Hundreds of smuggled animals seized in the Philippines

Filipino authorities seized some 300 exotic animals illegally smuggled into the Philippines on Tuesday, one of the largest seizures ever made in the country, which has become a regional hub for this trade.

Flying phalangers – small marsupials originating of Australia and New Guinea -, wallabies and an endangered species of cockatoo were among the wild animals seized from Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and intended to become pets. [19659002] "In the matter of live animals, it is probably one of our largest" seizures, the government official for the environment Rogelio Demelletes told AFP.

The Philippine authorities have estimated the market value of the animals seized at $ 192,000, which is higher than that of all the wildlife seizures made by Manila last year.

 Cockatoos seized on March 13, 2018 in the Philippines, in the context of one of the main seizures ever made in this country (AFP - NOEL CELIS) ​​

Cockatoos seized on March 13, 2018 in the Philippines, as part of the one of the main seizures ever made in this country (AFP – NOEL CELIS) ​​

Four suspects were arrested.

Among the animals seized were also seven red paradise birds and 26 Moluccan cockatoos that the International Union for nature conservation (IUCN) considers endangered.

The Maluku cockatoo is considered a species threatened with extinction by the international convention on trade in animals, suspects face up to 12 years in prison Under Philippine Wildlife Legislation

 Cockatoo seized on March 13, 2018 in the Philippines as part of one of the largest seizures ever made in this country (AFP - NOEL CELIS) ​​

Cockatoos seized on March 13, 2018 in the Philippines in the context of one of the largest seizures ever made in this country (AFP – NOEL CELIS) ​​

Despite this legislation, the illegal trade in Wildlife is flourishing in the Philippines where it is growing more and more via social networks.

Hundreds of Parisians gathered in Paris to "save the banks" of the Seine

To the rallying cry "Save the banks", hundreds of people – 800 according to the police, 2,000 according to the organizers – gathered Saturday to defend the pedestrianization of the bank right bank in the heart of Paris, a " emblematic site "for the mayor Anne Hidalgo fight against air pollution.

" The banks are ours ", launched Olivier Blond, head of the collective of a dozen associations who called the meeting on pedestrian quays, along the Seine, addressing pedestrians, cyclists and families together under a beautiful spring sun in a festive atmosphere.

Mayor PS of Paris, came "to support this action citizen "among the elected officials of its municipal majority (PS, PCF, Ecologists) adorned with their scarves, greeted before the crowd" an emblematic site ", recalling that Paris had" given its name to the agreement on climate ". 19659002] "We are here for our children to breathe an air of quality, "she said," we are in the sense of history, it is we who bear the future, "she added, ensuring that this mobilization was" followed by all the mayors of the world who are fighting the same fights as us. "

" It's a peaceful fight, "she said, but" it's not the urgency, it's not the polemics that will to back down on the long time that policies must integrate. "

Corinne Lepage, former Minister of the Environment under the Juppé government and author of an Air Law, felt it needed" a lot of courage to tackle air pollution and we owe a lot to Anne Hidalgo who faced storms. "

" There are oppositions and we can understand it, but today we face two priorities , the issue of health and climate change that is trading even less, "added Ms. Lepage noting that" the environmental law is not perfected appropriately adapted. "

-" Abandoning his car "-

Elected officials of Val-De-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis as its president Stéphane Troussel (PS) were present, as well as the candidate to the direction of the PS Luc Carvounas (Val-de-Marne)

In the middle of the bicycles and the banners, a huge balloon proclaims "Change of air".

Yann Gourvennec, company leader came by bicycle, was there because he "uses the docks every day to go to work."

"Most of the cars that passed on the banks were people who do not live in Paris," says Stéphane Ludwig , a teacher in his thirties, judging "inadmissible that (non-Parisians) mobilize to pollute us."

His little daughter in hand, Elvire believes that "it is a very good idea to keep the banks to the pedestrians ". "I am often near Boulevard Saint-Germain, it is true that it is more clogged than usual but it is a necessary step for everyone to get used to abandoning their car." [19659002] Eve, producer, passes by chance but, opposed to the pedestrianization, denounces an "authoritarian decision" of the mayor, and plague against the "dilapidated" public transport that she uses daily.

About fifteen people have manifested away, behind a banner proclaiming "Fight against pollution Save our RER first", denouncing the "authoritarian decision" to close the banks and the "disregard of Paris for its suburbs", according to the association The Vignette of Respect

This pedestrianization, at the heart of a controversy between Paris and the suburbs, elected from right and left, was canceled last month by the administrative court. Mrs. Hidalgo has resumed a decree this week of closure to traffic, 3.3 km from the Georges-Pompidou lane, from the quay below the entrance to the Tuileries tunnel (1st arrondissement) at the exit of the tunnel Henri-IV ( IV).

Hundreds of people protest in front of US embassy in Jakarta

Declaration of recognition is in line with the interests of Israel which has long claimed Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Zionist state and can not be shared with the Palestinians. Israel has established its unilateral claim through the Basic Law of Jerusalem endorsed by the Knesset (parliament of Israel) in 1980.

This trumpy controversial statement triggered the wrath of Muslims worldwide, including Indonesia. About 500 people from various elements, including Nahdhatul Ulama, Al-Aqsa Working Group, on Friday (8/12), held a rally in front of the American Embassy in Jakarta. Similar demonstrations also took place in several areas.

The demonstrators carried banners, among them the words "Trump is Enemy of Humanity," "Jerusalem Will Never Be the Capital of Israel," and "Jerusalem Remains the Capital of Palestine."

In addition to bertakbir, the demonstrators also shouted yells "Jerusalem of Our Rights."

Protesters from Nahdahtul Ulama burned American flags and the words "Fuck Trump" with used tires. There was a mutual thrust when the police tried to extinguish the fire. Nearly 100 police were on guard without weaponry during the demonstration.

Al-Aqsa Group Director Agus Sudarmaji explained his side had a number of attitude statements. First, rejects Trump's plan to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv's Capital to Jerusalem

"It is a statement validating Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, whereas Jerusalem is not Israel's," Agus said. "Jerusalem belongs internationally under international law, and secondly we support the diplomatic action of Indonesia to commit rejection acts."

Through demonstrations protesting against Trump's controversial remarks, Agus hopes Indonesians will keep abreast of the situation in the Middle East. He also expects Americans to hear rejection submitted by Indonesian Muslims.

Agus further said it still believes diplomacy is the best way to help the Palestinians free from Israeli occupation.

Chairman of the Association of Students Nahdhatul Ulama (IPNU) Asep Irfan Mujahid emphasized Trump's announcement of Jerusalem violating the United Nations agreement and violating the rights of the Palestinian people. "We want Donald Trump to rectify his statements, which must be drawn back, and demand the United Nations to recognize the full independence of Palestine, the sovereignty of Palestine as a whole country, "said Asep.

Chairman of the Indonesia-Palestine Friendship Initiative Din Syamsuddin said Jerusalem should not be controlled by a country.

" Jerusalem as a holy city, each Jewish, Muslim, Christian "said Din.

The United Nations Security Council plans to hold an emergency session Friday to discuss America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League will also hold meetings to discuss similar agendas. [fw/lt]