Isère: a human chain against the privatization of hydroelectric dams

Several hundred people formed Sunday a human chain near a dam in the Isere to protest against the opening to competition of part of the French hydroelectric park, envisaged by the government in 2018.

Gathered at the initiative of the Communist Party, local elected officials, unions and sympathizers lined up at around 2:00 pm on a bridge overlooking the Sautet dam in Corps, symbolically erecting against a "liberal logic" that they deem "contrary to the general interest. "

" No to the privatization of hydropower "and" No to the privatization of dams ", could one read on two large banners deployed on the safety barriers of the bridge, while a A similar meeting was held at the same time in the Indre.

"We are calling for the public and public protection of all the dams in France.The logic in which the government engages risk to lead to the privatization of this resource useful to the ecological transition, "said PCF national secretary Pierre Laurent.

In early January, the Macron government sent the EU a list of 150 hydropower projects – out of the 400 of the French fleet – which could be opened to competition by 2022.

Among them the alpine dams of Lac Mort, Drac upstream, Beaufortain and Super Bissorte could be the first to be offered for purchase in 2018.

protesters blame the government for having ceded secretly to an injunction of the European Union, which has been pressing France for several years to put an end to the historic monopoly of EDF.

"The injunction of the The EU is based on an argument that no longer holds because this monopoly sinks a little more each year. Therefore, why does France engage this opening when it has always resisted? "Wonders Fabrice Coudour, Secretary General CGT Energie Savoie.

The union leader, who predicts" collateral damage " in various sectors such as tourism, stresses the importance of maneuvering in "a logic of defense concessions through Services of General Interest (SGI)."

"We want to disseminate this heritage in the hands of private operators which will have other objectives, and in particular those of reaping profits ", laments Pierre Laurent, reminding that the State" has a lot of money to be made "because" these dams are today largely depreciated ".

In 2013, MP Marie-Noëlle Battistel, the author of a parliamentary report on hydroelectric concessions, noted the "lack of reciprocity" in most other European countries, which "organized themselves to escape this misery. In competition "

" Monopoly upstream does not prevent the opening of the downstream market, "she insists.

Human Rights Organization Tuding Afghan Forces Civilians Base

A global human rights organization called for Afghan and US military authorities to immediately investigate allegations that Afghan government forces execute civilians without legal process in recent counter-Taliban operations in southern Kandahar province. [19659002] According to a Human Rights Watch report Wednesday, allegations of human rights violations occurred from January 31 to February 1, when Afghan special forces, backed by US air strikes, carried out attacks in Maiwand and Panjwai districts. [19659002] The report quoted local residents as saying that Afghan forces opened fire on a number of people trying to flee from Band-e Timor, a region that has long been a stronghold of the Taliban.

Battle in Ghazni, Afghanistan Kills 7 Civilians

The attack killed 50 Taliban insurgents and at least 20 civilians. Government troops also allegedly dragged out some men from their homes and shot them.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said he had not been able to respond because he had not read the report. But Waziri insists the authorities immediately and thoroughly investigate all allegations of violations in combat.

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"Opposition forces often deliberately occupy civilian homes for wanting civilian casualties. However, Afghan forces need to take all precautions so as not to harm civilians, "he said. [ab/lt]

Thousands of Pakistanis Attend the Cemetery of Leading Human Rights Activist

Thousands of Pakistanis crowded the streets of Lahore city on Tuesday (13/2) to bid farewell to one of the country's most prominent human rights activists, who died of a heart attack on Sunday at the age of 66. [19659002] Friends, family, politicians and human rights activists were among those who attended the Asma Jahangir funeral ceremony at the city's Gadhafi Stadium.

Jahangir is one of the founders of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, a body that highlights human rights abuses throughout the country. He also serves as the UN special rapporteur on human rights issues. On his website, the international body praised Jahangir for his "contribution to human rights", which earned him numerous awards from home and abroad.

The US State Department said Tuesday that – along with Pakistan and other countries – the departure of democracy and human rights activists. [em/jm]

Human Rights Organization Called for Help for Civilians in Northern Myanmar

The International Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch has urged the Burmese military to ensure humanitarian aid is received by all civilians affected by clashes between the military and an armed ethnic group in the north of the country.

The battle between the Myanmar military and the Kachin Laskar Kemerdekaan increased in mid-January, to include three cities in the state of Kachin. Laskar Kachin is one of the strong ethnic militia groups who have clashed with the military after the collapse of a 17-year truce in 2011. Since then, more than 120,000 people have taken refuge in the border region of China.

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The New York-based human rights organization urges in a statement Friday (9/2) that the military Myanmar provides access to the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians caught in the offensive by the current military who use heavy weapons and air strikes. [uh]

Germany demands the release of China's human rights lawyer

Germany demands that China release a prominent Chinese human rights lawyer accused of triggering subversion after uploading calls for democratic reform via the internet.

German human rights commissioner Barbel Kofler said this week, Yu Wensheng was innocent and only sought to voice the need for democratic reform and support a fellow Chinese citizen who was harassed for fighting for human rights.

Yu, an unofficial spokesperson for a Chinese human rights lawyer group, was arrested by police on January 19 while preparing to pick up his 13-year-old son at school. Police later informed Mr. Yu's wife of the arrest and her allegations. Triggering subversion is a frequent charge of Chinese authorities to silence dissidents.

Detention Yu extends his list of acts of repression against independent legal activists in recent years by the Chinese communist government.

His detention took place one day after he uploaded a a letter on the internet calling for the ruling party, or the only political party in China, to reform the constitution and hold a presidential election openly.

Yu received wide attention after being detained for three months in 2014. At that time he admitted to being tortured and interrogated when detained. In 2015, he was again detained but later released after his case attracted widespread public attention. [ab/uh]