President of South Korea, China, Begins Efforts to Recover Diplomatic Dispute

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Chinese President Xi Jinping held live talks in Beijing on Thursday in a bid to restore a year-long dispute over Seoul's decision to place a US-made missile defense system.

The meeting between the two leaders at Balai Agung Rakyat is following up on an agreement reached last October to further discuss the placement of the High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Terminal System by South Korea last year. The deployment infuriated Beijing, which regarded the THAAD system as a threat to Chinese security.

China responded by banning Korean pop stars from visiting, removing some popular South Korean television shows from state television broadcasts and stopping Chinese tourists visiting Korea South.

South Korea declares placing THAAD system to fend off growing threats from North Korea over its ballistic and nuclear missile programs.

Moon will end his official visit to China on Saturday. [uh/ab]

The US is ready to negotiate with North Korea

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday offered to start talks with North Korea without preconditions, and called on China to step up pressure on Pyongyang, including a full oil embargo amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. [19659002] "We are ready to talk anytime North Korea wants to speak and we are ready to hold the first meeting without any preconditions," Tillerson said in the Korea-Atlantic Foundation Forum on Tuesday but added that there should be a "quiet period" to start talks, otherwise it would be very difficult to engage in productive conversations. "

" The President of Trump wants to see China halt its oil supply to northern Korea, "Tillerson said. The last time the North would negotiate was when China reduced its oil exports to the country.

Some former US officials told VOA on Tuesday that the bargaining offer was "very unusual". [19] 659002] "One requirement is that there should be a calm period because the negotiations can not proceed seriously if missile trials continue and the bombs are natalized," said Dennis Wilder, director of East Asian affairs, National Security Council under former President George W. Bush.

Tillerson "clearly stated his willingness to hold unconditional high-level talks with North Korea," said Robert Manning, former State Department official and now senior international security official at the Atlantic Council. "The President's view of North Korea has not changed," said White House spokesman Sarah Sanders after Tillerson delivered his statement.

"North Korea acting in an insecure way not only against Japan, China and South Korea but also around the world North Korea's actions are not good for anyone and certainly not good for North Korea itself, "Sanders added. [sp/ii]

UN Officials, North Korea Agree on Korea's Hazardous Peninsula Situation

The United Nations says its political chief and the North Korean Foreign Minister agree that the situation on the Korean peninsula is currently the most dangerous security issue in the world.

UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Friday (8/12) returning from a four-day trip to North Korea. During his visit, he met with officials including Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Saturday that Feltman and North Korean officials agreed that the Korean situation was "a peace issue and the most stressful and dangerous security "in today's world."

Feltman's visit comes amid tensions between North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the United States, triggered by a series of North Korean missile launches.

Dujarric says Feltman tells North Korea that there is only a diplomatic solution. [vm]

North Korea and UN Agree to Communicate Regularly

North Korea and the UN have agreed to communicate regularly. The official North Korean news agency KCNA said Saturday that the latest developments were a result of a recent visit by top UN officials to the isolated state.

Jeffrey Feltman, UN Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, Visits Korea North of the week, and held a meeting with Foreign Minister Ri Yoing Ho and Foreign Deputy Minister Mr. Myong Guk.

The North Korean government media said Feltman's visit "helped deepen understanding between North Korea and the United Nations Secretariat."

Visits Feltman was held shortly after the United States and South Korea launched the largest annual joint air exercise in history.

The KCNA said Pyongyang considered the joint exercise part of the US plan to carry out a sudden anti-nuclear attack against North Korea.

America and South Korea were held a week after North Korea tested an inter-continental ballistic missile b a strong aru that experts say is capable of reaching the United States. The new intercontinental missile is one of several missiles tested by Pyongyang – as well as some nuclear experiments – in violation of international sanctions. [gp]

Call Trump 'Elderly Senile', North Korea condemns US decision on Jerusalem

 North Korea also criticized the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The communist regime again called Trump a 'senile elderly' and 'mental mentality' in his latest statement.

As reported by AFP Saturday (9/12/2017), North Korea joins world countries criticized Trump's controversial decision about Jerusalem. The country led by Kim Jong-Un called Trump's decision "sloppy and evil."

"Considering the fact that this crazy senile senile elderly calls for total destruction of a sovereign state in the United Nations, this action is not so surprising," the statement a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of North Korea was quoted as saying Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The term 'senile senile elderly mentality' refers to Trump. In his statement with this English, the North uses the word ' dotard ' which means senile and weak elderly. This term has been used by North Korea before to insult Trump who first mocked Kim Jong-Un as a 'rocket man' in his speech before the UN General Assembly some time ago. [But] this step clearly shows the whole world, who is the world's security and peace crusader, who is the man and is dangerous in the international community, "added the statement, referring to the words often used by many to call the North. [19659003] In a statement via KCNA, North Korea expressed 'strong criticism' of US steps that recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The North also emphasized 'unshakable support and solidarity for Palestinians and Arabs fighting for their legitimate rights'.

"The United States will be responsible for all the consequences of this careless and wicked action," the North said in a statement.

Trump and Kim Jong-Un have fought a war of words and exchanged insults in recent months, as tensions on the Korean peninsula are heating up due to North Korea's nuclear threat.

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