ISIS Continues to Enter Philippines, MILF Leader Reminds 'Second Marawi'

The leader of the largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), warned of a potential 'second Marawi'. This refers to the influx of radical Islamist militants Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) into the Philippines.

As reported by AFP and Reuters Tuesday (20/2/2018), Murad Ebrahim who is the leader of the MILF says pro-ISIS militants in the Philippines continue to be purged of booty rifles and money cash. This situation, according to him, could trigger the latest attacks such as the attack on Marawi last year. The MILF has signed a peace deal with the Philippine government some time ago.

The pro-ISIS five-month militant raid on Marawi, Mindanao in 2017 reportedly killed more than 1,100 people. Murad insisted that the situation on the ground is currently quite 'ripe' for similar attacks in other Philippine cities, or the second Marawi attack.

"The ISIS group continues to pervade as they are expelled in the Middle East and they want to have another place," Murad said. "The other Marawi's opportunities can not be ruled out," he added.

Mentioned Murad, ISIS militants pushed in Iraq and Syria continue to flow into the southern Philippines. Murad did not mention the exact number of ISIS militants entering the Philippines. He simply stated the militants were moving to the stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf group, which often kidnaps foreigners and hijacks the ship. There, they recruited new fighters from remote Muslim communities.

This recruitment is suspected to be carried out to launch a new offensive in the Philippines. Murad mentions that there are two cities that may be the target of pro-ISIS group attacks in the Philippines.

"Based on our own intelligence information, foreign fighters expelled from the Middle East continue to enter our border gap and may plan to take two cities to the south – Iligan and Cotabato," he said without elaborating. The two cities are known to be within 38 kilometers and 265 kilometers from Marawi.

Murad also said that the MILF continues to fight against pro-ISIS militant efforts infiltrated the madrassas and secular universities to influence their ideology. "These extremists enter the madrassa, teach young Muslims about their own version of the Qur'an and some enter local universities to influence students, plant seeds of hatred and violence," Murad said.

According to Murad, pro-ISIS militants also exploited delays the discussion of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) legislation allowing local Muslim communities to run their own autonomy. He also encouraged the government of President Rodrigo Duterte to speed up the discussion of BBL. "If that (BBL) is not passed now, I think it will trigger a situation where extremist groups can recruit more followers, as this will prove their theory that there is no hope in the peace process," Murad said. "Given they have the ability to supply money and then they also have the ability to assemble explosives, bombs, they can use young followers to run their plans," he added.

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Join ISIS, Young Women Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison in Iraq

An Iraqi court sentenced a six-year jail sentence against a young German girl. The 17-year-old boy was convicted of being a member of the radical group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

An Iraqi judicial source told AFP on Tuesday (20/2/2018) that the German teenager was sentenced to five years in prison for being a member of ISIS and sentenced to one year in prison for illegally entering Iraqi territory . The teen's identity was not released to the public.

On January 21, a German woman of Moroccan descent was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court. The woman was found guilty of indictment of providing 'logistical support and assisting terrorist groups to commit crimes'.

The two Germans were among the hundreds of alleged ISIS foreigners detained by Iraqi authorities. In December 2017, Iraqi authorities declared victory over ISIS after three years of fighting.

German media reports identified the dead German woman as Lamia K. He reportedly left Mannheim in August 2014 and captured Iraqi military forces in Mosul in the final stages in July 2017.

In addition to the two men who have been convicted, there are still two other German women detained in Iraq. One of them is a teenager named Linda W who disappeared from his home in Saxony in 2016. When meeting with German journalists in Baghdad last year, Lindi claimed to regret his actions and wanted to go home to his family.

In a separate case, an alleged French militant who has been convicted seven months in prison for illegally entering Iraq, ordered to be released and deported.

Later on Sunday (18/2) local time, a Turkish woman was sentenced to death for joining ISIS. The other 11 foreign women, who are the widows of the dead militants, were sentenced to life imprisonment on the same indictment.

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ISIS Attacks Iraqi Militia Convoy Near Kirkuk, 25 Dead

Members of the radical group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked a convoy of militia-backed militia fighters in Kirkuk. At least 25 people were killed in the attack.

As reported by Reuters Monday (19/2/2018), that initially 12 militia were killed instantly in an attack near Kirkuk, on Sunday (18/2) night local time it.

But then 13 bodies of other militia members were found near the scene of the attack. A number of gunshot wounds were found on the corpse.

In a separate statement, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

An Iraqi security official says Iraqi security forces are hunting down ISIS militants who carry out the attack. It was mentioned that ISIS militants who carried out attacks deliberately disguised as Iraqi police in action.

This month, the Iraqi army launched an operation to strengthen control of the mountainous area near the town of Kirkuk. The city was known as an oil city and was previously the location of Iraq's oil delivery transit.

The Iraqi authorities declare victory over ISIS in December 2017. Since 2014, ISIS has seized and seized control of nearly a third of Iraq's territory, primarily strategic territory.

After Iraq declared victory, ISIS continues to launch armed attacks and bombings in Baghdad and other Iraqi territories.

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Philippines Captures ISIS Unit Commander With His Beloved

An Egyptian man alleged to be the commander of a radical group unit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was arrested in the Philippines. He was arrested with a Filipino lady who was his lover.

As reported by local media, CNN Philippines and the Singapore media, Straits Times Monday (19/2/2018), a foreign man named Fehmi Lassqued was arrested by Philippine security forces over the weekend yesterday.

CNN Philippines calls Lassqued a Tunisian citizen. However Straits Times mentions Lassqued as an Egyptian citizen using a fake passport originating from Tunisia.

Philippine Police Chief, Director-General Ronald Dela Rosa, told a press conference that Lassqued was arrested along with his girlfriend, Anabel Salipada, a Filipino citizen. Both were arrested in the Emita district of Manila, Philippines.

The 32-year-old Salipada is said to have originated from the town of Tupi in Maguindanao Province, known to be a local militant base.

A number of firearms and materials for making pipe bombs were seized from Lassqued. Both Lassqued and Salipada were charged with possession of firearms, ammunition and assembled bomb components.

In a press conference, Dela Rosa referred to Lassqued as 'commander' and 'government negotiator' at ISIS in Syria.

"In the Philippines he is a recruiter, but he is a former negotiator between ISIS and local government officials in Syria and Turkey He is a former ISIS commander in Syria and Turkey We have confiscated an ISIS flag from him, "said Dela Rosa.

According to Dela Rosa, Lassqued entered the Philippines since July 2016 with a fake passport. While in the Philippines, he is known to travel 'out and into Manila' frequently. To the local journalist, Lassqued admits he was a 'former ISIS member'. He became a second foreign citizen associated with ISIS who was arrested in the Philippines this year.

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ISIS Claims Shooting in Russian Church Kills 5 Persons

 A man in Dagestan, Russia, shoots new churchgoers from the church. At least five people were killed and five others injured in the shootings claimed by radical groups Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Reported by a number of Russian media quoting the local health ministry as reported by Reuters on Monday (19/2/2018), the shooting occurred in the village of Kizlyar, the Dagestan region where many Russian Muslims live on Sunday 18/2) local time.

In its statement, ISIS claimed responsibility for this shooting. The claim was delivered via the ISIS news agency, Amaq. But the ISIS does not provide further evidence to support the claim.

Russian news agencies call this shooting occurred as churchgoers are celebrating Maslenitsa, a Christian religious celebration in Russia that marks the last day before entering a pre- -According to the local Orthodox calendar.

The TASS news agency quoting the Russian Investigation Commission, reported the shooter had been identified as a 22-year-old local man.

According to TASS, the shooter was shot dead by a security officer on duty near the shooting site. A hunting rifle, a number of bullets and a knife were found carried by the perpetrator.

Initial reports say five dead were all female. While the injured, according to Interfax news agency, consists of two personnel of the local security service and two civilians who are both women. No mention of one other wounded.

Dagestan is a small republic in the Caucasus mountain region and borders on Chechnya, where Russia has fought against separatists and local radical groups since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Many residents in Chechnya are reported to join ISIS.
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