Trump treats James Comey, the ex-FBI director he fired, as a "proven liar"

Donald Trump on Friday treated "liar" James Comey, the former FBI director he fired and who has just published a brutally critical book of the US president, and believes it should be sued. "James Comey organized leaks and is a proven liar," tweeted the president early in the morning, accusing Mr. Comey of "fleeing CLASSIFIEES information, for which he should be pursued."

US President Donald Trump is an inveterate liar submitting his entourage to a code of loyalty recalling the attitude of a "mafia" leader, believes in his memoirs former FBI boss James Comey. In this much-anticipated book that leaked in the press Thursday, a few days before its release, the former police chief describes a tenant of the White House obsessed with details scabrous about him. Mr. Comey recounts that the president asked him to investigate allegations that he was confronted by Russian prostitutes in a hotel in Moscow in 2013.

"I am germophobic, it would not be possible for me to let people to be pee in front of me, "said the billionaire about sexual relations with prostitutes, during which they would have urinated on his request. "I missed a laugh," says Mr. Comey, according to this excerpt relayed by the Washington Post. This "file" was written by a former British intelligence agent on behalf of political opponents to the Republican candidate. Credited initially by American intelligence, its authenticity was then completely questioned.

During this discussion in the Trump Tower in January 2017, Mr. Trump asked the FBI leader to wring his neck in these affirmations which were very unfavorable to him "in case there is only one chance out of 100 that they are taken seriously by his wife, Melania", according to James Comey. This exchange with the president "made me return to the beginning of my career, when I was prosecutor against the Middle," he added. The former police chief described a mafia-like scene: "The silent circle that nods in. The boss who does day and night, the oaths of loyalty, the world view that all are against us." generalized, whether large or small, serving a kind of code of loyalty that places the organization above morality and truth. "

" This president is immoral, detached from the truth and institutional values ​​"

For James Comey," this president is immoral, detached from the truth and institutional values ​​". "His leadership is transactional, focused on ego and personal loyalty," he insists. James Comey's memoirs, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership", trace his 20-year career as New York Attorney and then Deputy Minister of Justice in the George W. Bush government, and head of the FBI. between 2013 and 2017.

In the White House as among Republican officials, the book has raised fears about the damage it could inflict on a Trump presidency already affected by rumors, dismissals and resignations. The Republican Party has already put online a site called "Lyin 'Comey" ("Comey the liar), where we can see scroll through a series of quotes of political figures, derogatory to the former boss The book, which comes out on April 17, has risen to the top of Amazon's pre-sales rankings, helped by Twitter's avenging messages from Donald Trump, who fired him in May 2017.

At an extraordinary hearing in the Senate, James Comey revealed the pressure from the White House, the fact that the President demanded his "loyalty" and asked him to abandon a part of the investigation into General Michael Flynn, his national security adviser, forced to resign.

(source: AFP)

James Dyson wants to intensify his race towards the electric car

The inventor and industry captain James Dyson told AFP his enthusiasm before the opening of his new research center on a former airfield in south-west England, where he wants to speed up the launch of his electric car.

"I refrain from talking to the builders because every time I ask it is delayed by a month! But normally it's early May," says the young British septuagenarian, founder of an empire industrial and billionaire.

The Dyson Company, which he created in the late 1970s and remains wholly owned, is about to take over his second research center in the United Kingdom, Hullavington, County of Wiltshire (South West England), a former Royal Air Force site under development.

"The 25 hectares of our first Malmesbury site are fully occupied with the addition of our university students, so any future expansion will be on the old airfield," says Dyson, whose Activities Bagless vacuum cleaner parts have extended to dry hair, air purifiers and batteries, before the expected launch of an electric car.

The 400 engineers and researchers dedicated to the development of this automobile, which Dyson wants to design and manufacture entirely like the American Tesla, will be the first to invest the new installations by moving from a few kilometers from Malmesbury to the new site ten times bigger.

– Asian Engine –

Dyson launched last year a five-year global investment plan of 2.5 billion pounds (2.8 billion euros) but this figure should probably be exceeded. [19659002] "We are not publicly traded and do not receive any public subsidies, we finance our investments with our profits, so if we are even more successful, we could move up a gear," says James Dyson.

Last year, the group raised its gross operating profit by 27% to around 800 million pounds (about 900 million euros) and 40% to 3.5 billion pounds ( 4 billion euros), according to the figures released Thursday by the group;

Beyond the United Kingdom, Europe and the Americas, where the group's revenues have increased by about 20%, this progress was generated mainly by the Asian engine.

Dyson has been lucky in this region since the beginning – keen on new technologies, Japanese consumers had welcomed the inventor's first bagless vacuum cleaners in the early 1980s. But today the potential of Asia in strong economic growth is multiplied.

"Japan has always been an important market for us, but now we can add China, South Korea, Taiwan and we have just launched ourselves in India," says James Dyson.

The group has a major operational center in Singapore – where its managing director is based – manufacturing and engineering centers in Malaysia and the Philippines and also a small R & D center in Shanghai, China. It is also in this region that the majority of Dyson's direct-selling stores were opened – a novelty for the group that previously sold mainly through distributors.

Supported by this Asian dynamic, Dyson raised its global workforce by 38% last year to 11,750 people, including 4,500 engineers and scientists.

– Not worried about Brexit –

In the end James Dyson was delighted with these "good" results that will enable his company to "invest more in new technologies". In the first place the electric car to which he will concentrate a large part of his means and whose development teams will be, he says, more comfortable in Hullavington to carry out the battery of necessary tests.

If the place of manufacture of this car is not yet decided between the United Kingdom and the Far East, James Dyson still sets the horizon for 2020 for the first sales.

At this point, the United Kingdom should have left the European Union but the inventor, who supported Brexit, does not seem worried. "I hope everything will be fine" in the negotiations between London and its partners, said this original voice and listened to in the United Kingdom. "It would make sense for Europe to conclude an agreement with the United Kingdom, the opposite would be damaging to both parties."

His company is not concerned in the first place: most Dyson products purchased in Europe as in the UK are imported from Asia where they are manufactured.