Aisyah Paid to Fly to Macau, Kim Jong-nam's Residence

Kuala Lumpur
The trial of Kim Jong-nam's assassination, Kim Jong-Un's North Korean half brother (Korut), was again held in Malaysia. It was revealed that Siti Aisyah had been paid to fly to Macau which is Kim Jong-nam's residence in exile.

Aisyah from Indonesia became the defendant of Kim Jong-nam's murder case with a Vietnamese woman, Doan Thi Huong. Both are threatened with death penalty if found guilty. The trial of this case was again held at the Shah Alam High Court on Thursday (22/2).

Aisyah's lawyer, Gooi Soon Seng, previously revealed to the trial that her client was tricked into being an impromptu killer in a plot planned by a group of North Korean intelligence agents. Gooi calls Aisha only knowing herself was being recruited to play a joke ( prank ) on a reality show. According to Gooi, Aisha is completely unaware if she poisoned Kim Jong-Nam in the prank action.

Revealed also by Gooi, as reported by Reuters Thursday (22/2/2018), that Aisyah had been given money of 4 thousand ringgit (Rp 13.9 million) to buy plane tickets to Macau, on the pretext of playing prank there. The money was given by a man called Mr. Chang who is actually a real Hong Song Hac, who is suspected of a North Korean agent.

Known by a number of Korean Sealtan (Korean) MPs that Kim Jong-nam lives in exile in Macau. Gooi said, when it was scheduled to fly to Macau Aisyah on February 8, 2017, but the plan was canceled suddenly by Hong. Gooi did not mention whether Hong explained the reasons for the cancellation to Aisha. But it is known that Kim Jong-Nam arrived in Malaysia on February 6, 2017.

A few days later, on February 13, 2017, Kim Jong-Nam was killed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia.

Chief of police investigation, Wan Aziz Nizam Che Wan Aziz, who was present to give testimony in the hearing could not confirm what Gooi expressed. But he called the note short message from Aisyah's mobile phone on February 8 showing Ayesha telling a friend about his planned departure to Macau, for filming.

To the police, Aisyah claimed to be introduced to Hong on January 21, 2017 in Cambodia by another North Korean man named Ri Ji U. Ri who was disguised as a Japanese man named James, offered Aisyah a prestigious prank money. Aisyah became acquainted with Ri through a Malaysian taxi driver named Kamaruddin Masiod alias John. Aisyah and John met at a local nightclub on January 5, 2017.

Wan Azirul told the court that Aisyah claimed three times playing prank at Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia before flying to Jakarta, Indonesia and returning to Malaysia in early February. In Kuala Lumpur, Aisyah played prank 14 times in various places, ranging from airports, hotels, malls and stations. The action took place between January 5 and February 12. He is paid between US $ 100 – US $ 600 for each action.

Wan Azirul states can not confirm if prank called Aisha is really done, because of the lack of video footage and eyewitnesses. But Gooi called Facebook's posts and Aisha's short message with her friend, one of whom seduced her as a 'cutesy comedian', corresponding to Aisyah's statement to the police.

In court, Gooi argued that Kim Jong-nam's murder was based on political motives, a key suspect linked to the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Both Ri and Hong have been designated as suspects in this case. But both with two other North Korean men have fled from Malaysia on the day Kim Jong-nam was killed.

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Others question the great attention Kim Yo-Jong gets when he is in South Korea. "All the media in South Korea and the rest of the world are crazy about Kim Yo-Jong, it seems they will soon join North Korean propaganda media to worship and idolize them," commented one South Korean netizen.

Kim Yo-Jong became the first of the Kim Dynasty ruled in North Korea, who set foot in South Korea since the Korean War ended in 1953. He was present as a member of the high-ranking delegation of North Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Kim Yo-Jong instantly charmed South Koreans as well as global media since descending the escalator at Incheon Airport, South Korea on Friday (9/2) last week. At that time, Kim Yo-Jong seemed to observe the surrounding situation calmly. The flash of a reporter's camera bulb did not bother her at all.

In South Korea, Kim Yo-Jong shook hands with President Moon Jae-In several times. He was present to cheer up the ice hockey team with Moon. Kim Yo-Jong also convey an invitation from her brother to Moon, so she will visit Pyongyang soon. Every detail of his visit was exhausted by the media. Starting from the clothes he wore, facial expressions to handbags that he brought also handwriting.

 Kim Yo-Jong arrives at Incheon Airport, South Korea on Friday (9/2) and then Kim Yo-Jong arrives at Incheon Airport, South Korea on Friday (9/2) Photo: Yonhap via REUTERS [19659004] One calligraphist expert describes Kim Yo-Jong as a 'positive, passionate and highly focused on goal' figure from his handwriting in the guest book of the Presidential Palace of Korea or Blue House. He visited Blue House when invited to lunch by Moon on Saturday (10/2) local time.

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Professor Yang Moo-Jin from University of North Korean Studies in Seoul mentioned that Kim Jong-Un, who is the third generation of the Kim's rulers who ruled isolated and impoverished North Korea, would be very pleased with his sister's international debut.

"Kim (Yo-Jong) keeps smiling but at the same time rarely bows his head during the visit, even to our president so maybe Kim Jong-Un must compliment him at home," he said.