Monsanto's famous Roundup, would be banned in France "at the latest in three years"

But at the end of January, the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Travert declared that France would "try to go out" within three years. "The President recalled that as long as there is no substitution, there is no suppression," said Travert, who must submit at the end of the Salon de l'agriculture a "plan". in the matter, in collaboration with the other ministers concerned.

Nicolas Hulot also evokes for the first time the creation of "an insurance fund" for farmers who convert to organic farming, and " which would cover certain risks and compensate the producers in difficulty. "

" But beware: consider that organic farming to be supported in the long term is to consider that it can not be profitable. to be! ", he added.

The JDD also indicates that Nicolas Hulot will not go to the Salon de l'agriculture, while the former Minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal had visited there last year.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition confirmed this information to AFP, stating that Mr. Hulot "favors direct dialogue with stakeholders in good conditions of exchange."

"I prefer to dialogue with eyes and cameras, this is my method, "said the minister at the JDD, stating that he had received" all actors in the agricultural and food industry. "

His two secretaries of State, Sébastien Lecornu and Brune Poirson, must go to the show in the week.

While farmers have demonstrated this week across France against the free trade agreement being negotiated between the EU and Mercosur country, Nicolas Hulot also estimated that "as it stands, this treaty is not acceptable."

"It would be too detrimental, especially for our farmers, and France has very clear red lines" , added the minister, who had already criticized the acc EU-Canada Free Trade Order (CETA) entered into force partially in September.