Yemen Military Chief of Staff Hurt by Houthi Mine Explosion

 Yemen's military chief of staff was hit by a landmine explosion while conducting an inspection to the northern province of al-Jouf. In the province there is a fierce battle between government forces against the Houthi rebels.

Senior Yemeni government official said as quoted by news agency Reuters, Saturday (6/1/2018), Brigadier General Taher al-Aqeeli suffered minor injuries from a mine blast that occurred on Friday (5/1) local time. The explosion occurred while he was inspecting government bases in Khub wa al-Sha'af, the largest district of al-Jouf province.

Forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government succeeded in retaking most of the district fighting with Houthi rebels last month.

The Houthis claimed that Aqeeli and some of his assistants were wounded by the rebel group's mine blasts. According to the Houthi, Aqeeli's injuries are serious.

President Hadi appointed Aqeeli in September 2017 to replace Major General Mohammed al-Maqdeshi, who was appointed presidential advisor.

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Relations with Terror Groups Can Hurt Pakistan Territorial Controls

The United States has warned Pakistan that they could lose control over its territory unless Islamabad breaks off links with terrorist groups operating in the country that are "big and influential".

American Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson issued the warning when America and Pakistan were involved in a new diplomatic effort to improve bilateral ties with disbelief and find "equality" to support peace in neighboring Afghanistan.

"We want to work with Pakistan to combat terrorism, as well as within Pakistan, but Pakistan must begin the process of changing ties with the Haqqani Network and others, "Tillerson said at a public talkshow in Washington on Tuesday.

The US-led military coalition helps Afghan security and defense forces (ANDSF) to counter the resurgence the Taliban insurgency.

Guerrilla wan and leader of the Haqqani allies allegedly masterminded attacks from holy sites in Pakistan and with the help of Pakistan's spy agencies.

"Pakistan has allowed so many terrorist organizations to take refuge in its territory, and these organizations are growing in great terms and "Tillerson added that he had warned Pakistani leaders that the terrorist group could distract them from Kabul and decide to prefer Islamabad as a target.

Although there has been no official response to Tillerson's remarks, a senior official the Pakistani government rejected the American claim as unfounded. [my/jm]