Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump's diplomatic advances in the Korean case




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Defeated in the presidential election, the former candidate believes that Donald Trump "does not see the danger" of the discussions he intends to open with the North Korean regime

 Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump's diplomatic advances in the Korean case

Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump's diplomatic advances in the Korean case

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Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump's diplomatic advances in the Korean file


The government of the American president Donald Trump " does not see the danger " the talks he intends to open with the North Korean regime, said his rival unhappy election but also former head of American diplomacy Hillary Clinton .

"If you want to discuss with Kim Jong One d you need experienced diplomats ", which is currently lacking in the United States, she told the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad

" You need people who know the issues well and who know decipher the North Koreans and their language, "she said in this interview published Saturday.

But the State Department lost many diplomats with the arrival of Mr. Trump and he There are not many who are able to negotiate with Pyongyang: "You can not have diplomacy without diplomats," said Clinton, and "the danger is not recognized by the Trump government."

Mrs. Clinton was in the Netherlands for a speech on the international situation.

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North Korean controversial officials to attend the Olympic closure in South Korea

North Korea (North Korea) will again send a high delegation to the closing of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea (ROK). The delegation will be led by a controversial North Korean official, believed to be responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of a South Korean military ship in 2010.

The closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea will be held on Sunday (25/2). Just as it opened on 9 February, North Korea will also send delegates to the closing. But this time Kim Yo-Jong, North Korea's younger brother Kim Jong-Un, did not participate.

Spoken by South Korean Ministry of Unification in a statement, as reported by Reuters Thursday (22/2/2018) the North's high will be led by Kim Yong-Chol, who is Vice Chairman of the Central Commission of the North Korean Workers Party. The delegation will stay for three days in South Korea.

It is known that Kim Yong-Chol also heads the United Front Department, the North Korean authority's office responsible for handling inter-Korean affairs. Kim Yong-chol's own figure is actually quite controversial for South Korea.

Previously he was Head of General Reconnaissance Bureau or RGM which is a military intelligence agency of North Korea. South Korean authorities say Kim Yon-Chol is responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan in 2010. At least 46 South Korean sailors were killed in the tragedy.

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-Gyon says the torpedo attack that sank the South Korean military ship was carried out by North Korea. "Kim (Yong-Chol) is responsible for South Korean affairs, that's why we accept it because we believe it will help improve inter-Korean relations and resolve the issue of denuclearization," Cho told parliamentarians. Carousel.

South Korea and the United States actually put Kim Yong-Chol's name on the blacklist because he supports North Korea's missile and nuclear program. With blacklisted, he was banned from visiting South Korea. However, according to an official of the South Korean presidential office, South Korean authorities decided to accept Kim Yong-chol's presence for the good of the Olympics.

The South Korean official declared his authority to notify the US of Kim Yong-chol's presence.

Kim Yong-Chol, another North Korean official, Ri Son-Gwon will also be present at the closing of the Olympics. Ri, also involved in inter-Korean affairs, also accompanied Kim Yo-Jong's sister while attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in early February. The eight-member North Korean delegation will come to South Korea via land and is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-In. The time and location of the meeting has not yet been publicly disclosed.

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A number of North Korean officials cancel meeting with US vice president

US officials said Vice President Mike Pence had earlier been scheduled to meet with officials from North Korea earlier this month but North Korea canceled the meeting at the last minute.

The meeting was scheduled for February 10, during a visit by the Pence to South Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang held a day earlier.

North Korea Unexpectedly Cancels the Meeting with the US Vice President

Pence was originally scheduled to held talks with Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Kim Yong-nam, head of North Korean regime's government. Both North Korean figures led the North Korean delegation to the opening ceremony. According to The Washington Post, the meeting is scheduled to take place in the Blue House, the residence of the president of South Korea.

Baa also: America Indicates Willingness to Speak with North Korea

Ministry spokesman US Foreign Secretary Heather Nauert said Pence was ready to use the opportunity to urge North Korea to abandon its ballistic and nuclear missile programs. However, Nauert said North Korean government officials canceled the meeting ahead of its implementation.

The administration of President Donald Trump initially denied any meeting between Pence and some North Korean officials ahead of the Pence trip. But The Washington Post, based on information from a White House official, said the meeting was scheduled after the CIA was informed that North Korea wants to meet the US vice-president during a visit to the Korean Peninsula. [ab/uh]

South Korean President Reluctant to Discuss Meeting With North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Saturday he hoped his efforts to establish relations with North Korea in the Olympics would also help for better relations between North Korea and the United States and begin negotiations on the destruction of the program (19459007) about what must happen before he receives North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's invitation to hold a summit. He previously said "do not go too far" about high-level meetings.

Read: Though Slow Running, South Korean Olympic Diplomacy Reaches Progress [1945909]

Moon has not received a North Korean offer, delivered on Feb. 10 by Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong. Moon only said that the two Koreas had to "create conditions" for the negotiations.

There is one reason why Moon is very cautious: The United States.

Moon is likely to want to negotiate with North Korea as well as to improve relations between North Korea and United States, so as not to distance the most important South Korean ally. The United States maintains the presence of 28,500 troops in South Korea to counter the North Korean invasion. [vm/ii]

North Korean Ship Back Catch Langgar UN Sanctions

North Korean tankers (Korut) reportedly re-violate the United Nations sanctions (PBB). This violation is referred to as a third violation in the last few months.

Reports of violations of UN sanctions were submitted by the Japanese authorities, as reported by CNN Thursday (2/15/2010). Japanese authorities released a number of photographs taken from their spy planes as evidence of a violation of the sanctions.

It was mentioned by the Japanese authorities that the photo showed a North Korean-flagged ship named Rye Song Gang 1 anchored near another ship on Tuesday (13 / 2) morning local time. Both ships were detected in waters 250 kilometers east of Shanghai, China

The ship Rye Song Gang 1 is one of eight vessels under UN sanctions, banned at any port in the world.

Japan's Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs in its statement said they were "strongly suspect 'that the two ships were involved in the movement of goods over the ocean. The resolution passed by the UN Security Council in September 2017 prohibits any UN member states to facilitate or engage in ship-to-ship displacement activities with any North Korean-flagged vessel.

 North Korean ship Rye Song Gang 1 (top) and ship Wan Heng 11 (below) sail apart after illegal activities North Korean ship Rye Song Gang 1 (top) and ship Wan Heng 11 (below) sail apart after Illegal activity Photo: CNN

Japan does not mention any other vessels involved in this illegal activity with North Korea.

But the shipbuilding information database developed by the EU and the French authorities calls the ship a Belize-flagged and named Wan Heng 11. Although flagged Belize, the ship is owned and run by a Hong Kong-based company. The owners and managers of the vessels do sometimes register their ships in other areas to avoid domestic rules.

"I can confirm that the panel has received some information from Japan on this subject, but unfortunately I can not comment further because this is the subject of the investigation which is underway, "said the panel coordinator of experts for North Korea at the UN, Hugh Griffiths.

The comments were made by Griffith to CNN when questioned about photos released by Japan. He is in charge of monitoring and reporting the imposition of UN sanctions for the North.

This is the third moment in recent months when the North Korean-flagged ship, Rye Song Gang 1, has been caught engaged in ship-to-ship transfers in the middle of the ocean. Last month, Japan also released a photo of the same vessel performing a ship-to-ship transfer. The photo was released shortly after Japan's Finance Ministry released a similar photo on October 19, 2017 as well as about the illegal activities of Rye Song Gang 1 in international waters.

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