Japan Tuding China Transfer Cargo to North Korea

Japan says its military witnessed a cargo transfer between China and North Korea on the high seas and suspected that the action violated UN sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (2/2) a maritime ship and a escort ship found a North Korean-flagged tanker, identified as Yu Jong 2, was next to a small ship last Friday some 250 kilometers from Shanghai in the East China Sea.

The country of origin of the ship was unknown, but the ministry it says, the words "Min Ning De You 078" in Chinese is written on the ship's bow, which means oil ship from Ningde city, Fujian province, China.

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The ministry has reported the suspicious transfers to the UN Security Council. This is the third such incident reported by Tokyo this year.

Pyongyang is subjected to a series of sanctions by the UN Security Council for its ongoing test of nujlir and ballistic missiles. One such sanction is to prohibit all UN members from facilitating or involved in the transfer of goods to or from North Korean flag ships. [ab/lt]

Japan will buy at least 20 F-35A fighter jets

Japan plans to buy at least an additional 20 F-35A stealth fighter jets in six years. Some or all of it may be purchased directly from Lockheed Martin's plant in the United States, rather than assembling the aircraft domestically, Reuters reported, quoting three sources. [Seeingthebudgetandproductionscheduleanewpurchaseofabout25planesissufficientoneofthesourcesonthepurchaseplanThespeakersaskednottobeidentifiedbecausetheywerenotauthorizedtospeaktothemedia

Japanese speakers could save about $ 30 million per airframe by buying a complete aircraft from the United States, which sells for $ 100 million per plane.

Indonesia Signs Contract of Purchasing of 11 Russian Fighter

This purchase is in addition to the order of 42 fighter aircraft, most of which are assembled in "assembly and final inspection" in Japan, operated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (7011.T), the number one defense equipment contractor in Japan.

The factory is one of two similar plants outside the United States. Other plants are located in Italy, operated by Leonardo Spa.

Japanese military planners are also considering purchasing F35Bs, which can take off and land vertically.

"We have not made any plans yet and we are evaluating what fighter plan we need, "Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said in a press conference Tuesday when asked if Japan plans to buy F35Bs

Japan's Defense Ministry will release two defense reviews by the end of the year, which will expose Japan's security objectives and military purchase plans during five years starting from 2019. [fw/au]

Japan Trade Deficit Last Month for the First Time in 8 Months

Japan's trade sector started this year with strong indications despite a deficit for the first time in eight months due to rising oil prices and seasonal factors.

Customs data released Monday showed imports increased eight percent from a year earlier to 7.03 trillion yen ($ 66 billion). Exports jumped 12 percent to 6.09 trillion yen ($ 57.1 billion), resulting in a deficit of 943.4 billion yen ($ 8.8 billion).

Exports to China jumped 30 percent from a year earlier.

Oil prices has risen in one year, up from about $ 55 a barrel in January of 2017 to more than $ 70 a barrel last month. As a rare country of natural resources, Japan imports almost all non-renewable energy needs. Oil and gas imports and coal jumped nearly 10 percent in January from a year earlier to 1.6 trillion yen ($ 15 billion).

Japan's trade surplus with the United States fell 12 percent while exports rose slightly to 1.07 trillion yen or $ 1 billion . Increased imports of gas, gasoline, soybeans and machinery helped boost imports by nine percent from a year earlier to 717 billion yen ($ 6.7 billion). [gp]

Fire in Japan Kills 11 Seniors

Eleven elderly people were killed after a fire broke out at a nursing home for parents with financial difficulties in northern Japan, police said on Thursday. and dozens of firefighters are struggling to cope with fires in snow conditions. The following pictures show the remains of a charred building, and the roof collapsed from a fire.

The dead, eight men and three women, were among the 16 residents of the orphanage in Sapporo, Hokkaido, run by a local organization.

Five other residents escaped with minor injuries, a police spokesman told AFP, adding that authorities are investigating the identity of the victim.

Police say they have launched an investigation into the cause of the fires that were first detected at 11 o'clock : 42, Wednesday (31/1), through an emergency call, the spokesman said.

The facility is aimed at helping financially disabled parents by offering cheap accommodation and helping them find employment, NHK reports.

The facility usually does not have staff at night, according to local media reports. [ps/jm]

6 Foreign Students in Japan Arrested for Cocaine Ownership

 Six foreign students at Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan, were arrested for possession of cocaine. The six students are participants of the student exchange program.

Reporting from Japan Today, Wednesday (31/1/2018), Police said the arrest was made Monday (29/1) then. They do not deny ownership of the drug and claim to get it for free.

Six students between the ages of 20-26 years are known to originate from New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Switzerland, and Sweden. They were arrested for violating the Narcotics Act.

Three students reportedly gotten cocaine at the end of November 2017 when he visited a nightclub in Aoba Ward, Kanagawa. The other three said using the cocaine at university dorms some time after receiving for free.

Last month, a student exchange student from Australia was arrested for caught importing narcotics by mail. Police searched his room and found 6.5 grams of cocaine. Police suspect this student is a person who gave cocaine free of charge to six freshly arrested students.

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