Monitoring of fishing vessels by satellite gives new information

BIG DATA. NGOs Global Fishing Watch Sky Truth and the National Geographic Society with its Pristine Project seas as well as the American Universities of Santa Barbara and Stanford and Canadian Dalhousie, with the support of Google, pooled their skills to aggregate the billions of data provided by the satellite monitoring of fishing boats. fishing . Work that could not be done sooner. " Just a few years ago, we had neither the computing power, nor a sufficient number of satellites in orbit, nor the techniques to perform machine learning of this magnitude on large data sets, [19459014explainsinastatementBrianSullivanco-authorofthestudyfor Google Earth Outreach. All three are now at our disposal, and this has allowed us to dramatically improve our ability to follow and understand human interactions with our natural environment . "

This is indeed twenty years that the vessel monitoring system exists on a worldwide scale, at least for industrial vessels over 36 meters (in Europe the gauge is 12 meters since 2012). This monitoring is intended to combat illegal unreported and unregulated fishing which represents nearly 25 billion dollars a year. But the lack of computing power prevented you from having a global view of this activity. The results just published Science show a sector that is far from effective and sustainable

Increasing fishing effort for stagnant catches

MANAGEMENT. The exploitation of 22 billion data recorded between 2012 and 2016 gives an assessment of 70 000 registered fishing vessels cruising 55% of the surface of the seas. This represents an area four times greater than agriculture, a comparison which nevertheless deserves to be weighted: the fishing activity exploits a wild resource unlike agriculture. The energy effort is spinning. In 2016, 37 million hours of fishing were observed and the ships traveled more than 460 million kilometers "is 600 times the return distance from the Earth to the Moon ," note the researchers . The energy consumed represents 20 billion kWh per year. However, catches have stagnated for twenty years around 90 million annual tons of fish. All data are available on this graphical interface

The global ecological footprint of industrial fishing. © Global fishing watch

With such precision, researchers can know the days off from fishermen around the world! But they can also see if there is a match between fishing effort and natural life cycles such as fish reproduction periods or migrations. Profitability comes at the expense of sustainable and reasonable management of the resource, note the authors of the study, although satellite monitoring reveals areas where fishing is managed properly. This is the main teaching of the study and its essential utility. Global managers now have a tool to better manage the exploitation of the marine resource. "I think most people will be surprised to learn that for vast expanses of ocean, we did not really know where the fishing was going," explains in Global Fishing's release. Watch Chris Costello, co-author of the study and economist at the University of Santa Barbara, California. This new real-time dataset will be instrumental in establishing better management of the world's oceans. "

Pentagon No Limit Information Release on Coalition Business in Afghanistan

The Pentagon says it does not intend to limit the release of vital information about American Enterprises and the coalition in Afghanistan, which blames "human error in labeling."

The main American Superintendent for US business in Afghanistan issued its quarterly report to Congress on Tuesday , who strongly criticized military officials for censoring information on the number of areas under government or under insurgent groups such as the Taliban

"This development is troubling for some reason, at least, that this is the first time, the office of the Inspector General specifically instructed not to release information marked 'unclassified' to American taxpayers, "said John Sopko, Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan, also known as Sigar.

But officials in Operation Resolute Support, led by NATO, give advice and "It is not the Purpose of Resolute Support Operations to withhold or classify the information available in previous reports," Captain Tom Gresback's Resolute Support spokesman said in a statement.


Former CIA Officer Arrested For Storing Confidential Information

A former CIA officer has been arrested and charged for illegally storing national defense information, the US Attorney said Tuesday.

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, or Zhen Cheng Li, 53, was arrested Monday (15/1), when arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York. Lee, an American citizen, currently resident in Hong Kong, and began working as a CIA officer since 1994.

He was brought to trial in New York on Tuesday, but will be charged in northern Virginia where the headquarters of the CIA have an office. He was accused of illegally storing national defense information and facing the threat of a 10-year sentence if found guilty.

Prosecutors say in 2012, FBI agents who searched Lee's hotel room while he traveled to Virginia and Hawaii, found two notebooks containing secret information, including names and phone numbers from CIA agents, notes from meetings, locations operational meeting, location of a secret facility.

According to a report compiled by FBI agents, Lee has been interviewed by the FBI five times in 2013 and never disclosed the ownership of the notebook. He also met his former colleagues at the CIA without returning the materials to the government, the Attorney General's office said in a statement. [ps/jm]

CIA Information Helps Russia Foil Terror Attack Petersburg

The Kremlin on Sunday (18/12), said the authorities foiled the ISIS plan to launch a series of bombings at St. Petersburg after receiving information from the Central American Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Moscow says Russian President Vladimir Putin telephoned US President Donald Trump to thank the CIA's information. The White House confirmed the telephone conversation.

Russia said the intelligence information was significant for the Federal Security Service to track seven suspects last week who planned a suicide bombing on Saturday against the 200-year-old Kazan Cathedral , and other places in Russia's second largest city. Three more were arrested on Sunday. According to the authorities, they are related to the plan of the attack.

The authorities seized a large number of explosives for making homemade bombs, automatic rifles, ammunition and extremist literature.

Moscow said Putin asked Trump to express his gratitude to the CIA and that Russia will later share information gained about the possibility of terrorist attacks in America, as he said in the past.

The White House says Trump and Putin agreed to share intelligence information "is a positive example that can happen if we cooperate with each other."

The telephone conversation between the two leaders on Sunday was the second in four days and was done when the American-Russian relationship was at an opposite point. [ka]

Cloud Clothing, Where to Store Information That Can Be Worn

For individuals, storing information on i-Cloud means that information can be accessed anywhere as long as there is a connection to the internet. This can be cheap and useful, but since all the data will be back and forth it is not as safe as keeping everything on your phone or computer at home. Well what if that information can you wear?

Here's the idea behind the research on "cloud clothing" supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Raqib Hasan, a student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama, puts all his data in a private cloud.

"I think that this very private mobile 'cloud' data storage can be carried wherever you want, or wherever you are go away, this would seem to be the way in the future, "Hasan said.

Cloud computing allows users to store their information on computers remotely and not on personal computers.

Data storage in the cloud protects the loss of data due to the destruction of computers, and allows access to data wherever there is an internet connection. But these data-storage centers often tempt the hackers, so Hasan seeks to create storage that can follow you wherever you go.

"Part of my research is focused on how you can create other storage areas next to local storage," Hasan said.

Like the prototype of a data storage jacket with these 10 very small computers, a private wifi hotspot, extra batteries and even solar panels to recharge batteries.

"We are making vests that you can wear on the inside of any outfit. If you want to make "smart clothing" then just wear this vest in the clothes then it will be "smart clothes". You can do the same thing if you want to make a "smart outfit," he continued.

This app is as much as our imagination, from "smart bracelets" to a kind of personal alert system, "smart hospital gowns" to monitor patient health, and military equipment that can track battlefields in real time or "real-time battlefield", and search and rescue missions.

"There may be so many images or computing capabilities to search for victims, using different tools. If some members of the SAR team wear a jacket like this, maybe they can use the data processed by the jacket itself, "Hasan added.

The security factor increases because the data storage or" cloud "is not on a remote server, but is in your body.

"My goal is to make the user in power. Users should be able to control what happened to the data and now the storage is an important part that does not yet exist, "he said.

Hasan seeks to make his gear this easier to use. He envisions a future in which smart phones, watches, and fitbits can work together, by connecting to the clothes on the back. [em/al]