NATO, US and Afghan commanders set off meeting in Kabul

Military commanders of neighboring countries of Afghanistan, along with NATO and US commanders, held a meeting in Kabul on Tuesday to discuss cooperation in combating drug trafficking and terrorism.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said the meeting it seeks to find ways of dealing with security challenges together.

Officials say the delegation in the full-day meeting decided to continue cooperation for peace and stability in the region.

Pakistani army commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa also attended the meeting . American and Afghan officials have previously accused Bajwa troops of hiding Taliban personnel in Pakistan and have pressured the country to take action against them.

'Pakistan has eliminated all hideouts of terrorists in the region,' 'Bajwa said at the meeting as quoted by his spokesman. But Bajwa says Pakistani troops are now tracking and targeting '' remaining terrorists who exploit the existence of 2.7 million Afghan refugees and the absence of effective security coordination at the border. ''

Bajwa underlines that Pakistani territory can not be used against any country and it expects '' the same reciprocity '' and called for a "collaborative and assertive approach" to respond to the challenges facing the region.

The Afghan Army Chief, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan also attended the meeting. Similarly, the head of US CENTCOM General Joseph Votel and General John Nicholson, who heads the NATO Supporting Mission in Afghanistan. [em/jm]

Behind the Visit Screen Jokowi to Kabul

The visit of President Jokowi to Afghanistan seems to be summarized in a photograph taken by Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, who showed the Commander of the Security Forces of Major General TNI (Mar) Suhartono and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi prostrate on the floor when the party arrived back at the airport and ready to go to Jakarta. Pramono Anung whistles on Twitter "funny story and memorable visit to Afghanistan, Mr. Teten because tense forgot to bring clothes for cold air and wear blanket airplane to withstand the cold and thought of scholars from Indonesia; The Foreign Minister and Danpaspampres prostrate gratitude upon entering the plane. "Cuitan added tagar # AlhamdulillahSdhPulang.

VOA interviewed by telephone shortly after arriving in homeland on Wednesday (31/1), Pramono Anung said a few days before he departed and the Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has reported the last situation in the country and asked if the president will still come there

"I and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are asking directly to the president," father … with all these violent acts are you going to keep visiting? "And he replied that he would still be visiting "Bismillah just because I am convinced the Afghan government will treat and safeguard my security well," so less the president's answer. It was the one who believed he was to remain in Afghanistan, "said Pramono.

Three Attacks Happened A Few Days Before the Visit

At least three attacks ripped Kabul a few days before the arrival of Jokowi, the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in which there was an office of the Save the Children group on January 20 that killed 43 people, a suicide bombing near the Interior Ministry's old building on January 27 that killed more than 100 people and injured nearly 300 on January 28, against the military academy on January 29 that killed at least two people.

Pramono added: "At that time the intelligence and security forces advised him to wear bulletproof vests, and before boarding the plane all delegates – myself included – were wearing anti- bullet. But because the president does not wear it, then all end up not wearing. Alhamdulillah the visit was very successful, very well, we are greeted extraordinarily, and show that Indonesia is very serious in supporting the process towards peace in Afghanistan. "

The Last Visit of an Indonesian President to Afghanistan was in 1961 [19659003] Despite the very tight guard apparent on the president's travel routes and the location of the meeting, this did not diminish the warmth of the first visit of an Indonesian president in nearly six decades.The last visit was made by President Sukarno in May 1961.

As soon as President Joko Widodo came down from the car, President Ashraf Ghani immediately descended from the steps of the Agr Palace in Kabul to approach and embrace him.The first thing conveyed in the meeting was a condolence over the fall of so many innocent victims in a series of acts of violence.

President Jokowi said, pray for the victims to recover quickly and to family and relatives yes (19459003)

Indonesia Ensure the Development of Islamic Center in Kabul

Not only show sympathy for the ongoing violence and peace efforts undertaken, Indonesia ensures the continued development of the Indonesian Islamic IIC Center in Kabul, which will also be built health facilities. The complex complements the As-Salam Mosque which has been used by Afghans since 2015.

President Jokowi also encourages economic and trade cooperation because he says "without peace, there will be no prosperity, without prosperity, peace will not be sustainable. we have to work together to build peace and parallel to enhance economic cooperation, "said Jokowi.

Replying to the arrival of hundreds of Afghan businessmen in Trade Expo Indonesia 2017 which recorded transactions worth more than 1.1 million dollars, Jokowi promised to send Indonesian business delegation to Afghanistan

Indonesia's Commitment Expected to Raise Afghanistan on the Importance of National Unity

International relations observer Teuku Reza Syah at Padjadjaran University says Indonesia's commitment seeks to embrace all warring parties in Afghanistan potentially good the people of Afghanistan that a protracted dispute will keep them from national integrity and vulnerable to being harassed by outsiders who want to control the country's energy and economy.

Pramono Anung: Chemistry Both Leaders Very Close 19659003] The friendship of the two leaders is increasingly intertwined when the two exchange souvenirs. President Ashraf Ghani helped to pair the "longi" – long, dangling hats that, if stretched to seven meters; and wearing a "chapan" – a typical Afghan robe. While President Joko Widodo awarded a black cap with a typical Indonesian embroidery decoration. In a lunch party, President Joko Widodo was also awarded the "Medal of Ghazi Amanullah." Both of them then prayed Dzuhur prayers in the mosque in the Palace of the President of Agr, followed by prayer jama 'taqdim for the entourage from Indonesia.

"I see gesture these two leaders have similarities Chemistrynya very close, "Pramono said.

Pramono added that the whole entourage was grateful that everything planned was going well and safe, and now just follow up with real work. [em]

Kabul Asks US Government to Stop Deportation of Afghan Citizens

Afghanistan called on the American government to stop deporting Afghans, saying it has no repatriation agreement with the United States.

"We do not sign such an agreement with the United States," Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Afghanistan, to the VOA Afghanistan Service.

If there is such an agreement, Mostaghni says it will be done by the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, which he says handles all immigration matters

"So, because the Ministry does not know such an agreement , then I can officially confirm that we – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – have not signed any treaty with America in this matter, "added Mostaghni.

Adviser to the Refugees and Repatriation Affairs Department Hafiz Ahmad Miakhel also affirmed that his government has not agreed to a repatriation and say ba "The ongoing war has forced people to leave Afghanistan," he said in an interview. "[Our] country is a warring country, and our people need more help than deportation."

The EU signed a repatriation agreement with Afghanistan in October 2016, to pave the way for the return of unsuccessful Afghan asylum seekers. In addition, Germany, Sweden and Finland have inter-state agreements.

When VOA asked this question on American Immigration and Customs whether America had an agreement, spokesman Brendan Raedy gave the following written response:

"International law requires every the state to recover its citizens who are expelled from the US The US itself regularly cooperates with foreign governments in documenting and accepting its citizens when requested, as do most countries of the world. " [sp/ii]

The Taliban Call the Ambulance Bomb in Kabul Is a Message to Trump

 Taliban militants said a deadly ambulance bomb explosion in Afghanistan on Saturday was a special message for US President Donald Trump. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast that killed 103 people.

As reported Reuters Monday (29/1/2018), it is known that last year Trump decided to send more US troops to Afghanistan. Not only that, Trump also requested more air attacks and other military support for Afghan military forces.

"The Islamic Emirati has a clear message to Trump and the kissers of his hand, that if you continue the policy of aggression and speak with gunfire, do not expect Afghans to respond by growing flowers," said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in his statement. The Islamic Emirate is the Taliban term to refer to its own group.

The explosion that rocked Kabul on Saturday (27/1) local time, came from two bombs hidden in two vehicles painted to resemble an ambulance car. One of the bombs exploded when an ambulance-like car stopped at one of the police checkpoints in Kabul.

A recent statement by Afghan Interior Minister Wais Barmak said the death toll from the blast rose to 103. Another 235 people were injured.

Afghan security authorities warn that new attacks could resume in the future.

On Monday (29/1) local time, a series of recent explosions reportedly occurred near military academy Marshal Fahim, Kabul. The Kabul Police spokesman confirmed an incident occurred inside a military facility near the Marshal Fahim Academy. Kabul residents, Mohammad Ehsan, called the explosion started at around 0500 local time and lasted for one hour.

But it can not be known for sure whether this explosion is a militant attack or triggered by internal military issues.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo is scheduled to visit Kabul on Monday (29/1).

(nvc / ita)

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The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 103 People

 An ambulance suicide bombing took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, two days ago. The death toll increased from 95 to 103.

Reporting from ABC News, Monday (29/1/2018), information on the death toll is delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs of Afghanistan, Wais Barmak. The total number of wounded victims is 235 people from 150 people.

The incident occurred on Saturday (27/1) local time. The Taliban claimed to be the party responsible for the attack.

Kabul police say the blast occurred near the entrance of the former Interior Ministry building. This area is quite famous as a shopping location.

"I was at the store at that time I heard a big bomb," said a shopkeeper on site, Haji Wali.

"I came out and helped those who were injured, so many injured people were lying on the path to the mall," he added.

Reuters reported, security forces warned of possible subsequent attacks. Incidents of suicide bombing became the deadliest in Afghanistan in a year back.

The Taliban claimed their attack was a message to US President Donald Trump. Trump is thought to have sent more US troops to Afghanistan by 2017, as well as ordering aerial raids.
(rna / rvk)

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