The Tragic Story of the Newlyweds Killed in the Grand Canyon at Honeymoon

 Honeymoon is expected to be a romantic moment even lead to death for the couple Jon Udall (32) and Ellie Milward (29). Both were victims in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

The incident happened on Monday (12/2). Jon along with Ellie became one of the British passengers who boarded a helicopter for a scenic tour. Both were on their honeymoon after being married last year. In total there are six British citizens who are in the helicopter.

As many as four people were killed in the incident, one of them was Jon. He was caught in the wreckage of a helicopter crash for eight hours with Ellie. Jon and Ellie were found by the officers and immediately taken to the hospital.

Jon's condition is critical to finally breathed his last on Thursday (22/2) evening local time. While Ellie suffered injuries.

"With a very heavy heart I have to say this.Our good friend Jon Udall has left us, he is strong and courageous I never forget him," said colleague Jon, Chris Tucker, as reported by The Telegraph on Friday (23 / 2/2018).

In addition to Jon, other dead victims namely Jason, Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson. Until now the cause of the accident is still unknown. But Allen Kenitzer of the Office of Communications of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), told AFP that the helicopter had suffered "major damage" after falling.
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Motorcyclists in Wales are killed after their helmets hit by birds

A bird in Wales has triggered the death of a local biker. The biker named Robert Patterson was killed after the bird hit his helmet as he advanced his motorcycle at a speed of 96 km per hour.

As reported by British media, The Telegraph Thursday (2/22/2010) Patterson, 51, suffered a skull fracture when a pheasant suddenly came out of the hedge and crashed into his helmet. At the time Patterson was driving with a friend on the outskirts of Wales.

The incident occurred in November 2017, but the results of his investigation were just released this week. The results of the investigation suggest that Patterson's colleagues who rode in the latter could only see a collection of feathers just before the collision occurred.

"Something looked at him – he just collapsed from his motorcycle and went off course," said Patterson's friend, Andrew Edwards, who was driving behind him.

 Robert Patterson Robert Patterson Photo: Daily Post Wales

The results of the investigation also referred to the bird regarding Patterson helmet cover. Due to this bird collision, Patterson helmet is damaged.

"It must have been surprising to find this bird flying and crashing into her face," said North Wales Coroner, Dewi Pritchard Jones, in the report's conclusion of Patterson's tragic death. "The pheasant must have been in the helmet, and my confidence is that it causes the head to push back and trigger a crack at the base of the skull," he added.

Post mortem examination of Patterson's body shows the strength of the 2.7-kilogram female pheasant while crashing a Patterson helmet was enough to make the skull fracture. "It had a significant impact, it was a sudden death, Patterson suffered many injuries including a blow to the head and facial wound, as well as a skull fracture," said a local pathologist, Dr. Mark Lord.

Patterson who works as a window cleaner leaves a wife and four children aged between 7-28 years.

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When the UN ran out of words about children killed in Syria

New York
The United Nations Children's Fund Agency or UNICEF issued a blank 'statement' to express anger over the large number of fatalities, especially children, in the Syrian conflict. The latest attack of the Syrian regime in East Ghouta and Damascus sparked many fatalities.

"There are no words that can bring justice to the dead children, their mothers, their fathers and their loved ones, "said UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappalaere, as quoted by Reuters Tuesday (20/2/2018).

The words open UNICEF 'blank' statements. Below that sentence, there are only 10 blank lines with quotation marks indicating clearly missing text.

A footnote at the bottom explains the meaning of this empty 'statement'

"UNICEF issued this empty statement.We no longer have words to describe our children's sufferings and anger, "the explanation explains.

"Do those who cause suffering still have words to justify their barbaric acts?" added the explanation.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's loyalist army has surrounded nearly 400,000 civilians trapped in the East Ghouta region for years. The siege was increasingly tightened throughout the year and the onslaught of the region continued to be enhanced.

The siege tactics and indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas contrasted with the internationally agreed 'war rules'

Syrian human rights group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Syrian government forces launching air strikes in East Ghouta on Monday (19/2) evening until Tuesday (20/2) morning. The attack reportedly killed more than 100 people, with at least 20 of them children.

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Gas Cylinders Explode During a Wedding Party in India, 18 People are Killed

New Delhi
 A wedding party held at an Indian hotel was rocked by a gas canister blast that triggered casualties. At least 18 people were killed by this deadly explosion.

As reported by AFP Monday (19/2/2018), a gas cylinder exploded on Friday (16/2) evening local time at a hotel in the city Beawar, the state of Rajasthan. The explosion occurred during a wedding that was taking place at the hotel and was attended by many guests.

This explosion ruined the hotel to ruins. This explosion also triggered a major fire.

Rescue workers initially found nine dead bodies on Saturday (17/2) evening local time. But the number increased dramatically after nine other bodies were found in the ruins of buildings on Sunday (18/2) local time.

There are a number of women and children among these dead. In search of victims, rescue workers are assisted by Indian military personnel.

"So far 18 bodies have been found," said senior administration official Ajmer, Gaurav Goyal, in a statement.

Ajmer is the district where the explosion occurred. Ajmer is 200 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan.

"Five people who suffered serious injuries, with severe burns, are now hospitalized," Goyal added to AFP .

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. But a number of eyewitnesses told local television NDTV that the explosion occurred when the chef attempted to install gas cylinders for cooking.

Rajasthan's chief minister, Vasundhara Raje, announced the compensation of 200,000 rupees each (Rp 42 million) for every family of the dead.

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Church in Dagestan Russia Attacked, 5 people killed and 4 injured

 A man is shooting at a crowd that is leaving a church in the Russian province of Dagestan. The incident also killed five people and wounded four others.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (19/2/2018) the shootings took place in the village of Kizlyar inhabited by a Muslim majority.

The attack was called when church visitors celebrated Maslenitsa, a Christian holy day that marks the last day before Lent according to the eastern orthodox calendar.

TASS news agency as reported by Reuters called the attacker a 22-year-old local resident. The perpetrator has been shot dead by a security officer on duty nearby.

The officer also secures the shotgun, bullet, and hunting knife that the perpetrator brought. Initial reports say five deaths were female, while the wounded were 2 security officers and two civilians.
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