Fire on Trump Tower Roof, At Least 2 Injuries

At least 2 people were injured, including one in serious condition, in a fire on the roof of the Trump Tower in Manhattan, NY, early Monday (8/1).

When the incident occurred, President Trump was in Washington DC and was given an explanation about this.

The son of the president, Eric Trump, via Twitter said the alleged fire occurred due to electrical short circuit, but the investigation is still ongoing. He praised the speed of damkar officials putting out fire on the roof of the 68-story building and thanked him.

The Trump Tower, located in the heart of Manhattan, became Donald Trump's home and family before he was elected president 2016. [em]

Six Army of Myanmar Injuries Attacked by Rohingya Rebel

Six Myanmar soldiers were wounded in rebel attacks in the northern state of Rakhine from where hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh since the army launched its August raids after a militant attack on police posts, officials said.

The military said in a statement posted on the Commander-in-Chief Facebook page that the attackers of the Arakan Rohingya Rescue Army, a militant group accused of attacking police posts.

More than 20 rebels using homemade bombs attacked army trucks, which came from Taungpyo district in Rakhine on Friday, the government said in a statement on its Facebook page.

Six wounded soldiers were transported to army hospitals, border guards police official Sann Oo said by telephone on Saturday.

During this time, the military usually retaliates against the Rohingyas after such attacks.

Attacks of killings, rape and arson by security forces and their allies Buddhist plot has pushed over 850,000 of the 1.3 million Rohingyas have fled from the country in recent years. [gp]