Amazon more than ever in the eye of Hurricane Trump

President Donald Trump Again Targeted the Internet Giant Amazon Saturday, Denouncing the Group of the World's Richest Man, Jeff Bezos for his tax practices and his use of the American Post, for the second time in three days. "Since we are talking about it, it is said that the US Post is losing an average of $ 1.5 each parcel delivered by Amazon, which makes billions of dollars in total," Donald Trump said in a first morning tweet.

Saying quote the New York Times, he says that this newspaper "indicates that + the size of the group's lobbying team has exploded +". Then he tackles the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, writing that these alleged teams of Amazon lobbyists "do not include the Fake Washington Post, which is used as a + lobbyist + and should REGISTER as such". "If La Poste + increased its prices for parcels, Amazon's delivery costs would rise by $ 2.6 billion." The La Poste scam must stop, Amazon must pay the real price (and its taxes) now! " , concludes US President.

Fall of stock market action

The Washington Post quickly responded to these accusations in an online article informing about these tweets: "The Post operates independently of Amazon, although this media is owned personally by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. " On Thursday, the US president had already publicly worried, in a tweet, the little tax that he think Amazon would pay in the United States. The day before, Wednesday, rumors about his desire to frame the domination of the Internet giant had dropped the share price on the stock market.

If the antipathy of the American president for the founder of Amazon is Well known, the case was indeed relaunched Wednesday by an article on the site Axios stating the "obsession" of the US president for Amazon and his desire to attack the group through antitrust laws. In the past, Amazon has been criticized many times, in the United States as well as in Europe, for its tax optimization practices that have led to a sharp drop in taxes. But that changed with the rise in profits of the company, which paid $ 412 million in taxes to the federal government in 2016.

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Hurricane Friederike Kills 9 People in Northern Europe

Hurricane Friederike, which hit northern Europe, reportedly killed nine people, including two firefighters. The storm, which brings in a strong wind, disrupts flight activity and rail operations in various European countries.

As reported by AFP this storm killed six people in Germany. The death toll consists of two firefighters who are on duty for emergency operations and two truck drivers whose vehicles are carried by a very strong wind.

Another dead victim was a driver who lost control of his vehicle and eventually crashed into a truck. The sixth victim in Germany was a 59-year-old man who fell by fallen trees in North Rhine-Westphalia.

German police call super strong winds blowing at speeds of up to 203 kilometers per hour in the Brocken region, which is the highest peak in northern Germany.

In the strongly wind-stricken Dutch, two people were reportedly killed. The first victim, a 62-year-old man, was killed by a fallen tree limb in the town of Olst. The man was struck by a tree branch as he stepped out of the truck to remove the debris blocking the road. The second victim was also a 62-year-old man, killed after a car he driven by fallen trees in the Enschede region.

Not only Germany and the Netherlands, Friederike storms also claimed lives in Belgium. A woman was reportedly killed after a car he driven by fallen trees in the Grez-Doiceau forest area, about 35 kilometers south of the capital Brussels.

Hurricane Friederike disrupted all transport operations in the three countries. The German long-distance rail service was forced to stop for a full day. While most flight activities were canceled due to the dangerous high winds.

According to the German Weather Forecast Agency, this Friederike storm was recorded as the most devastating storm that hit Germany since 2007. The train passengers trapped in the station were given a free hotel voucher. "We have to protect our passengers and staff," said German Railway Operator spokesman Achim Strauss.

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam was also forced to cancel all flights, due to the strong winds blowing up to 140 kilometers per hour in some parts of the Netherlands. Flight activity resumed, but passengers were advised to check their flight status. Airport authorities say at least 320 flights have been canceled.

Chaos also struck the streets of the Netherlands, with reports the Dutch traffic office said there were 66 trucks whose roof flew in high winds. Vehicles are prohibited from passing through open streets and on bridges.

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Hurricane Eleanor Fly the Alps, Snow Blossom Ski Resort

 Thick snow has piled up ski resorts of the Cervinian Alps in Italy and Adelboden in Switzerland. This is caused by eleanor storms in Europe.

Reported by the BBC citing Italian media, Saturday (6/1/2018), snow as thick as 2 meters stockpile area of ​​the Aosta Valley, Italy. As a result, 10,000 tourists are trapped on the scene.

A similar situation also occurs in Adelboden. Local military personnel deployed to clear the debris from the avalanche of snow.

This extreme weather threatens the World Cup of ski scheduled this weekend at Adelboden. As local media reported Frutigen, the snow avalanche cut off access to the resort.

However, from reports in the Swiss media that the race can still proceed. On the other hand, a tourist in Cervinia, Archie Cadman-Jones, said the access road to Valtournenche was closed due to an avalanche.

"The main road to Valtournenche is closed due to the risk of avalanche, all the way to clear snow, like diggers, shovels, snowmowers," Jones explained.
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Pope Prays for Philippine Hurricane Victims

Pope Francis says he prayed for the inhabitants of Mindanao, a Philippine island devastated by floods and landslides.

Pope Francis welcomed residents in St. Peter's Square on Sunday saying the storm "caused the victims and destruction ". He said so several hours before celebrating the Christmas Eve Mass.

Pope Francis said he wanted to convince the Mindanao people about his prayers. He prayed that "God compassion received the souls of those who died and comforted all who suffered because of this calamity."

He urged the people residing in the square: "Let's pray for these people . " During his Angelus message, the Pope also called for "peace for the whole world" and to free the abducted religious people. [my/al]

Philippines Hurricane Hits, At least 133 Killed

Police and disaster response officials in the Philippines say at least 133 people were killed and dozens more disappeared by tropical storms triggering mudslides and floods.

A number of deaths were reported Friday in Tubod, Mindanao. A policeman at Tubod said, "The surface of the river water rises and almost all the houses are carried away. The village does not exist anymore. "

The walls of the buffer rocks that serve to protect the city of Piagapo were damaged by flash floods that buried 40 houses in the city.

Police say about 12,000 people were forced to flee to higher areas.

The Philippines regularly faces about 20 storms each year, and this storm attack generally occurs at the end of the year.

In November 2013, Haiyan storm struck the Philippines as one of the most deadly storms in history. The storm, also known in the Philippines as the Yolanda storm, has killed 7,800 people.

The Philippine weather watchdog says over the past 65 years, there are at least seven storms that struck the Philippines around Christmas. [ab]