The Protest of Trump About Jerusalem, The Twins 3 It's Given a Unique Name

The various reactions and ways shown by the Palestinians and the world condemned the statement of US President, Donald Trump about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As did the following couples.

The Nidal and Islam al-Saiqli couples of Khan Yunis, the Gaza Strip give names to their newborn 3 newborn babies with a unique name.

They named the baby Jerusalem, Capital and Palestine. Not without the intent and meaning of the naming,

Nidal and Islam gave a name to protest against Trump's decision to claim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"Alhamdulillah, I gave birth to triplets so we can name them to protest Trump's decision," said Islam, as quoted by AFP on Saturday (3/2/2018).

"Trump's decision is of no value. our eternal capital, "Nidal said.

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US Embassy to Move to Jerusalem in 2019

After announcing that the United States will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by the end of 2019, Vice President Mike Pence traveled four days in the Middle East on Tuesday to meet with the Israeli president and make a visit to the center "In the coming weeks, our government will advance its plans for the transfer of its embassy in Jerusalem and the US embassy will open before the end of next year," Pence told Knesset, the Israeli legislature, at Jerusalem.

"Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and, therefore, President Trump has directed the State Department to begin preparatory work to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem," he added.

Trump's decision shifted from a long-running American policy that allowed the status of Jerusalem an issue to be resolved n in negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has previously said that the relocation of the embassy is likely to take years. But on Monday, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert confirmed that the government "will advance its Embassy Transfer plan in Jerusalem and will open the embassy before the end of the year." Nauert said in a written statement that Tillerson "has made it clear that safety and security are his top priorities . "

Netanyahu thanked Trump and Pence for what he called" historic statements "and stated that the American-Israeli relationship" has never been as strong as it is now. "He then told reporters that the sooner the Palestinians" accepted the truth "About Jerusalem, the sooner the two parties can reach an agreement" that will create a better future for both nations. "[lt]

US Vice President meets Israeli PM in Jerusalem

US Vice President Mike Pence said Monday, "an honor for me to be in the Israeli capital, Jerusalem," which accentuated the American decision to recognize the city when he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Donald Trump shifted from the decades-old policy of America by saying Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, which initiated the process of transferring the American embassy there from Tel Aviv.

"In making the historic announcement of December 6, President Trump did so with confidence that by recognizing Jerusalem's capital Israel, this will create an opportunity to honestly push the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the issues that can be talked about and the President of Trump really believes to be resolved, "Pence said in a recent four-day trip in the Middle East.

Netanyahu thanked love Trump and Pence for what is called "

In addition to conducting some bilateral talks, Pence also addressed the Knesset, the Israeli legislature.

White House officials say the vice president will discuss the American-Israeli relations, ways of dealing with Iranian influence in the region and the strategy of the Syrian conflict.

In his speech at the Knesset, officials said Pence plans to say there is an opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to start talks and make the necessary sacrifices to a long-term peace agreement. [gp]

Jordan's King Concerned over the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The king told the vice president that his only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a two-state solution and that East Jerusalem should become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Jordan was the second stopover in the Middle East for 4 days vice president of the United States.

His first stop was Cairo where he promised that America would continue to support Egypt in its fight against terrorism.

Before flying to Israel, Pence would meet with American troops in the region.

in Knesset, the Israeli parliament and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu said Sunday (21/1) in his cabinet meeting that Pence was "a true and true friend of Israel." The prime minister added that he said the embarrassing act that the main Arab party in parliament was planning to boycott Pence's speech on Monday.

Pence, a conservative Christian, helped to drive the recognition of Jerusalem by the Americans as the capital of Israel, a decision welcomed by conservative Christians in United States.

Pence's visit to the Middle East is the highest-level visit by US officials to the region since President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December. Pence is not expected to meet with Palestinian leaders. [gp]

Discuss the Status of Jerusalem, 6 Middle East Ministers Meeting in Jordan

 Six foreign ministers from Middle Eastern countries gathered in Amman, Jordan. They discuss the status of Jerusalem that the United States claims to be the capital of Israel.

The six foreign ministers are from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Morocco.

Reported by Anadolu news agency on Saturday (6/1/2018), the Egyptian Foreign Ministry gave a statement that the meeting will defend the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

In addition, the meeting also aims to strengthen coordination of Middle Eastern countries to face national security.

The tension came after US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The world denounced Trump's statement until finally held UN General Assembly session.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution that rejected the United States decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The resolution approved by 128 countries out of a total of 193 member states, is considered an embarrassing blow to the US government. Especially the majority of EU countries that are allies of the United States, to support the resolution.
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