The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 103 People

 An ambulance suicide bombing took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, two days ago. The death toll increased from 95 to 103.

Reporting from ABC News, Monday (29/1/2018), information on the death toll is delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs of Afghanistan, Wais Barmak. The total number of wounded victims is 235 people from 150 people.

The incident occurred on Saturday (27/1) local time. The Taliban claimed to be the party responsible for the attack.

Kabul police say the blast occurred near the entrance of the former Interior Ministry building. This area is quite famous as a shopping location.

"I was at the store at that time I heard a big bomb," said a shopkeeper on site, Haji Wali.

"I came out and helped those who were injured, so many injured people were lying on the path to the mall," he added.

Reuters reported, security forces warned of possible subsequent attacks. Incidents of suicide bombing became the deadliest in Afghanistan in a year back.

The Taliban claimed their attack was a message to US President Donald Trump. Trump is thought to have sent more US troops to Afghanistan by 2017, as well as ordering aerial raids.
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The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 95, 158 Injuries

The death toll from an explosion in an ambulance in Kabul, Afghanistan has grown to 95. About 158 ​​others were injured.

"Now (death toll) reached 95 people dead, 158 injured," said Afghan Health Ministry spokesman Waheed Majroh as quoted by AFP on Saturday (27/1/2018).

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Taliban militants claimed the bombing. The attack came just a week after the deadly attack at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul that killed more than 20 people. The Taliban also claimed the attack on the luxury hotel.
MP, Mirwais Yasini, who was near the scene of the explosion, said an ambulance drove near a police checkpoint, close to the office of the High Peace Council and a number of foreign embassies, and then exploded.
He said he saw a number of people lying on the ground after the car bomb explosion.

A cloud of smoke rises from the blast site. Buildings that are a few meters from the location had shaken by the explosion of the bomb.

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Two Former US Secretary of State Reminds Increased Nuclear Threats

Two former US foreign ministers honored on Thursday reminded members of Congress about the rising nuclear dangers resulting from North Korea's efforts to develop atomic weapons and how to throw them on target.

Henry Kissinger – who served in the Nixon government and Ford – highlighted the "systemic failure of the world order" to address nuclear proliferation. "The most direct challenge to international security is the evolution of North Korea's nuclear program," Kissinger said at a hearing on the Committee The Senate Armed Forces; and adds that North Korea's defiance of the international community could have an impact elsewhere.

"If North Korea can maintain its stability against China and America's opposition, and disagreement over the rest of the world, other nations must feel this is a way to reach an important position in (19659002) "Denuclearization of North Korea should be a fundamental goal, we must prepare ourselves for the proliferation of nuclear to another country," he added.

Schultz expressed concern about what he saw as a change of attitude about the use of nuclear weapons.

"President Reagan considers nuclear weapons immoral, and we – the Reagan administration – are working hard to reduce it," Schultz said. "I'm afraid people have lost fear about

nuclear weapons, and now we see everything going the other way. The more countries have nuclear weapons, the more likely that nuclear incident will occur somewhere and the more nuclear material everywhere making it easier for people to make nuclear weapons.

Schultz adds the rapid spread of advanced technology presents a security challenge, whereby countries can use cheap aircraft to deliver conventional bombs and other weapons than military aircraft.

Kissinger approves this view. [em/al]

American Manufacturers End 2017 with Increased Production

American companies grew faster during December, boosted by a sharp rise in new orders. The 19459005 Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said Wednesday its manufacturing index rose to 59.7 last month from 58.2 in November.

Any number above 50 points indicates factory activity the greater one. The manufacturing sector grew over the last 16 months.

"With a report like this, I can not do anything but smile," said Tim Fiore, chairman of the ISM manufacturing business survey committee.

The US manufacturing sector this year is driven by the strengthening of the economy global and declining value of the dollar, which helps make exports more competitive abroad.

Companies will soon see whether lower corporate taxes for companies signed into law by President Donald Trump will help boost profits and growth (19659002) New orders jumped in December to the highest level since January 2004. Production also increased Recruitment rate declined, although still positive ISM, the purchasing managers association, said 16 out of 18 manufacturing industries expanded in December. [19659002] Included in growth sectors are machinery, computers and electronics d chemicals. Other figures show steady growth.

The Federal Reserve said that November factory output rose at an annual rate of 2.4 percent. According to the Census Bureau, during the first 10 months of this year, factory orders increased 5.6 percent. [my/al]