Kill a Married Man, Woman in Tokyo Dibui 12 Years

The Tokyo court sentenced Seikin Okuma, a 34-year-old woman, to 12 years in prison (bui). This is because Okuma has killed his lover who is also the husband of people.

Reported from Japan Today, Sunday (21/1/2018), Okuma has been proven to kill Kazumasa Kurobe (45), married man who is his own lover.

Fuji TV reported Okuma killed Kurobe in the apartment they shared together in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Both are known to have lived together for 2 years.

Okuma is known to stab Kurobe on August 10, 2017 and around 00.15 local time. Okuma then telephoned 110 emergency services and reported he had stabbed Kurobe.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Police found Kurobe lying on the floor with a stab wound to his chest. Kurobe was immediately rushed to the hospital but was declared dead an hour later.

Okuma's lawyer said in court Okuma and Kurobe had a fight after Kurobe said he would travel with his wife. Okuma mentioned losing his temper and stabbing him with a kitchen knife. It's just that lawyers denied his client had planned his previous murder.

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Kill Syrian Refugees and Their Infants, 2 Turkish Men Banned for Life

Two Turkish men were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Syrian female refugee and her baby. Both men violently raped the Syrian refugee and then killed him.

The case of rape and murder that took place in 2017 triggered a public uproar and public criticism of Turkey. As reported by AFP Tuesday (16/1/2018), Syrian refugees were raped and stoned to death by the perpetrators in Sakarya Province.

When attacked, the Syrian refugee is pregnant and is known to give birth to her baby within days. Not only that, with the cruel of the perpetrators also strangle the baby aged 10 months to death. The baby was also the daughter of the refugee woman.

The Turkish court, as quoted by Anadolu declared both Turkish men guilty of premeditated murder, killing pregnant women, sexual assault and killing a defenseless baby defensively.

The two unnamed Turkish men are each sentenced to life imprisonment.

The victim's husband claimed to be dissatisfied with the sentence handed down on Monday (15/1) local time. "Those who killed my wife and baby brutally, have no right to live," he said, crying out of court.

The case began in July 2017, when the victim's husband reported to the Turkish security authorities after failing to find his pregnant wife and her 10-month-old baby. After conducting an investigation, the Turkish authorities arrested two men who claimed to have carried out barbaric acts.

The perpetrators infiltrated the victim's home and took her baby to a forest in Sakarya. The body of the victim and her baby was found by the villagers of Sakarya.

Turkish local media reported that the two perpetrators working in the same factory as the victim's husband had quarreled with the victim's husband before the rape and murder took place.

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Myanmar Military to Kill 10 Rohingyas

In a rare admission of his mistake, the Myanmar military says its security forces are responsible for the deaths of 10 Rohingyas found in mass graves.

Myanmar Defense Ministry Information Office on Wednesday released its statement, a suspected terrorist whose body was found in a mass grave in the village of Inn Din, Maung Daw, Rakhine state, Northern Myanmar.

The Ministry of Defense said it would take action against the perpetrators involved in the assassination and those responsible for security forces in Rakhine state .

The 10 terrorist suspects were arrested after a clash with security forces last September, according to a military statement, which added security forces decided to execute them for lack of security personnel and troops at the time. [ka/ds]

Confession of Jerusalem Not Kill the Peace Process

The White House on Thursday denied that President Donald Trump's decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem meant that America withdrew from the Middle East peace process.

"In a statement, the President said the United States remains committed on the peace process, and want to continue to encourage discussion and discussion about it, "White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters. "I think the hope of all parties is to reach a peace agreement. The United States is very committed to it, "Sanders added.

A day after Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Russia's ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein said Moscow might move its embassy to West Jerusalem," after Israel and Palestine agree on all the issue of the final status of the Palestinian territories. "

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement supposedly shocked by Israel, says Moscow considers East Jerusalem a future Palestinian capital. Therefore, Moscow feels it must be stated that West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. [ds]