Wolf: the state wants to "bend the curve" of the number of sheep killed

The State wants to reverse the curve of the number of ewes killed by the wolf, assured the coordinating prefect of the new plan Wolf, auditioned Tuesday by the Committee on Planning and Sustainable Development of the Senate.

"I want to change the curve of losses and ensure that this year we have less than 12,000 ewes killed," explained Tuesday Stéphane Bouillon, prefect of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and as such in charge of the application of the last Wolf plan, presented by the government in February.

"On the simple and reinforced firing of fire and the firing of samples, we have to focus where there is the most loss", he added, citing four departments: Alpes-Maritimes, Aveyron, Savoy and Var.

Because, 60% of the attacks take place on 15% of the territories and 3% of the breeders undergo 30% of the attacks, he recalled

"Conversely, kill a wolf who, in quotes, do not you e some sheep has no interest "ecological and economic, he added.

Protected species, the wolf, which had disappeared in France in the 1930s, returned to Italy from 1992 It is now present in the Alps and Provence, in the south of the Massif Central and in the eastern Pyrenees and its attacks have multiplied, from 1,400 ewes in 2000 to nearly 10,000 in 2016, and 12,000 in 2017. [19659002] The wolf plan 2018-2023, which has failed to satisfy either pastoralists or conservationists, provides for an annual culling ceiling based on scientific recommendations that do not degrade more than 10 to 12% of the population to ensure the viability of the species.

In 2018, the year of transition, the initial ceiling is set at 40 wolves, but this number will be updated at the end of April once the precise figures of the population are known in the spring, said Mr. Bouillon.

France counts about 360 wolves (divided into 52 packs) and the government's plan targets a population of 500 specimens by 2023.

Regarding the "cost" of the wolf: in 2017 some 26.5 million euros were spent for the prevention and protection of farms, and 3.5 million for the compensation of breeders, are partly borne by the European Union. For 2018, the prefect estimates that the same envelope will be needed.

Czech Republic: Six killed in explosion at chemical plant of Unipetrol group

Six people were killed and two others wounded in an explosion that occurred Thursday morning in a Czech chemical plant in the Kralupy-nad-Vltavou refinery (30 km north of Prague), firefighters and services announced.

"Six bodies were found on the spot, there were also two wounded," the spokesman of the Central Bohemian fire department, Vladimira Kerekova, told AFP.

"An explosion that was not followed by a fire occurred in one of the reservoirs of the Kralupy-nad-Vltavou refinery" of the Czech Unipetrol group, its spokesman Pavel Kaidl announced on twitter. [19659002"Atthismomentthesituationisundercontrolthereisnomoredanger"headded

The first information had located the explosion in a factory belonging to the Polish group Synthos

"Concerning an event that occurred on March 22, 2018 in the industrial zone in Kralupy-nad-Vltavou, Synthos SA declares that this event did not take place on the lands belonging to the company Synthos Kralupy ", said the Polish company in a statement.

This explosion represents the most serious accident by the number of deaths occurred in a factory in the Czech Republic since the independence of the country in 1993.

 Explosion (AFP - Vincent LEFAI)

Explosion (AFP – Vincent LEFAI)

The explosion occurred according to Mrs. Kerekova during cleaning work in a tank.

"The explosion was not followed by a fire," she confirmed.

"The health of the inhabitants of Kralupy-nad-Vltavou is not threatened". side said Ales Levy, spokesman for the town hall of cett Industrial city of some 19,000 inhabitants.

Initial reports indicate a large number of casualties, pushing the Prague-Vinohrady hospital, one of whose departments specializes in the treatment of burns, to trigger a emergency plan.

One of the two wounded, transported to this hospital, suffered "devastating injuries to the face" while the other suffered burns on 10% of the body, according to the spokesman of the services Emergency, Petra Effenbergerova.

Upon the announcement of the explosion, "we immediately launched an investigation to establish all the circumstances and causes", for its part said the spokesman of the police Marketa Johnova.

Police received information about the blast around 10 am local time (0900 GMT), she said.

Ten Rohingya refugees killed by elephants in Bangladesh

Elephants in search of food have killed 10 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh in several incidents, the UN reported on Tuesday, announcing a plan for "peaceful coexistence" between animals and refugee camps.

Some 700,000 members of the Rohingya Muslim community have fled Burma since August to settle in neighboring Bangladesh following a campaign of military repression denounced by the UN as "ethnic cleansing."

The massive influx of refugees has resulted in the establishment of numerous camps in the border area of ​​Cox's Bazar, including Kutupalong, which has become the largest refugee camp in the world.

The living conditions of refugees remain extremely difficult despite international aid, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) pointed out that the threat of elephants had become a new source of concern.

"La zo today occupied by Kutupalong camp has long been an important habitat for Asian elephants. There are about 40 elephants in this area and they are traveling between Bangladesh and Burma in search of food, "UNHCR said in a statement.

" When wild elephants try to cross the camp, they enter inevitably in contact with humans, and this is the danger, "the agency added.

" Ten refugees were killed by scared elephants inside these camps. Others were simply injured and lost what little they had, "the statement said.

UNHCR announced that it had formed a partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which helps people in Bangladesh to live alongside wild elephants.

The program will teach refugees how to behave in the face of an elephant and also how to deter him from entering the camp.

Influenced by a strong Buddhist nationalism, a majority of Burmese consider the Rohingyas as foreigners and see them as a threat to the country's predominance of Buddhism.

Burma and Bangladesh reached an agreement in November on the Rohingya's return to the country. Rakhine State (Western Burma)

But UN experts and humanitarian NGOs believe that conditions are not in place for such a return and demand that repatriations be carried out only on a voluntary basis.

The cold, which has already killed four, continues its offensive

The cold offensive, which peaked on Tuesday and caused a fourth death, is expected to continue Wednesday with the appearance of snow and ice in southern France where thirteen departments were placed in vigilance

The body of a nonagenarian, presumably died of cold, was found Tuesday by a delivery man in Belley (Ain) in front of the gate of the retirement home where she was living.

This is the fourth victim in France of this cold wave called "Moscow-Paris", which has made more than twenty deaths in Europe since Friday.

The temperatures will be still freezing Wednesday especially on the North with a minimum of -6 to -12 degrees, and 0 to -6 degrees south, where a change will begin with the arrival of a disturbance from Spain, and a marked snowy Mediterranean episode on Southeast. Thirteen departments were placed in orange and snow ice alert: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Ardeche, Aveyron, Gard, Haute-Garonne, Herault, Landes, Lozere, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Tarn, Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

For the authorities, in addition to people with fragile health, the priority remained the sheltering of people living on the street.

Thus in Paris, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, 169 people were housed in an emergency center open door de la Villette.

In Calais, the "sheltering" of migrants was activated as part of the "Plan Grand Froid", for the 39th time since December 9.

– 'No one out' –

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn called for civility. "If I can ask for a service to the French, it is to call 115 (the number of Samu social, Ed) when they see a person in the street because it does not necessarily (this) reflex", she said.

About fifty elected officials of Ile-de-France have decided to spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the streets of the capital to symbolically claim a better care for the homeless , with a slogan: "no one out."

They intend to denounce a "denial of dignity and solidarity" and "the explosion (…) unacceptable" the number of homeless in France. At the end of January, the Secretary of State for the Cohesion of the territories Julien Denormandie had caused an uproar by speaking about a "fifty isolated men in Ile-de-France" while they would be several thousand.

Tuesday evening The Ministry of Territorial Cohesion has announced that the number of departments involved in the Cold Weather Plan has increased from 68 to 72 and that an additional 5,647 places for the homeless have been created, of which 1,926 in Paris.

many other cities in France, in Strasbourg, where mercury was -7 ° C in the night from Monday to Tuesday and up to -12 ° C felt, charities, Red Cross and Restos du Coeur, provide night maraudes

"The soup and the coffee are a pretext to go to meet the people.The objective n ° 1 is to be a social link with those who sleep outside", explains Gaëlle, 32 years old, volunteer of the Restos of the heart

– Redoux 'brutal' expected –

Météo-France is forecasting a "brutal" drought over the weekend in the south, which should spread gradually over the rest of the country before a spring weekend.

After snowfall on Bastia and the Promenade des English in Nice Monday, the bay of Ajaccio woke up on Tuesday under a white coat, unprecedented since 1986, according to Météo-France.

Consequence: flights to and from Ajaccio and Figari have temporarily suspended

On the energy front, nuclear power plants remain in great demand. In Drôme, EDF has decided to postpone, due to the cold snap, the maintenance visit of the Tricastin power station's production unit No. 4.

After a historically mild January and a start February snowy, this episode of cold is striking because of its late character. France had not experienced such a cold spell at this time of year since 2005.

The Tragic Story of the Newlyweds Killed in the Grand Canyon at Honeymoon

 Honeymoon is expected to be a romantic moment even lead to death for the couple Jon Udall (32) and Ellie Milward (29). Both were victims in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

The incident happened on Monday (12/2). Jon along with Ellie became one of the British passengers who boarded a helicopter for a scenic tour. Both were on their honeymoon after being married last year. In total there are six British citizens who are in the helicopter.

As many as four people were killed in the incident, one of them was Jon. He was caught in the wreckage of a helicopter crash for eight hours with Ellie. Jon and Ellie were found by the officers and immediately taken to the hospital.

Jon's condition is critical to finally breathed his last on Thursday (22/2) evening local time. While Ellie suffered injuries.

"With a very heavy heart I have to say this.Our good friend Jon Udall has left us, he is strong and courageous I never forget him," said colleague Jon, Chris Tucker, as reported by The Telegraph on Friday (23 / 2/2018).

In addition to Jon, other dead victims namely Jason, Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson. Until now the cause of the accident is still unknown. But Allen Kenitzer of the Office of Communications of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), told AFP that the helicopter had suffered "major damage" after falling.
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